Get creative and make a #PopsicleTheater! #Sponsored

My kids are huge fans of not only Popsicle’s, but getting creative with the sticks. My kids are in the process of making Christmas ornaments out of Popsicle sticks. What do your kids like to make with them? I wanted to share something fun that Popsicle has going on; #PopsicleTheater. Popsicle Theater This supercool any-day […]

#Popsicle fun with mystery flavors #Giveaway {Ends 11/17}

Now that Summer is behind us, that doesn’t mean that we have to leave the frozen treats behind with the hot season. While we live in the Midwest and it can get to subzero temperatures, we still love our Popsicle’s year round. I swear, the kids can be just coming in from the snow and […]

Cool off with #Popsicle treats

How has everyone spent their summer? Ours has been crazy, busy, chaotic, and hot but nonetheless … FUN. We have had a scorching hot summer, but we found plenty of ways to stay cool. Probably our favorite way to stay cool this summer has been with Popsicle. Who knew they had so many different flavors?? […]

Cool off this summer with #Popsicle (#Ambassador)

There’s no doubt that this summer is leading to be a hot one. How are you staying cool? We have been playing outside in the sprinkler, splashing in the pool and cooling off with some cold Popsicle ice cream treats. We went to the store to see what they had. My son was giddy with […]