Internet everywhere with @Sprint’s NETGEAR Zing Mobile Hotspot #SprintMom #Sponsored

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Sprint. I received product samples to facilitate my review.   I am always on the go. Like…. always. While it’s convenient to have my cell phone with me, that tiny screen gets a wee bit annoying to stare at when I’m trying to use […]

Wedding gifts for her & him! #TargetWedding

As summer comes to an end, now comes the season for cooler weather and beautiful fall weddings. I, myself, am very excited for some friends upcoming weddings so I went shopping at Target to see what they had to offer for wedding gifts. I always try to think outside the box when it comes to […]

Kicking back with the HP ENVY 23 TouchSmart AiO! #HPFamilyTime

I’ve written how EASY it was to se up my new HP ENVY 23-dl0xt. I’ve written how connected I was with my HP ENVY,  and I’ve shared how happy that I am to keep in connection with loved ones from hundreds of miles away. So, now what? I have sooo many more ways that I […]

Did you know that @Rayovac has Hearing Aid Batteries? (BOGO Code included!)

When I was growing up, I had the best friends that lived just a couple of miles from us that we used to play with all the time as kids. One was deaf in one ear, one was going deaf and one was completely deaf. I learned a lot about how to talk with them […]

Peaceful Sleep with @Cloud_b Tranquil Turtle #Giveaway {Ends 9/11}

Do your kids like to sleep with a night light on or do they like to have some music or a soft sound going in the background? My kids aren’t babies anymore; they are 8 and almost 6, but as babies and at their ages now they still love a night light and something going […]

#BackToSchool with fun @Zooligans kids shoes! #Giveaway {Ends 9/09}

Here we are… Back To School. With back to school, comes new things like backpacks, lunch bags, clothes and of course shoes. My kids have a unique and fun taste when it comes to what they wear. They’ve never been keen on the local styles with kid like cartoon characters on them. They like to […]

Comforting Sleep with Glow Pets

My kids may be 8 and almost 6, but they still love sleeping with something on in their rooms. This may be a night light, visual sound machine or what I’ve recently found – a glow in the dark ‘friend’… a Glow Pet. Glow Pet Glow Pets are the amazing light-up pet that also transforms […]

Back to School with Fruit of the Loom! #Giveaway #BackToSchool #FruitOfTheLoom {Ends 9/02}

When do (or did) your kids go back to school? We started back today. We all are very excited – me: to get back in routines once again, kids: to see their friends again. While we all are back to school shopping for school supplies and that first day of school outfit, do you think […]

iLuv my Snoopy Folio for iPad mini!

Everywhere that I go, my iPad mini goes with me. I love the size and it’s so easy to toss in my purse and run errands, get groceries and travel with. With that said, I have to protect my investment but I also like to have fun with it with fun cases and protection for […]

My new Famous Footwear Reebok Zig Kick running shoes #ReebokMom

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Reebok. I received a Famous Footwear gift card to purchase a pair of Reebok shoes to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating. It’s been a crazy busy summer, so I haven’t had a chance to get to the gym. Now […]

Yup, it’s true – @Rayovac Indestructible Flashlights are Indestructible

We travel a lot and the kids are quite imaginative with their indoor and outdoor camping adventures, so when we were asked to check out Rayovac’s indestructible flashlights. Let’s just say that my son…. Well… he thoroughly enjoyed himself. He was a tad bit excited… can you tell? We took one of the flashlights outside […]

Face to face, yet hundreds of miles away #HPFamilyTime

I cannot begin to express how much we are loving our HP ENVY 23 TouchSmart AiO. At first, I was afraid to let my 5 & 8 year old’s near it for fear they would break it… that changed pretty quickly. They love the touch screen feature. It’s almost like they can navigate around faster […]

Rayovac 7 Hour Power is a lifesaver!

I’ve been stranded a time of two (ok, so it’s more than I can count) without power. My devices are a priority when I travel, and when there’s not an outlet around, I tend to spaz out a bit. Ok, so I go in full blown freak out mode. While it’s nice to have a […]

Fun with Polly Pocket Playsets!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Polly Pocket. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating. My 5 year old is a nut for Polly Pocket! I wanted to share some amazing deals for their new Playsets from Amazon. We received […]

Setting up my HP ENVY 23-d150xt TouchSmart All-in-One Desktop PC

For the last month, I and my parents have been enjoying keeping in contact with each other through the miles. We live in SW Iowa and they live in west Texas, so any chance we can see or chat with each other, the better. I have a few posts to show you how we keep […]

