Ewww! Is that a Crustaroo? Our #icktionary @Clorox word

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Clorox blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. To read more posts on this topic, click here. If you have kids, you know that there is always something on the carpet, a mess on the rug, mud at the back door […]

Confident smile, confident kid with ACT!

Our kids’ health is very important in every aspect. One thing that I am proud to say is that I am in my 30’s and have never had a cavity, so my kids’ oral care is very important to me as well. When I was a kid, I remember brushing my teeth with a routine […]

Keeping Kids Happy and Healthy with Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer

This time of year, it seems that we are constantly swapping germs in our home. Between my traveling through airports and the kids sharing cooties at school, it’s a never ending battle for germs. How do you prevent germs and all the constant sickness around you? Personally, I’ve found that keeping hand sanitizer with me […]