I stay in sync with Office 365 Home Premium

I am constantly on the go. If it’s not a media event, then it’s for family travels. I have more devices that I have on a daily basis, and that I travel with… hubby says that I could probably power a small town. I have my PC laptop, MacBook, iPad, and Android phone, but regardless […]

The Help on DVD & Blu-ray

On December 6, 2011, THE HELP arrived on Blu-ray and DVD.  You will read more about our thoughts at the bottom, but overall, if you haven’t seen The Help – you must! The Help The Help, the inspirational summer hit film people can‟t stop talking about, arrives in homes just in time for the holidays, […]

We love our Redcore Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove!

When we bought our home 3 ½ years ago, my first thought since we live in the Midwest was: Since we didn’t have a fireplace, so how would we heat the majority of our home? Sure we have a gas furnace, but when we want to warm the first floor without having to keep the […]

Ben 10 Triple Pack for Nintendo DS

We are mega Ben 10 fans here. Yes, even I am a fan, as is my 6 1/2 year old and my 4 year old. When Ben 10 is brought to the Nintendo DS for a triple play with a 3 games in one. Product Features Join Ben and the Tennyson’s on an adventure across […]

Ben 10 Galactic Racing for Nintendo DS

Do you have a ben 10 fan in your house? My 6 year old is such a die-hard Ben 10 fan that has been eyeing some new Nintendo DS games. While he likes and really gets in to mind teaser games, he really loves racing games… and not just those plane-jane racing game. When we […]

Little Mommy My Very Real Baby Doll

Do you have a little mama in your house? Kam is 4 years old and loves to play house with her babies. We received a baby doll that really makes her feel at home in her own little magical work with her babies. Little Mommy™ My Very Real Baby™ Doll Perfect practice for the “little […]

Learning fun with Alphie & Alphie Databots

My son is 6 1/2 and my daughter is 4. Both love to learn and have fun while they are learning. We had the chance to check out a new and improved Alphie. I remember playing with Alphie when I was a kid, so I was excited for my kids to check it out. ALPHIE […]

Lalaloopsy ‘Sew Magical! Sew Cute!’ for Nintendo DS

Do you have a little girl that has taken in to the Lalaloopsy rage? Kambry is madly in love with Lalaloopsy’s! I think I got her in to it, if I have to admit it. When I saw the dolls come out last year right around this time, I loved them! Nintendo DS Lalaloopsy ‘Sew […]

Holiday gifts & stocking stuffers from Channellock Tools {Closed}

For anyone that knows me, you will know that I love to build things, tear things down, build up walls and most of all, home renovation. While I know my way around my power tools, there are a few things that need to be conquered with a good old fashioned screw driver. Alright, so I […]

Our Family Portrait by Gallery Direct

Last month, I posted about Gallery Direct’s Acrylic Mounted Image. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this entire concept. We all have seen framed portraits and canvas, but there’s something about the acrylic mount that I am madly in love with! We have a 1900 home, so our walls are taller […]

Infantino HappiTaps & App Review for iPod touch & iPhone

There’s no doubt that our family loves technology. Wherever we go, something comes with us; iPod, iPad, gaming devices – you name it, we take it. The kids love their iPod’s, but I am always scared that one will drop and crack. This is where HappiTaps comes in to play to help our travels keep […]

Power your holiday with Rayovac Batteries – Great holiday gift!

Can you believe that Christmas is just next week? While we love to see the little ones open their toys, how often do you think about putting batteries in them before they are wrapped? A couple of years ago, I remember wrapping a toy for my son, and when he opened it, he was sooo […]

3M Privacy iPad screen

I travel quite a bit. This ranges from holiday family travel, personal out of state travel and quite a bit of media travels. I always take my iPad with me and when I am on an airplane, it’s kind of hard to get work done and type without the person directly next to me gazing […]

Tek Nek Toys – Rockin’ Rider “Lacey”

When it comes to toys for the kids, I like to look for things that are more learning, interactive and things that they can use for longer than just a short time. While I am usually not ‘in’ to larger toys that take up a lot of space in the house and playroom, there is […]

South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes

I grew up in a smoking household where both of my parents and my brother smoked. Even my grandmother and other relatives smoke. I was, and still am the only one in my family that doesn’t smoke. Anytime we visit my family, there is always the thought of how bad our clothes and belongings will […]

