#DIY Home remodeling update! 

We have lived in our current home for going on two years now. We bought it because it was pretty much a blank canvas and we have been hard at work… And loving it! I can’t wait to share the complete process but here’s a teaser so far of our 1200 sq feet basement. It […]

#Apps to help you with home #remodeling & #construction

Those that have been following my Facebook page and blog know that we moved in to a new house last summer. We basically moved in to a blank slate that had a full basement that was half finished. The basement is a huge reason why we decided to buy this house. When we first walked […]

@PaintGlider saved us time, energy, our backs AND money! #DIY #BearsRoom

I’ve been thinking of how to start this post for a product that I’m madly in LOVE with, so I decided to start it like this. Two months ago, this was half of my basement. Kinda gives a dungeon feel, huh? Here’s the back story. We decided a year and a half ago that we […]

Our basement #DIY progress! You won’t wanna miss this!

I wanted to share some of my progress with our new house! We bought our new house in April of this year; which was just a couple of months ago. We bought this house because we saw so much potential in this half finished huge basement. This is only a quarter of what the basement […]

Wordless Wednesday: Move over Bob the Builder!

We are building up a few walls. Soon, our 3 bedroom home will become a 5 bedroom with an office, family room and gym! Before: (this is just the ‘unfinished’ right part of our basement) Currently: Stay tuned. It’s getting good! 🙂 Tweet

Pink & Black Diva Room Makeover #DIY #DivaRoom #GirlsRoomIdeas

We just moved in our new house a month ago. Now that we’ve closed and it’s ours, I’ve been making it ours. I wanted to share what I did with my 6 year old daughter’s room. She wanted pink and black…. sooooo that’s exactly what she got. Here’s what all I got, just to give […]

Tiny town in our own backyard

We have a pretty big back yard. Ok, so we have a HUGE backyard. Year before last, I bought the kids a playset from Sam’s Club. They LOVE it, but I thought we could do something fun and different to the backyard to spark more interest to play outside more. Ever since we’ve lived in […]

Easy & Affordable Room Makeover with Wall Sticker Outlet

If you have been keeping up with my home updates, I have been quite the busy bee the last few months. I started with this dungeon section in my basement that once had a washing machine and used for storage. Looks pretty scary, doesn’t it? I spent countless hours in this room cleaning it out […]

FLOR Fall Styles – Perfect for Nursery, Kid Spaces & Entryways!

With our 1900 home, I have been working very hard to get things updated. Recently, I ripped up the carpet in my entryway and put down wood flooring. I did this because I wanted to be able to change out the look of the small space with each changing season. I had the chance to […]

Fresh For Fall – Bold New Colors!

We bought our 1900 home 3 years ago. While it was new to us and our first home, it is well over 100 years old. We literally bought this home during a weekend visit to a town that we were relocating to, so we were on a tight time frame and we knew what we […]

My new office – Then and NOW!

Can you believe that just a couple of weeks ago I was at this? And today it looks like this?!?! My desk is still a mess, yes it is. Keep in mind that we have a 1900 home with cement and original brick walls, basement and foundation. I took what once was a dungey old […]

Whirlpool Duet Washer & Dryer – Saves time, energy, money & sanity!

When I found out I was an official Whirlpool Mom, I cannot begin to tell you how much I screamed in excitement. Let’s just say that I went from this: to this: Because I was one of the lucky 50 to receive the gorgeous Whirlpool Duet Washer & Dryer sets, I decided to do an […]

Basement Home Construction – Making progress!

If you’ve been keeping up with my home remodeling spree, I had to share some quick updates as to where we are at right now. I took the last week to recover from a lung infection, but the progress is moving along nicely! So far, over the last month, we have gone from this… (Having […]

Organize your home with IKEA

We live in a 1900 home and our storage in this house is pretty limited. I have been slowly doing some renovations in the house to make it more our own, as well as to create more usable storage. Parts within my home were transformed in to other rooms. Example – this is the front […]

Mommy Goggles’ New Office!!!

Holy moly, it’s been a CRAZY, busy sweaty week working to get me an office built. As of today, I have an office….. without a washing machine in it! Read back  on the other posts to see what I mean. Here is my office as of today. YAY!!! I still have a wall to build […]

#DIY Home Office – Progress! {Updated 8/26!}

In about 9 hours, I went from this: to this: I am not done, but I am madly in love with the space I have created so far! The shelves and storage space is amazing! I combined 4 FLOR rugs to create some fun and add different colors and textures in the room. The back […]

We are under construction – literally!

