Our first cruise with @CarnivalCruise! #Travel #VZWBuzz #Wedding #CarnivalCruise

Recently, my oldest daughter and I went on a 7 night cruise with Frank & Shannon from The Mommy-Files for her wedding. Neither of us have never been on a cruise, so we weren’t sure what to expect. I did a lot of research ranging from what to pack, checking out port locations for excursions, […]

Mega hands on tech at the new @Verizon Destination store in Chicago #VZWBuzz

I was fortunate and lucky enough to be one of the very first people to see the new Verizon Destination Store in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. Those that know me, can only imagine what my face looked like when I walked in those doors. I felt like a kid in a candy store; […]

Enjoy a #Staycation in Des Moines, Iowa at @EmbassySuites (Our family fun weekend!)

We were asked by Embassy Suites if our family would like to experience a family staycation. I’ve never really been on a staycation, so we were eager to check it out and have a family fun time! We chose to visit Des Moines, Iowa since it’s relatively close for us to drive to. We loaded […]

At home & on the go with the Motorola MBP34 Video Baby Monitor

You don’t have to be a new parent to a newborn to need and to use a baby monitor, especially a video baby monitor. While my kids are older now, we did use baby monitors when they were babies, but we still use baby monitors, as well as video baby monitors in our house. We […]

Internet everywhere with @Sprint’s NETGEAR Zing Mobile Hotspot #SprintMom #Sponsored

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Sprint. I received product samples to facilitate my review.   I am always on the go. Like…. always. While it’s convenient to have my cell phone with me, that tiny screen gets a wee bit annoying to stare at when I’m trying to use […]

I’m a Caboodles ‘Go-Getter’!

I travel a lot… like, a whole lot. A lot is for business, but we also travel a lot as a family. When you live 6 hours away from one part of the family and 14 hours away from the other half of the family, there tends to be a lot of going here and […]

Posy Lane Ballet Shoes Backpack

School is already back in full swing. I remember when we were shopping for back to school needs, the one thing that I like (as a parent) are to look for things that aren’t your typical school items. For the kids’, we like to look for unique items like clothes, shoes and even backpacks. I […]

Are we There Yet? Top 7 Traveling Apps to Keep you On Track

“Are we there yet?” It’s the most commonly asked question by casual travelers and globe-trotters alike. But to paraphrase Steinbeck, even ‘the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.’ So how do the best of travel planners steer clear of mishaps?  Stay close to your smartphone…because when it doubt, there’s an app […]

I took a Skype Seven-Day Challenge!

We live in the Midwest and while we like living here, we are pretty far away from both of our families and friends, so we do what we can to keep in touch and keep our families close in contact. I have been working with Mom Central and Skype to do a Skype Seven-Day Challenge […]

Wordless Wednesday: Memories were made & even more to be made!

Here’s my not so wordless Wednesday! I had to share this amazing picture jam packed with fabulous people from when I visited the Ripley’s Aquarium at Broadway at Myrtle Beach! Kimberly on the far left & Mary in the middle from the fabulous PR firm representing Visit Myrtle Beach & Gone Coastal Beach House followed […]

Travel in style with Brookstone’s Dash 20″ Upright Wheeled Luggage

I travel a lot. OK, so I travel a whooooole lot. I cannot begin to tell you how many suitcases that I have, yet I don’t like any of them. The main reason is because they are too heavy, too bulky, my ‘carry-on’ won’t fit in the overhead bin or they are just plain ugly. […]

Wallet Security while Traveling

How NOT to lose your wallet while traveling. Yes, I’ve lost my wallet a number of times. It’s challenging to get through TSA at the airport with no ID, no driver’s license, no credit cards, no cash. Short story: Drill hole in flat wallet, zip tie (melt zip closure to enforce security) attach key ring, […]

Traveling with our Verizon xyboard

We have been on the go all summer. When we travel, we travel with just about any toy, book and electronic that we can to keep the kids entertained on road trips. While we’ve been reviewing  the Motorola xyboard powered by Verizon’s 4G service, we thought we’d download a few things that would allow us […]

We’re back from Palace Resorts ~ Moon Palace!

I am so stinking excited to share with you our recent trip to Cancun to visit the Palace Resorts Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort! We’ve had a whirlwind past 3 weeks, so bear with me to get emails replied to, winners drawn and posts live. While being in Texas for a week to visit […]

Favorite Apps for Android & Motorola xyBoard

A couple of weeks ago, I announced that I was a Verizon Midwest Savvy Saver and I received a Verizon powered Motorola xyboard to test out and explore all options that it has. I will go in to even more details with it on the go as we travel at the end of the month, […]

Kid-friendly iPad covers from M-Edge

When I bought my iPad 2, I had thought about selling my iPad 1, but then I decided to keep it for the kids to play games on and use the learning apps that I downloaded on for them. With such an expensive piece of electronic, we like to protect it in any way, while […]

Women’s SKECHERS Stride Running Shoes

Earlier this month, I received a pair of SKECHERS Stride Running shoes. With my daily workouts, I thought I would start up running. I have never been much of a runner, but I started to get the urge to start something different from my daily elliptical workouts and routines. Women’s SKECHERS Stride Running Shoes Run, […]