Redcore 15602 S-2 Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove

We live in a drafty 1900 home where we have air leaks in places we didn’t realize. To cut costs, we pretty much live in out flannel and footed pajamas in the winter so we won’t have our heat constantly running. One thing I wish we had in our home is a fireplace, but with […]

Toddler fun with LeapFrog Story Time Pad & Peek A Shoe Octopus

If there’s one type of baby toys I like to see and gift, it’s electronic learning toys that can grow with the little ones. We are huge LeapFrog fans because they have learning toys that literally grow with the little ones from birth up. We had a chance to see Story Time Pad. This is […]

Sony VAIO Y Series – Ultra Portable Laptop

I travel a lot. When I say a lot, I mean a whole lot! Whether I am on the road for a 14 hour family road trip, just down the road at a friends house, or flying halfway across the world for a media event, there’s one thing that I keep on doing, and that […]

Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop Pet Jet Playset

I think there are those Christmas gifts that the kids love to get, yet the parent dreads having it in their home. You know what I’m talking about…. those toys that are loud and never shut up, or those that include a million tiny pieces that seem to get stepped on and end up in […]

THE AVENGERS: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Volume 3 & 4

My kids are both huge superhero fans. I may have a girly girl for a daughter, but she loves superhero movies just as my son does. When we saw that the best superheroes were out on DVD collections, we had to check it out! THE AVENGERS: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Volume 3: Iron Man Unleashed Synopsis: […]

Let Rayovac power your Christmas with the 4 Position AA & AAA Charger with Batteries

As Thanksgiving and Black Friday passes us, we are all thinking about the gifts that we are about to give to our loved ones, but have you thought about some of those items that may power those toys, electronic books, talking dolls and remote control cars? I have started to look at the things that […]

Victorious: Time to Shine and Victorious: Hollywood Arts Debut

When it comes to the kids and their Nintendo DS games, I love to find them games that they can not only interact with, but also to learn and have fun with. While Kambry is a few years before she will be even a pre-teen, she loves to play the girly girl games. Victorious has […]

KRE-O Transformers Optimus Prime Construction Set

Both of my kids love to build things. I, as a parent, love to build things with my kids, but to be blunt, the traditional building blocks get a bit boring when there’s no guide to go off of. Hasbro’s latest construction sets, KRE-O, are perfect for that little mind that loves to build! We […]

Holiday Scents from Scentsy

With the holidays so close, there’s one thing that I love in my house and that’s the smell of the holidays. Having two small kids in the house, I don’t like to have candles in my house, so this is where Scentsy is here to help. I am a huge fan of Scentsy, so I […]

Winter Crocs Shoes & Boots for the Entire Family

We are pretty big fans of Crocs in our house. If you were to ask me what I thought of Crocs a few years back, I would have told you that they were nursing professional shoes and that’s about it. Boy, have my thoughts changed! Crocs has so many styles for anyone in your family, […]

Happy Feet Two – The Videogame for Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS & Nintendo 3DS

My kids are big Nintendo DS fans and when there’s a movie that they are already in love with, they are giddy to see that there is a game that goes along side it. On Tuesday, November 8, Happy Feet Two – The Videogame , one of the year’s coolest family friendly games, became available. […]

Fall Footwear from Naturalizer

One thing that I love about living in the Midwest is the actual change of seasons. I have to admit that I love Fall and the cooler weather that comes with it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Summer, but I love fall because I can wear a sweater with leggings, cute Pea coat and […]

Gallery Direct Acrylic Mounted Holiday #Giveaway! {Closed}

What are you planning on gifting for the holidays? There are so many things that everyone asks for, but what if you were to gift something more personal and meaningful? What about the unique gift of art? What about a unique photo that you took of the family hanging in a really cool floating frame? […]

Pillow Pets for Nintendo DS

We travel a lot and there are two things that the kids always make sure to pack is their Nintendo DS with games, as well as their Pillow Pets. We are a Pillow Pet addicted family, so this was an exciting opportunity for us! Nintendo DS has the best of both worlds with a new, […]

Get comfy in a Bean Bag Boss Chair

With all my home DIY adventures that I have been working on, I have been also working to make our living room more welcoming, and even more comfortable so that we can have more comfortable and fun family movie nights. We had the chance check out an oversize bean bag chair for our home. When […]

Tag Solar System Adventure Pack

When we had Kambry’s 4th birthday party, we also had a fun event where the little ones could check out some new LeapFrog products. While it was a birthday party for 2 girls; 4 and 6, we were able to have some fun with kids ranging anywhere from 4 to 8. We had a blast […]

