Paint up some fun with Plaster Pets from Creativity for Kids *Review & Giveaway!*

We live in a pretty small town, so the arts and crafts for kids’ projects are pretty rare here. I have looked around just about everywhere for some fun and different projects. Well, I do have to say that I love the glory of the internet! I found a company that I am madly in […]

Organize your office with Office Max & Peter Walsh!

I have to have my office area organized. I wish I had a whole office area that I could go in to and pile up stuff and just forget about it, but that isn’t possible. With our home, we have 3 bedrooms and a very long living room, so with part of it, I turned […]

Spring Clean out your closet with Huggable Hangars

While we are cleaning for Spring Cleaning with products, materials, machines and more, we tend to overlook our closets. I am about to clean out my closet and donate whatever I can to a Woman’s Shelter or a good cause, but what about the things that we are keeping in our closets? How are we […]

Fairy Tale Dreams with Bright Star Kids

Who doesn’t like to have fairy tale dreams? Kambry is now having sweet and sparkly dreams thanks to Family Review Network and Bright Start Kids. Our home is old (1900 home) and the wallpaper in this house was just not meant to come off; yet it was meant to stay there and torment us. All […]

Misikko’s fabulous Hana Elite Flat Iron *Love it!* (Review & Giveaway)

I have tried countless flat irons in the past. My hair is so thick that none have worked for me. I FINALLY found one that works, that has the ability to cool off or raise the temperature and that also is made with a rounded edge ceramic. Why the round edge? Put away that curling […]

Personal Trainer: Math for Nintendo DS

I swear, it seems that sometimes I cannot even count two fingers that are in front of me. Wait. Maybe it was three. Four? My brain hurts to think about counting and it shouldn’t be that way. I received a fun and educational game for my Nintendo DS that helps work your brain, while still […]

Kushies My Bag *Love it! Gotta have it!*

With as much as we travel, I am always scrounging around the house to get at least 2 diaper bags and suit cases for the kids’ things. When I first saw My Bag from Kushies, I knew this was going to be a great product to check out and for other travelers out there such […]

Nintendo DS: BlueDragon Plus *Giveaway!*

In February, I posted about a new Nintendo DS Game coming out called Blue Dragon Plus. Hubby has been playing this game and really likes it! Yes, it takes some time to get through the scenes, but it is for sure a fun challenge! I have also picked up the game, but don’t seem to […]

Bangerang Bakeshop Cupcakes *Yummy review & Giveaway!*

Have you ever had a smile delivered to someone? No really – a REAL smile? This is just what I had on my face when I had a delivery to my house this week. I have never, in my life, thought about ordering cupcakes online and having them shipped to someone…. Until now. I had […]

My floors love the Steamboy T1 Steam Floor Mop! *Review & Giveaway*

When we moved in to our 1900 home last July, the first thing on my mind was to rip up all flooring and replace all carpet and put new carpet in place, as well as adding tile in our kitchen. For some reason, they had some funky carpet in the kitchen when we bought this […]

Flip Mino HD: Customize your world!

If there was ever a product need for a blogger, it is this review! If there was ever a need for a product for a parent, keep reading! If you are a human.. keep reading because this is something you will love! With all this talk about HD, the first thing that came to my […]