Cyber Bullying – Still a Hot Issue!

As we enter October, we will likely be hearing more about National Bully Prevention Awareness Month which includes Cyber Bullying. To recap, cyber bullying is different from schoolyard bullying because… It never stops. While school bullying stops when the child comes home, cyber bullying happens online where it is posted for all to see. It […]

Bloggers + Plagiarism = Failure

I was recently alerted on my Alexa toolbar of a recent instance that honestly, wasn’t too shocking to see. Shocker here: Blogger Kristin Ruiz was outed for plagiarizing Amalaha’s Posts. Ok, so I am not too shocked. Jaw dropping, yes, but shocked – not so much. To Amalaha, I am so sorry that Kristin decided […]

Cyberbullying – Bullies move to the web

As a victim of Cyberbulling, I can tell you that kids are not the only victims. Adults are just as much as victims as the younger crowd is. There are several types of cyberbullying, and I can say that I have been a victim to them all over the past few years, online and in […]

Cyber-Bullying Prevention tips from uKnowKids

As a victim of Cyber-Bullying for several years now, I wanted to let you know that October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness month. It has been said that kids are the main victims, but adults are just victims just as much, if not more. As a victim myself, any word shared is another victim that […]

Cyber Bullying affects real lives. Take a stand!

When it comes to bullying and cyber-bullying, kids aren’t the only victims. Adults are as well. As a victim of cyber-bullying of several years now, I am here to help MTV spread awareness with their ‘A Thin Line’ campaign. The more awareness that we can spread, the more we can help prevent this with adults, […]

When in doubt, call security

Last week, I was at BlogHer ’11 in San Diego. It was an amazing conference! I had a fabulous roommate and am thankful to have had her with me, especially when at the first event that we attended, my long time stalker was there and confronted me. I knew this would happen. It’s been going […]

Will the stalking ever end?

No, really – will it ever end? I am stalked and harassed on a daily basis by two individuals that clearly need straight jackets and high dosage of medication. They claim I am stalking them? Really? Are you sure about that? I have 109 MB & over 225 FILES with letters, emails, print screens and […]

Cyberstalking – at it’s finest

I have a couple that likes to stalk every single move I make, every breath I take. Cyberstalking is nothing to be taken lightly, especially when it comes to the quack jobs that have harassed me for 5 years, mocked every single move I make and even attempt to to use their government earned ‘earnings’ […]

Facebook Crimes | Internet Stalking Gone Too Far

Hubby and I are sitting here, watching the news. We just saw a story on the Omaha news. This story really strikes me because I have been a victim for over 3 years now of cyber stalking. The internet is wide, open area for cyberstalking, harassments, fake accounts and hate. Be careful, there are loonies […]

Cyber-Stalking has gone too far. I am a victim.

I have done a good job at staying out of the ‘drama’ that is happening in the blogosphere, yet my name keeps being brought up in this tornado. For the past 3 years (more so in the last 8 months), I have been cyberstalked by a stranger and his girlfriend. He has taken his immaturity […]

Pot, kettle, black. Mean anything?

There are two stalkers of mine that recently posted that I plagiarize. Uh. Negative. I have been a victim of plagiarism. Numerous times. Pot, kettle, black. Mean anything? Meaning The notion of a criticism a person is making of another could well apply to themself. With my ongoing relationships with the companies I work with, often times, get press […]

Assaults & Harrassment: Online and in person

Now that I am home and with my family after a long, but eventful & learning 7 days, I am taking this weekend to spend with my family. I was assaulted at BlogHer and now this person is stalking and harassing me via email, online, leaving ‘anonymous’ comments with her IP address clearly listed on […]

BlogHer: Is it what it’s cracked up to be?

I have read some ‘horror’ stories about BlogHer and thought to myself “What in the world?” I had a GREAT time. I finally was able to meet, face to face, my girls from MomDot. I think we are sisters separated at birth. 😆 I met some awesome bloggers and some down to earth and amazing […]

Cyber Stalking Laws

I am pretty knowledgeable on the laws for internet and cyber stalking. I am amazed at how far the laws have come. In 2004, a man was Sentenced for Internet Harassment. In 2006, I had to get the local sheriff involved in on a group and I had charges pressed. That was in 2006 and […]