Portable Power, the size of a key. Literally! #Nomad

I am on the go a lot. Like… a LOT. When I travel, I don’t like to take my charging cable with me because it just causes one big tangled and jumbled mess in my purse or bag. I saw a product not too long ago that peaked my interest called ChargeKey. Long story short, […]

Free App! Picture Collage Maker

I am always looking for apps that I can play around and upload photos with. I just found Picture Collage Maker and wanted to share it with you all. It’s free for a limited time in iTunes. If you have this, I’d love to hear your thoughts. I just downloaded and am about to play. […]

Infantino HappiTaps & App Review for iPod touch & iPhone

There’s no doubt that our family loves technology. Wherever we go, something comes with us; iPod, iPad, gaming devices – you name it, we take it. The kids love their iPod’s, but I am always scared that one will drop and crack. This is where HappiTaps comes in to play to help our travels keep […]

Perfect Grocery Companion – Grocery Guru

When you are getting ready to head out to do some grocery shopping, how do you prepare yourself? I have tried several things ranging from setting reminders on my phone to post it notes to remind me of all the things I need to get, components for recipes that I want to try and even […]

Back-to-School or Back-to-Work with iHome

No matter where we go, we always have our iPod touches. While it makes an amazing travel tool for us all, there is a whole new way to use your iPod and your iPhone while at home. When I first saw the iHome iA91, I was giddy beyond excitement! iHome iA91 App-enhanced Dual Alarm Stereo […]

iPod touch + Woogie = Cute & cuddly fun for the iPod touch or iPhone

My kids are just like their mama … they love technology! They love their iPod touches and anytime we travel, whether it’s locally or on a long road trip, they always make sure it’s charged and in their backpack ready to go. What do you do to help protect an investment, such as an iPod […]

Toddy Gear: Toddy Smart Cloth

One of my most important investments that I have purchased for my blog and media travels are my iPad’s. The screen gets dirty and smudges on it, and I’ve been careful at what I use to keep the screen clean and safe. I was asked to try out a product that promised to get the […]

PowerSkin: Shock-Absorbing, Battery-Boosting Smartphone Cases *Review* Love it!

I use my iPhone so much that find myself recharging it several times during the day. When I am on a media event, I am doing that even more than I do when I am home or running local errands. I had the chance to check out a product that has not only helped keep […]

Create a pet with Cube Dog {App} #CleverCubeDog

Some of my favorite investments has to be my iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Not only can I use them for travel and work, but there are so many things that we can do as a family, as well as that my kids can play with meanwhile having fun learning. I had the chance to […]

POP Phone *Review*

When it comes to technology, I love everything in that field. I will admit when I saw one product, I had doubts about it. I know… I know… Never judge a book by the cover, right? If you have an iPhone, why would you need a telephone handset? I giggled at this, but when I […]

Mophie: juice pack plus for iPhone 4

I travel a lot. I keep up with social media while I am at media events and with that said, I go through a lot of battery power on my iPhone. Usually, I will travel with cords and extra power supplies, but when I saw the Mophie, I was eager to check it out and […]

Grace Digital Audio: Solo Wi-Fi Internet Radio Tuner

We live in a small town where we don’t really get any radio stations. Ok, we don’t get ANY radio stations. I have looked everywhere for a solution because I love to crank the radio throughout the house and clean or get some work done. Thanks so a Wi-Fi Internet Radio, I am now able […]

My beautiful DIY Case-Mate {Custom iPhone 4 Case} case creation! *Review*

There’s no denying that my iPhone is always with me. I use it for tweeting, Facebook, moderate comments on my blog, and even taking pictures at that random moment of my family. When I travel for my blog and media events, I like to have a custom iPhone case on my iPhone that represents who […]

FREE & Discounted Kids and Family TV on iTunes!

If you know me, you will know that I am a huge Apple fan! I have my iPhone 4, iPod’s, iPad 1 & 2 and when I travel, I go to iTunes to download movies for my trips. I wanted to share with you that the iTunes Store is now spotlighting the best in Kids […]

Drive safe with Motorola! Finiti & CommandOne Headsets & Roadster *Giveaway!* {Closed}

I travel a lot. This ranges anywhere from an 80 mile trip to get groceries, run errands and to buy in bulk, 5 hour family travels, to airport traveling for bloggy events where I am rushing to get to the next gate, meanwhile I want to know who is texting, messaging or emailing me without […]

3M Natural View Screen Protector

I carry two phones with me; a Blackberry and an iPhone4. Why two? One is a business line and the other is a personal line. Both are used at home, and when I travel. With my iPhone, I carry it with me to my blog travel events so that I can tweet and do all […]

Zazzle Custom iPhone Case *Giveaway* {Closed}

I travel quite a bit for my blog. When I am at an event, I always tweet, Facebook, Blog, work on emails and keep in touch with my family while I am gone, so my iPhone is always in my hand. What is a better way to promote your brand, your business and your blog […]

Crock-Pot Slow Cooker Recipe Finder App

I am always up for finding new apps to try out and new recipes to try for my family. I recenly came across one that everyone needs to have for a Slow cooker. Description Looking for savory, time saving slow cooker recipes? You’ll find 100’s of Original Crock-Pot® recipes that the whole family will enjoy. […]

Zazzle iPhone & iPad cases

When it comes to my iPhone and even my iPad, I am a sucker for cases, especially custom cases. I love to change up the look and the cases protect my investments meanwhile having some fun in the process. I had a chance to work with Zazzle on an iPhone 4 case. Zazzle now offers […]

Save time, money & check inventory with Sam’s Mobile App *PLUS A GIVEAWAY!* (closed)

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us have some type of Smartphone and we all like savings and to see as many options about product availability when we are running errands, buying gifts or simply grocery shopping. I was given a task by Sam’s Club to check out a new app […]

iPad/iPhone Storybook Apps from Ruckus Media

This past summer, my brother in law had an iPad and I thought to myself ‘why in the world would one need or want an iPad?’ Guess what? I have an iPad and I love it. I use my iPad for traveling with my blog, hubby uses it for his school work and the kids […]

Uncommon iPhone 4 Deflector Case *Review & Giveaway!* (Closed)

I like to be different, unique and to show my fun and professional side. What is a better way to do that, than with a custom phone case that shows who you are, as well as that can be something like a walking business card – your phone! I have seen some stick on label […]

Custom iPhone 4 Deflector Case – Sneak Peek!

I just had the most fun afternoon making an image to upload for my very own custom iPhone 4 case! I cannot wait to share everything with you all! Here’s a sneak peek! Tweet

iPhone 4 FaceTime – It’s more than just a ‘phone’ call

Have you ever moved 5 hours away from  your best friend and wished that you could be there with her at any given time, or any given day? We moved to a small town, away from our friends and inlaws 2 years ago, so the thought of myself being ‘side by side’ with my bestie […]