I stay in sync with Office 365 Home Premium

I am constantly on the go. If it’s not a media event, then it’s for family travels. I have more devices that I have on a daily basis, and that I travel with… hubby says that I could probably power a small town. I have my PC laptop, MacBook, iPad, and Android phone, but regardless […]

Rayovac gave us Instant Power during a tornado & power outage! {New Power Packs!}

Last week, the kids and I were stranded right smack dab in the middle of the El Reno, Oklahoma tornadoes. Scared doesn’t even begin to describe the thoughts and feelings that were flowing through my body and through my kids’ minds. When we were alerted to evacuate our hotel rooms and head immediately to the […]

Give mom a Kindle Fire HD

Mother’s Day was this weekend. What did you get mom this year? Every year, I see so many people spend so much money on flowers that will die in a couple of days, chocolates that mom might complain about later on (lol) or something that she will most likely return anyway. Does mom like to […]

Target Exclusive Collection: X-Doria iPad Mini Cases

I adore my iPad mini and when I travel, I like to protect it, yet travel in style. I wanted to share some new fun products for the iPad mini, exclusively at Target. Stay tuned for a review on one of these fun styles! X-Doria Announces Target-Exclusive Collection of iPad Mini Cases; Available Now X-Doria, […]

Protect your iPad mini with the Ballistic Case

I never thought I’d use my iPad mini as much as I do. When I travel, it’s in my purse. When I’m out running errands, it’s with me. When I am home lounging with the family, it’s right next to me. I read, browse the internet, play games and even blog from my iPad mini. […]

Have a ‘smart’ workout! {Amiigo Fitness Bracelet}

I am about to share some information on an upcoming product that has definitely woo’d my mind and peaked my interest. Do you workout? I do and while I track my steps, I would love to be able to track more than just that. How would you like it if a device would be able […]

Give your sweetheart the DROID DNA by HTC

For anyone that knows me, knows that I am a huge geek lover. Like…. HUGE. I love testing the newest technology that’s out there to see how it can help out in my daily life, and how it can help in other’s daily lives. Maybe you’re a work at home mom. Maybe you’re a stay […]

Workout Wireless with Motorola S11-FLEX HD Bluetooth Headphones

Last summer, I decided to join our local gym. While we have an elliptical and a treadmill here at home, it’s good for the mind and soul to get out and socialize with other people, especially while working out. I’m pretty extremely technical, so when I go to the gym, I have to take my […]

Sweet Family Traditions with Hickory Farms

Does your family have any family traditions? We never really had a lot of traditions when I was growing up, but the one thing that I do remember my granddaddy doing every year to our family. He would send us a Hickory Farms gift basket every year. For more than 60 years Hickory Farms has been a […]

Comfort with Leading Lady’s Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra

When I get up and get dressed & ready for the day, I have to confess that I absolutely hate putting on my bra. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? I’ve gotten in to the habit of wearing tanks with the ‘built in bra’ over wearing my $90 bra that I was personally fitted for. It’s pretty […]

Folgers Gourmet Selections Yummy Morning Cafe Blends! #Keurig #Giveaway (Ends 12/13)

Are you a coffee drinker? We never really have been, or even thought about coffee unless it was as a pick me up on a long road trip. To be honest, since I’ve been married, we have never even owned a coffee pot before recently. I know it sounds weird, doesn’t it? I grew up […]

Ju-Ju Be Bags: Diaper bags, backpacks & more!

We do a lot of traveling. That ranges from solo flights to family trips locally to the zoo, shopping or even out of town family trips to visit family and friends. You don’t have to have a baby to need a ‘diaper bag’. I have always carried a large bag wherever we go just because […]

I’m a Caboodles ‘Go-Getter’!

I travel a lot… like, a whole lot. A lot is for business, but we also travel a lot as a family. When you live 6 hours away from one part of the family and 14 hours away from the other half of the family, there tends to be a lot of going here and […]

Posy Lane Ballet Shoes Backpack

School is already back in full swing. I remember when we were shopping for back to school needs, the one thing that I like (as a parent) are to look for things that aren’t your typical school items. For the kids’, we like to look for unique items like clothes, shoes and even backpacks. I […]

Cinderella Diamond Edition on Blu-ray and DVD!