A huge thank you to BlogHer, all the companies at the expo & in attendance! Mommy Goggles plans on writing about each company that we talked with & received items from. Please give us time, as we are currently under home construction for a new office! Super excited to finally have a full space to […]

Mommy’s DIY adventure!

Since I was announced as a Mom Central Whirlpool Mom, I had to show you what this mama could do. I shall not show you the current (aka: before) images, but I will share with you what I bought today. Ok, so a part of what I bought today. Let’s just say that I had […]

My affordable bathroom makeover with Dali Decals Modern Mosaics {Closed}

When we moved in to our 1900 home almost 3 years ago, I knew I had my work cut out for me with updating it. I have turned in to quite the do it yourselfer. Doing updates to any home, regardless of the age of the home, it can get very costly, however there are […]

Playroom Toy Organization

I have spent the last two days in our playroom getting it organized. I still have no idea how my own kids don’t know how to pick things up, even when the bins are clearly marked with visual images on each as to what’s inside. Let’s see how long this lasts. I have told the […]

Apartment Guide “A New Place For Your Pet” Blogger Challenge {Closed}

When people are about to move to a new home, most times, the animals that they have also are about to make a life changing move in to a new location. This can become stressful for the pet. I have two kitties that we share our home with. They run anywhere that they want, but […]

Our New Living Room Furniture!

I had a garage sale this weekend to kick off my Spring Cleaning and to de-clutter our house. Well, it was pretty darn successful! I made about $600 and managed to get rid of a lot of kids clothes, a lot of dishes and random junk that we have been storing in our upstairs bath […]

DYMO LabelManager 420P | High Performance Portable Label Maker

I post a lot about home organization because I am a manic nut and everything has to have its place and preferably a labeled space. When I get the thought to do something, I go for it. We have a 1900 home and I recently made over my kitchen. Since I have more cabinet space, […]

Kitchen Progress! I love my kitchen!

TA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I still have touching up to do, but I am in LOVE! I still need to stain the cabinets, add a glass tile backsplash, add some shelves in between the two hanging cabinets, add a 12″ base cabinet next to the fridge & add the end caps for the countertop & cabinets, but […]

Bye Bye Door! {UPDATE}

I have been SO pleased with the construction team that came in, took the wall down that once used to be a pantry! While they were here this morning finishing up, I had them go ahead and close in the door that is screwed shut in our kitchen. Why close it in? We don’t use […]

Kitchen Remodel {Update}

I haven’t been online too much lately. I have been working on my kitchen & making trips to Omaha twice this weekend to bring home some cabinets, a pantry & a countertop. I am super excited about the progress! I hired a contractor to come in and rip out the wall that was originally behind […]

It’s Demo Day!

I am sitting here waiting on my contractor dudes to show up to get started on ripping out a wall in my kitchen. My house is a complete mess, but it will be awesome in the end! Here’s what my pantry area looks like right now. Keep in mind, we live in a 1900  home, […]

Goodbye pantry, Hello new kitchen!

We live in a 1900 home. We have no closet space, the storage is lacking in the house, so we have to use what we have and make the best of it. Well, I am about to make the best of it alright. Pardon the clutter 😆 but today is the last day my kitchen […]

Organize your pet’s area with the Bergan Wall-Mounted Dispenser

When it comes to Spring Cleaning & Organizing, we always think about our homes and offices, right? What about our pet’s areas where they eat? When I buy cat food for my two kitties {Milano & Oreo} I prefer to buy the larger size 16-20 pound bags because it saves us money. The only drawback […]

We love & trust our home to LifeShield Security! *Discount Code + Free Month Monitoring!*

Almost one month ago, I posted about LifeShield home security; our experiences, installation steps and here we are, a month later and I have to tell you how much we LOVE our LifeShield security system! To be honest, I was kind of fearful at first knowing that this runs off a home phone line or […]

Protect your home with Lifeshield Security

We may live in a small town, but no size of town means that you are safe from a break-in. We live in a 1900 home, so it isn’t the tightest of houses when it comes to security, but now that I have been introduced to LifeShield, I do have to say that I feel […]

