Getting fit with the @Samsung #GalaxyNote3 #VZWBuzz #Fitness

I’ve been on a mission. Not only to get fit and healthy, but I’ve been training for a 5K. I know, I know… shocking, isn’t it? I am going to be running in The Color Run in September, so I thought I’d start working on my running before hand. While I have been going to […]

Let’s Fight Holiday Fat together!

With the holidays so near, how do you stay on track with your eating and weight? Do you count calories or do you completely avoid all the holiday foods? I have been battling my weight on and off for 5 years, ever since my daughter was born. There has been so much that has gone […]

Getting healthy & fit with the help of Healthy Choice!

For the last couple of months, I have been replacing one meal a day with a Healthy Choice frozen meal. To be honest, at first, I thought to myself ‘a frozen meal?’ I have never been a real fan of frozen meals because some that I have had in the past have had a weird […]

25 pounds down – and counting!!!

I am SO excited to say that I have been on my weight loss mission – and sticking to it! As of today, I am how many pounds down from my September 1st ‘official weigh in?’ Yeah. TWENTY FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As of when? Oh, what? Really? 30 days ago – August 29, 2010! What do I […]

Healthy Choice + Lifestyle Change = Happiness & Weight Loss!

I have been exercising on my Elliptical every day, drinking plenty of water, eating healthier options like carrots as a snack and I have been replacing one meal a day (I chose to replace my lunch time meal) with a Healthy Choice meal. With all my motivation and hard work….. Drum roll please…. I am […]

Current Stats: Healthy Choice

I have been replacing one meal a day for a few weeks now and I have to say that I not only feel great about my entire lifestyle change, but I look better, my clothes are fitting loosely and I am more motivated to keep on my path for weight loss and getting and staying […]

I’m participating in a Healthy Choice Better for BlogHer Challenge!

BlogHer is just around the corner and I am ready for it. I have taken on a fun and healthy challenge for BlogHer, but most of all – for myself: Healthy Choice Better for BlogHer Challenge. I am so excited to be one of only 20 bloggers chosen for this life changing opportunity! This challenge […]

6 week challenge with EA Sports Active: More Workouts

This year is MY year. Mine. All mine! I love to be healthy and fit, but most of all, I want to have fun while getting fit. I have been doing more things to get fit, get healthy and have fun. EA Sports Active: More Workouts is a great and fun tool to do just […]

Weight Watchers Online *Plus Membership Giveaway!* (Closed)

What are you doing to get fit and healthy for 2010? I am doing a few things, but one thing that I chose to do again this year was Weight Watchers Online. In July 2005, I had Tucker and around October, I was fed up. I went to local Weight Watcher meetings, ate better, worked […]

I will be tracking my steps at BlogHer with the Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer!

As you all have read, I am getting ready for BlogHer ’09! I am heading out on Wednesday, early, to a Sara Lee Summit on Wednesday & Thursday, then BlogHer from Thursday through Sunday. I am SO excited to see bloggers that I have been chatting with, as well as meet some of the fabulous […]

Working out when you are sick. To do, or not to do?

I was out of town for a week to see Laurie and I was proud that even with my eating like a banchee 😛 , I only gained a pound. I lost that pound once I got home, within a day. I have, however, been sick for a good part of a week now and it […]

Work out attire with Doce Vida Fitness

  New year.. We are all looking to better ourselves, right? Why not look cute while you are working out? You are working to a new you, so why not dress like it and feel great during those work outs? I don’t know about you all, but when I have on a comfy work out […]

Weider PowerSwitch 25 Hand Weights

With my 2009 Fitness Challenge, I have had the pleasure to work a HealthRider H90e Elliptical machine and so far, I am working out every day, feeling great and my energy level is already showing to be higher. Along with eating healthier, taking my multi-vitamin and making sure that my water intake is flowing, all […]

Getting Fit with HealthRider & iFit! ~$25.00 iTunes Gift Card Giveaway!

What is your fitness goal? Do you have a goal? It is already the second month in to the New Year (Already!) and I am feeling fabulous! I have been working out on my HealthRider H90e for a week now and I have already noticed my energy level increasing, my mood is better and I […]

HealthRider H90e Elliptical: Day 1

Today was officially DAY ONE of my HealthRider Elliptical Fitness Challenge. The technician arrived last night to install my HealthRider H90e and I was more than excited to get started with this bad boy today!   I also have the honor of working with my own personal trainer from iFit and Heather is absolutely amazing! […]

Get fit with the HealthRider H90e

In celebration of A New Year to a New You, I am going to be offering some amazing and very helpful fitness tips, recipes, product reviews and yes – some fab giveaways to go along with these findings. For my weight loss and fitness challenge, I am doing a few helpful things to help me […]

Life Changing Package!

What arrived today??? The ever so fabulous HealthRider H90e! This bad boy arrived on a Semi and I was like 😯 LOL! For now, the box will remain in my dining room until the technician can get to my house to put it together, move it upstairs and get it all ready for me! I […]

Weight Watchers Momentum Plan ~ Giveaway!

I have been doing the Weight Watchers Online plan for a week now and I love it! I love how easy it is to keep track of my points and how the website is so nice to navigate around on. If I want to know what is for dinner tonight, I can log on and […]

Fitness Challenge 1: Interview and a giveaway!

Trust me! This is a post you will WANT to read; one that you will want to REPLY and a contest that you have to have! I think with the New Year, we are all trying to lose weight, get fit and be healthy for 2009. Here at Mommy Goggles, I have started a Fitness […]

Elliptical will be here Thursday!

Have I mentioned how incredibly EXCITED that I am about my elliptical arriving? I just got word today that my HealthRider H90e elliptical will be h ere on THURSDAY!! I have some exciting posts, fitness tips, giveaways and even some interviews from real women about their struggles with weight loss and dieting. Stay tuned for […]

Sensa in my Chili

How easy is Sensa to use for weight management? Very! I just sprinkled it in my Chili on this sub-zero temperature day. I am more on the weight loss and weight management wagon now than ever. I am posting my progree and you can see my other posts here about Sensa.   Tweet

I have been a member of a fabulous weight loss website now since 2005, after the birth of my son. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for Extrapounds, the staff, the awesome blogging software, weight tracking and all the friends I have made from With my pregnancy with Tucker, I worked out, […]

Weight Watchers

After I had my son in July 2005, the New Year came and went and I was ready for a change. I was ready to get OUT of my maternity clothes and get comfortable, look good and feel good about myself. I had already started ‘dieting’, but I wasn’t living. I joined a local Weight […]

Lose weight with Sensa

I started Sensa a couple of months ago and I have to say that it really is great! It helps control your hunger, meanwhile allowing you to still eat the things that you like. The key to weight loss is moderation. You do not have to deny yourself the things that you love, just love […]

Wii Fit

What did I get myself for Christmas? A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to finally find a Wii Fit! I ordered it from Circuit City online and in 4 days, it was delivered to my house. I haven’t tried it out yet, but hubby has. After seeing him on it, I was […]

New Year to a New Me!

With Christmas behind us and the New Year peeking around the corner, I have been thinking about health, weight management, weight control and a fresh start to a whole new year. I think that most of you out there can relate. I did pretty well this Christmas with my eating. I only had one serving […]

My beginning weight for my fitness challenge

I am tracking my weight and details through If you haven’t been to this amazing website, you need to go! It is the new year…. so check it out! Sign up for an account and get started. The support there is simply amazing and the friendships that you will make is endless! My beginning […]