Loving & Learning with the Caillou Doll & Caillou Learning Train

My son is 5 ½ and my daughter is 3 ½. There’s one character that has been in their lives since day one; Caillou, a beloved hero of preschool kids everywhere.  The television show airs on PBS Kids and Sprout and is brought to you by Cookie Jar Entertainment. Sure, the like all the other […]

Pop On Pals Large Playset

We were recently introduced to a whole new world of endless “Popabilities!” Spin Master is introducing Pop On Pals – a wonderful world of fun pals, pets, vehicles and playsets! With endless mix n’ match fun, little ones can be anything they want to be. A fireman can become a musician, a princess becomes a […]

Kids Eating Right Lunch Pack from Safeway

When you are sending your kids to school, what are you packing in their lunches? What if I told you that you can send them packing with fun packaging, healthy food for an affordable price? Who can deny the fun characters of Looney Tunes and knowing that the kids are packing a healthy lunch is […]

Network with Qlubb

As a newly stay at home mother to two young kids, it is hard enough to ‘get out there’ and make friends. When you are finally able to get a friends network started, there is a way that you can keep in contact with those friends and the activities that you may have going on. […]

Marching Fun with the Critter Conga!

When it comes to being creative and letting your kids be free and have fun, the Critter Conga allows them to put on their marching shoes and let loose! This wonder-filled musical safari will have your kids creating a fun filled marching band and you may even find yourself marching in their conga line as […]

Secret Keeper Girl Fiction Series

Moms, are you dating your daughter? If not, now’s the time to start!er relationships while teaching girls the vital truth about friendship.Secret Keeper Girl Fiction Series I love reading. Whether it is a book about love and romance, or a fun book that is geared towards tweens. The Secret Keeper Girl Fiction Series is a […]

Dream Songs Night Songs

Stories are a must at bedtime in our house. They are our way to calm down for a bit before we lay down for the night. Dream Songs Night Songs is a great book and CD to get us prepared for our bed time rituals. We really like the illustrations in the book and the […]

Baby Bella

Baby Bella is here!Online gaming and the virtual world for kids is booming! The world of Bella Sara is growing! The Baby Bella expansion introduces the horse families of North of North, including new card types to collect.http://www.bellasara.com/) – home to the beautiful horses pictured on Bella Sara trading cards. Bella Sara has captured the […]

Clean Fun with Bath Blizzard!

Bath time is a fun time in our house. Sure, the kids get water everywhere, but where else can you get ‘clean’ fun? Tucker loves to play ‘Shark” in the tub and Kambry thinks it is funny when her brother acts goofy. We always have bubble bath near for even more fun, but when we […]