I love online ordering! *Our New Patio Table Set*

We have been searching around everywhere (literally) for a tall bar patio set to put on our deck and that would be easy to store against the house in the winter. After looking at a 200 mile radius around our town, I finally found ONE in stock in St. Joseph, MO. I will go tomorrow […]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Sears: TOOLS!

Father’s Day is this weekend. Do you know what you are going to get dad, grandpa, your hubby? We have a 1900 home that we are constantly working on so any gifts that we buy for each other are usually for the house. We love renovating our home! It is fun and it is something […]

Just ordered a Swing Set!!

I am so stinkin’ excited!!! We have been saving up for a swing set for the kids and even had a garage sale a few weeks ago to put towards the swing set. We were going to go with the Highland Swing Set from Sam’s, but when I logged on to buy it, I saw […]

My new stove!

I have written about our updates that we are making to our 1900 home, but this is one that has me all giddy. My kitchen is pretty much finished! We went to Omaha yesterday to go shopping for some roofing materials for our garage, and .. well… I saw a stove that I thought was […]

Organized my workout area

I spent the majority of the afternoon yesterday organizing my workout area. I have my elliptical in our bedroom upstairs. We live in a 1900 home, so our closets and extra storage are a .. uh.. bit on the lacking side, so we have shelves, hooks for things, etc. I make the best of what we […]

Playroom Loft: Progress

I have had a few ask me about the progress of the Playroom Loft that I am building. You can see my brain storm idea here and the progress here. For the most part, it is built. I need to: paint build a ladder make a cushion for the top part I haven’t decided if I […]

Making progress on the playroom loft!

We started on the playroom ‘loft’ today. I have to say that it is looking great! I don’t have a completed picture because it is still in progress, but I am very excited for what I have created so far! During: Top is done, kitchen fits perfectly underneath. I have plans to paint and add […]

Playroom plans: A loft!!

I get wild hairs every so often to re-do things in my house. This is part of the joy of owning our home; I get to rip down walls, paint, build, etc. Here is a video from when I reorganized and added a playhouse to our 5 foot wide X 13 foot long playroom. Our […]

Table is set up. Well, almost!

I am already loving it!! I bought this off Walmart’s website, just after Christmas. Great deal at just around $270! We have a nice size dining room, but wanted a taller table, that took up less room. It doesn’t really look like it does in these pictures, but it takes up far less room than […]

Kitchen Pantry Organization

For those that have read about our home, we own a 2 story 1900 home. The storage is a bit.. uh.. lacking. I have made the best of the storage space that we have. My most important area in my home, is the kitchen. We do not have that much cabinet space and when our […]

All Bark No Bite Rug from FLOR *Video Review & Giveaway (Closed)*

When we moved in to our ‘new’ old 1900 home last year, we immediately ripped out carpet and all funky tiling that was in the house when we bought it. I remember very clearly closing day… I had some cute flats on, nice top, capris and I started ripping our carpet and padding while hubby […]

Kitchen Organization: Today is a whole new idea!

Yesterday, I took Tucker to the Dr for his 4 year well check. Well, while we were out, I got a wild hair to stop and buy a new unfinished cabinet for my kitchen. Yeah – random, huh? We have very little cabinet space in our kitchen. I flipped the pantry area last summer and […]

Makeover an entire room for less with Dali Decals *Review & Giveaway!*

We bought an old 1900 home last summer. We have done so much work to it to make it ours. While we cannot always break out the paint and redecorate how and when we want, we do like a change from time to time. Well, with change, comes spending money, right? What if you were […]

Everything is labeled… Except the cat.

No. Really. Everything is labeled, except the cat. Give me time. I am sure I will get to her. Trisha posted to me on FaceBook this afternoon: that is just sick tanya 😆 Love you too! Yes. I AM this organized. I spent 3 hours today organizing the medicine drawer and our downstairs bathroom. We […]

How can Frigidaire appliances SAVE you time?

Time. We all need more time in our days, it seems. What if you had one extra hour a day? What would you do? I would get out of the house and take a walk or go running. I would spend more time at the park with my family. I would take a long, hot […]

Fresh Paint!

I have been kind of MIA on the forum this weekend. Here is why! I am so excited to share my before and after of my ogly hallway and bedroom. Keep in mind that we have a 1900 home, so the wallpaper is on top of plaster. This was such a joy. 😐 I just […]

Kitchen Update!

If you have been keeping up with my kitchen remodeling/updates, I just realized that I never posted an ‘after’ picture. I have changed up a few things since I took this picture last week, but mama has a dishwasher! Am I wrong for giggling every time we get done with meals? “No, honey! I will […]

ALMOST done!

*Woop there it is!* The guys are coming back in the morning to finish up. Our lovely 1900 plaster walls showed some lovely crooked events for the countertop, so the guys are coming back in the morning to finish up. Not much left and I can proudly say “honey, I will do the dishes!” 😆 […]

Kitchen update!

Base cabinets are stained. Mock set up in dining room has been rearranged 3 times to where I am finally HAPPY with what I want, but this includes calling in a plumber to move the drain pipe and hook up the dishwasher (and add electrical work to it since there’s no plug). After calling and […]

Mama got a DISHWASHER! (And then some!)

So, we went to Lowe’s yesterday looking at dishwashers, mainly, and came home packed with my van like this: Had to put Tucker SOMEwhere 😆 WAY in the back-back. LOL! We got: * base cabinet with 4 drawers * Sink base with two doors * New sink * Black dishwasher * Countertop  Here is our […]

Lowe’s, Here we come!!

So my dishwasher idea sparked in to some other ideas. From me, that is 😆 We are heading to Lowe’s to check out a countertop, drawers, cabinets, sink and dishwasher. I am soooo stoked! READY for a kitchen that I like. What will the damage be? Short story: I am on strike. I refuse to wash […]

This mom is on STRIKE!

So, if you have been following my Twitter postings, you will know that I am fed up. Fed up with cooking three meals a day? No. Fed up with washing endless sinkfull of dishes. That seems like all I do. Now, hubby is awesome at keeping the dishes clean when he is home. (We trade […]