5 Ways to Transition an Adopted Child into the Family

Adopting a child is a great way to expand your family. Adding a child to a family in any situation is a challenging time but when you factor in the point that you already have children and you are adopting a child it can be even more challenging. Everyone must adjust to the new family […]

New birth certificate has been ordered! #Adoption

I am so stinking excited to say that my certified copies of my adoption has arrived. Next up: mailing overseas so I can request a NEW birth certificate to exclude ‘egg donors’ name and INCLUDE my real mom, the woman that has been my daddy’s wife, my step-mom for 20 years and my kids’ Nana . […]

Wordless Wednesday: Adopted!

This is a not-so Wordless Wednesday. I am honored and proud to announce that after this post on toxic relationships, I have completely ditched my toxic, negative and hateful soul of a ‘mother’. I am 37 years old and my amazing step-mom of 20 years legally adopted me last Tuesday. She has the biggest heart […]