Our window makeover experience with CurtainWorks.com *Review & Giveaway!* (Closed)

We have a 1900 home and I am always doing something new to it to make it ‘ours’. I have painted, put down tiled carpet, remodeled my kitchen and so much more to make this our home. I get those random urges to change up a room, but I don’t want to spend a lot […]

I love online ordering! *Our New Patio Table Set*

We have been searching around everywhere (literally) for a tall bar patio set to put on our deck and that would be easy to store against the house in the winter. After looking at a 200 mile radius around our town, I finally found ONE in stock in St. Joseph, MO. I will go tomorrow […]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Sears: TOOLS!

Father’s Day is this weekend. Do you know what you are going to get dad, grandpa, your hubby? We have a 1900 home that we are constantly working on so any gifts that we buy for each other are usually for the house. We love renovating our home! It is fun and it is something […]

Just ordered a Swing Set!!

I am so stinkin’ excited!!! We have been saving up for a swing set for the kids and even had a garage sale a few weeks ago to put towards the swing set. We were going to go with the Highland Swing Set from Sam’s, but when I logged on to buy it, I saw […]

My new stove!

I have written about our updates that we are making to our 1900 home, but this is one that has me all giddy. My kitchen is pretty much finished! We went to Omaha yesterday to go shopping for some roofing materials for our garage, and .. well… I saw a stove that I thought was […]

Organized my workout area

I spent the majority of the afternoon yesterday organizing my workout area. I have my elliptical in our bedroom upstairs. We live in a 1900 home, so our closets and extra storage are a .. uh.. bit on the lacking side, so we have shelves, hooks for things, etc. I make the best of what we […]

Playroom Loft: Progress

I have had a few ask me about the progress of the Playroom Loft that I am building. You can see my brain storm idea here and the progress here. For the most part, it is built. I need to: paint build a ladder make a cushion for the top part I haven’t decided if I […]

Making progress on the playroom loft!

We started on the playroom ‘loft’ today. I have to say that it is looking great! I don’t have a completed picture because it is still in progress, but I am very excited for what I have created so far! During: Top is done, kitchen fits perfectly underneath. I have plans to paint and add […]

Playroom plans: A loft!!

I get wild hairs every so often to re-do things in my house. This is part of the joy of owning our home; I get to rip down walls, paint, build, etc. Here is a video from when I reorganized and added a playhouse to our 5 foot wide X 13 foot long playroom. Our […]

Table is set up. Well, almost!

I am already loving it!! I bought this off Walmart’s website, just after Christmas. Great deal at just around $270! We have a nice size dining room, but wanted a taller table, that took up less room. It doesn’t really look like it does in these pictures, but it takes up far less room than […]

Kitchen Pantry Organization

For those that have read about our home, we own a 2 story 1900 home. The storage is a bit.. uh.. lacking. I have made the best of the storage space that we have. My most important area in my home, is the kitchen. We do not have that much cabinet space and when our […]

All Bark No Bite Rug from FLOR *Video Review & Giveaway (Closed)*

When we moved in to our ‘new’ old 1900 home last year, we immediately ripped out carpet and all funky tiling that was in the house when we bought it. I remember very clearly closing day… I had some cute flats on, nice top, capris and I started ripping our carpet and padding while hubby […]

Kitchen Organization: Today is a whole new idea!

Yesterday, I took Tucker to the Dr for his 4 year well check. Well, while we were out, I got a wild hair to stop and buy a new unfinished cabinet for my kitchen. Yeah – random, huh? We have very little cabinet space in our kitchen. I flipped the pantry area last summer and […]

Makeover an entire room for less with Dali Decals *Review & Giveaway!*

We bought an old 1900 home last summer. We have done so much work to it to make it ours. While we cannot always break out the paint and redecorate how and when we want, we do like a change from time to time. Well, with change, comes spending money, right? What if you were […]

Everything is labeled… Except the cat.

No. Really. Everything is labeled, except the cat. Give me time. I am sure I will get to her. Trisha posted to me on FaceBook this afternoon: that is just sick tanya 😆 Love you too! Yes. I AM this organized. I spent 3 hours today organizing the medicine drawer and our downstairs bathroom. We […]