Holiday Barbie Doll 2011

When it comes to the holidays, there is one thing that my 4 year old loves to collect knowing she will not be playing with it, yet keeping it on display…. The yearly Holiday Barbie. I am very excited to share with you the Holiday Barbie for 2011! Holiday Barbie® Doll 2011 Holiday Barbie Doll […]

Easy & Affordable Room Makeover with Wall Sticker Outlet

If you have been keeping up with my home updates, I have been quite the busy bee the last few months. I started with this dungeon section in my basement that once had a washing machine and used for storage. Looks pretty scary, doesn’t it? I spent countless hours in this room cleaning it out […]

NagihanDesigns Custom Laptop Sleeve Case for my Sony VAIO *Love It!*

Anytime I travel, I take my Sony VAIO with me. This is so much easier to travel with than taking my full size and heavy laptop. Well, when I travel, I don’t want it to get scratched or beat up while it’s in my purse or carry on. I was blessed to have an opportunity […]

FLOR Fall Styles – Perfect for Nursery, Kid Spaces & Entryways!

With our 1900 home, I have been working very hard to get things updated. Recently, I ripped up the carpet in my entryway and put down wood flooring. I did this because I wanted to be able to change out the look of the small space with each changing season. I had the chance to […]

CatDog: Season 1-Part 1 on DVD 10/18/11

My kids have a pretty broad view on things, especially when it comes to TV shows and movies. I love watching their interaction with shows, such as CATDOG. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? If you haven’t seen this show, this is one that you will get a laugh out of. CATDOG: Season 1 – Part 1 […]

CARS 2 on DVD, Blu-ray 3D & Movie Download on 11/01/11

We have been huge CARS fans ever since the first CARS movie came out in 2006 so when we saw that there was going to be a CARS 2, we had to have it to add to our collection! Lightening McQueen, Mater and all their friends have, yet again, stolen our hearts! Ready, Set, GO!!!  […]

Munchkin Pail It Forward Diaper Pail $50 Giveaway {Closed}

Every time I look around, there are babies being born or a friend has announced her pregnancy. Babies… babies everywhere! If you, or someone you know has a little one, get your camera ready to take some fun pictures of your little one next to your Arm & Hammer diaper pail and be ready to […]

Crayola ColorStudio HD for iPad

We are mega technology lovers in our home. We have two iPad’s that we travel with and use on a daily basis. While I use them for the blog and randomly while on the couch or out and about, the kids use both for learning apps and to play games. One thing that both kids […]

Defiants 4×4 Trucks – Review & Giveaway! {Closed}

Does your son like trucks? Mine does! I have to say that not only does my son love trucks, so does my daughter. She may be a girly girl, but she loves to have some 4×4 fun with her brother. We had a chance to check out a playset that has shown to be hours […]

Get comfy with Flat Out Heels

When it comes to traveling for media events, there are times where we have done more walking than I had anticipated and where my shoes have left me so uncomfortable, achy and blisters on my heels. There is a solution for just that! Flat Out of Heels Flat Out Heels are a revolutionary rollable ballet […]

Master Lock Portable Key Safe

When I was growing up, I remember having some friends that were ‘latch key kids’ (kids that carried a house key with them to school because their parents worked outside the home). These days, there are better things where the key doesn’t have to be carried around and may be lost. Master Lock is here […]

ISOTONER smarTouch gloves

I live in the Midwest, so at least half of our year includes painful cold and snow. While I travel a lot for media events, as well as for family travels, I have my phone in hand pretty much all the time. I don’t have time to take my gloves off and reply to a […]

Winnie the Pooh on Blu-ray & DVD 10/25!

Who isn’t a Winnie the Pooh fan? I may be in my 30’s, but I still love Winnie the Pooh just as I did when I was a kid. We have family movie nights and we have brought in a fun movie to our routine that is a must for any household! Disney’s Winnie The […]

We went back to school with New Balance 688 shoes

With two active kids, we go through shoes like they are going out of style. We can’t seem to get the wear on their shoes stretched out longer than just a few short months. We had the chance to check out the New Balance 688 for Tucker. After a couple of months of wearing then […]

Protect your memories with SentrySafe Giveaway! {Closed}

We bought our home 3 years ago, and at that time, we never really thought about “What happens to our important papers if our house was to catch fire?” We started thinking about this recently with the West Texas fires and state wide fire ban about our valuables like the deed to our home, all […]