I grew up loving princesses, dressing up like them and watching every movie that came out with princesses in them. There’s one that still leaves a mark in my mind and a spot in my heart…. Cinderella. My 5 year old is the same as I was; she dresses up like a princess, is as […]

Back to school & craft fun with Fellowes Saturn 2 95 Laminator

My kids are officially back in school and we are already bombarded with the show and tell presentations, as well as keepsakes that the kids make and bring home. How do you preserve some of those fun drawings, or here’s a thought … when your kids swap school pictures with their classmates, what do you […]

VTech InnoTab 2 Learning Tablet for Kids *Love it!*

My kids are just like mommy… they love technology. We travel a lot, and the kids love to have things to keep them entertained, but they also love educational tools while on the go and at home. We had the chance to check out the VTech InnoTab 2. We have the first version of the […]

Travel in style with Brookstone’s Dash 20″ Upright Wheeled Luggage

I travel a lot. OK, so I travel a whooooole lot. I cannot begin to tell you how many suitcases that I have, yet I don’t like any of them. The main reason is because they are too heavy, too bulky, my ‘carry-on’ won’t fit in the overhead bin or they are just plain ugly. […]

VTech MobiGo 2 Review

A while back, we reviewed the VTech MobiGo. While we really liked it, there were things that we were hoping to see adjusted in the next revision. Well, we were asked to review the new MobiGo 2 and I am happy to share with you our findings. VTech MobiGo 2 The new MobiGo 2 Touch […]

We love Kidz Bop 22!

In our home, we are all mega music lovers. My son is 7 and has been singing anything and everything that he hears and when we are in the car, he asks me to turn up the volume so he can hear it and sing along. Kam is almost 5 and she has been following […]

Traveling with our Verizon xyboard

We have been on the go all summer. When we travel, we travel with just about any toy, book and electronic that we can to keep the kids entertained on road trips. While we’ve been reviewing  the Motorola xyboard powered by Verizon’s 4G service, we thought we’d download a few things that would allow us […]

Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare (Toy & X Games in Los Angeles tomorrow!)

Are your kids nuts over Hot Wheels? Our 4 year old girl and 7 year old boy are crazy about Hot Wheels! We had the chance to work with Hot Wheels to check out their Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare with the kids just in time for Hot Wheels to ‘go vertical’ at the X […]

Father’s Day gift ideas from Rayovac!

Father’s Day is right around the corner. What are you going to get the father figure in your life? I am so excited to be able to visit with my dad later this month and have a post-Father’s Day celebration with him. I’m so excited to see him! I’m a daddy’s girl, can you tell? […]

VTech Full Color Video & Audio Baby Monitors

When my kids were little ones in their cribs, I always wished that there was a way that I could keep an eye on them. Now that they are older, there are times that I would like to be in my office, but still be able to keep an eye on them as they play. […]

Rubbermaid 2-in-1 Recycler

I have a confession to make. I absolutely dislike recycling. I know it’s what we need to do to help cut back on trash, as well as to help our planet, but in my house, recycling has always been nothing but a hassle, a huge mess and cluttered up my deck where the kids play […]

The Secret World of Arrietty on Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack

My little ones love their quiet time. We set aside about an hour and a half before bedtime for the kids to watch a movie and tame down for bedtime. We recently were able to trade off quiet time for a family movie night with a new release of Disney’s The Secret Word of Arrietty. […]

Kid-friendly iPad covers from M-Edge

When I bought my iPad 2, I had thought about selling my iPad 1, but then I decided to keep it for the kids to play games on and use the learning apps that I downloaded on for them. With such an expensive piece of electronic, we like to protect it in any way, while […]

Women’s SKECHERS Stride Running Shoes

Earlier this month, I received a pair of SKECHERS Stride Running shoes. With my daily workouts, I thought I would start up running. I have never been much of a runner, but I started to get the urge to start something different from my daily elliptical workouts and routines. Women’s SKECHERS Stride Running Shoes Run, […]

School Supply ‘Cake’ for Teacher

All throughout the year, I like to buy school supplies as I see them on sale, along with some random things that I think would make fun and useful additions to gifts. Being a blogger, I get the pleasure to work with a lot of companies for reviews, but also for donation purposes. With my […]

Sterling Silver Mother’s Day Jewelry & Gifts from Snapfish

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. What are you planning on getting mom or even the wife, stepmom, grandma, aunt or that mother figure in your life? I have been thinking about Mother’s Day for a while now and when I saw the Sterling Silver Photo Bracelet from Snapfish by HP, my heart skipped […]

Gift ideas for mom from Microsoft

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Do you have anything on your Mother’s Day wish list, or do you know what you are going to get the mother figure in your life? Microsoft has so many ideas to help get you started! For Mother’s Day, a Windows PC coupled with a Microsoft Hardware mouse […]