Brookstone iConvert Scanner for iPad

Ever since I built my home office, I have been organizing things left and right, as well as making sure that all my receipts and paper documents are organized. While I have a home scanner, there are times that I may be upstairs and I come across some things that I’d rather scan right there, […]

Microsoft Touch Mouse

I have a laptop and while it has a touch pad for the mouse, I don’t like to use it. In a simple term, it just annoys me. I have to have an actual mouse. I tend to work faster with using a mouse. I had the chance to replace my current mouse with a […]

3M Privacy iPad screen

I travel quite a bit. This ranges from holiday family travel, personal out of state travel and quite a bit of media travels. I always take my iPad with me and when I am on an airplane, it’s kind of hard to get work done and type without the person directly next to me gazing […]

Get comfy with Flat Out Heels

When it comes to traveling for media events, there are times where we have done more walking than I had anticipated and where my shoes have left me so uncomfortable, achy and blisters on my heels. There is a solution for just that! Flat Out of Heels Flat Out Heels are a revolutionary rollable ballet […]

Master Lock Portable Key Safe

When I was growing up, I remember having some friends that were ‘latch key kids’ (kids that carried a house key with them to school because their parents worked outside the home). These days, there are better things where the key doesn’t have to be carried around and may be lost. Master Lock is here […]

ISOTONER smarTouch gloves

I live in the Midwest, so at least half of our year includes painful cold and snow. While I travel a lot for media events, as well as for family travels, I have my phone in hand pretty much all the time. I don’t have time to take my gloves off and reply to a […]

I love traveling thanks to Brookstone Compact Rolling Traveler!

I travel…. A….. lot! There are times that I will fly for an overnight media event, or it may be a 2 day media event, or even a week away road trip. With many trips, I need that perfect suitcase for the event. While I have a carry on suitcase, there are times that I […]

Johnsonville Kitchens – Blog for a Cause!

In March, I had the opportunity to visit the Johnsonville company and kitchens in Milwaukee, WI. Well, today, I am back in route to Milwaukee, but this time not only to cook in their kitchens again, but to Blog for a Cause. I am excited to see everyone again, but even more so, to give […]

Rayovac Rechargeable Powerpack: Lithium-ion Charger

I travel a lot and one thing that I am always in the need for while on the go is power. With the constant use of Twitter, Facebook, email, texting, phone calls and picture taking, I have a constant need for power. I need power for my Windows Phone, as well as my iPod nano. […]

Master Lock 5900D Portable Safe

I travel a lot. With those travels, come toting along small electronics, cash, credit cards and valuables such as jewelry. Most hotels will have a safe for you to use while you are staying, but what I have been looking for is something that I can take with me, that has my own combination and […]

Traveling with our Bounce House – Portable fun!

Just last month, I posted about our new bounce house. I cannot begin to tell you how much we love and have been using it. Seriously one of the best inventions ever! This month, I wanted to share with you how easy it is to travel with Inflatable Bouncers. While it is a nice size […]

Brookstone 4-in-1 Power Charger

I travel quite a bit. With the constant packing, unpacking and repacking, there’s one thing that I have found that I always take more than I need… chargers. I have to have one for my Windows Phone that plugs in the wall, but I also have been traveling with a car charger for it. Too […]

Windows Live Photo Gallery

I love to take pictures, but most of all – I love to share those pictures! What would you do if you were able to create your own panoramic view using the images that you take, but don’t want to spend the money on a lens or equipment to take those pictures? What if you […]

AViiQ Smart Case for iPad 2

I travel everywhere with my iPad 2. When I first bought my Smart Cover for it, I wasn’t sure what to think about it since it only protected the front of the iPad. AViiQ makes a Smart Case for the iPad 2 that lets you use your Smart Cover to keep the front protected but […]

Windows HTC 7 Pro

With as much as I travel with my blog, as well as for personal pleasure, there’s no doubt that I need to have access to my email as much as possible – without being glued to a computer 24/7. I need to have access to emails, my blog, the internet, social networking, as well as […]

Step IN the picture! Casio TRYX

I have been without my main camera for a couple of weeks now. While I usually take my Nikon with me everywhere that I go, I have been thinking about looking for something smaller to tote around to prevent that little mishap from happening again, but there just hasn’t been anything that sparked my interest […]

iPod touch + Woogie = Cute & cuddly fun for the iPod touch or iPhone

My kids are just like their mama … they love technology! They love their iPod touches and anytime we travel, whether it’s locally or on a long road trip, they always make sure it’s charged and in their backpack ready to go. What do you do to help protect an investment, such as an iPod […]

Visit Omaha! {Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo}

Last week, my family and I had the pleasure to Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo. We have lived in the southwest for 3 years now and we have been to the zoo just once – right when we moved here. The kids were pretty young (3 and almost 1), so they weren’t really too sure about […]

Urbanears Bagis Earphone & Plattan Plus Headphone

With my workout and fitness routine, one thing that keeps me moving is my music on the go. Whether I am out for a run, going for a walk or on an elliptical work out, I like to have headphones that can keep up with me. I had the change to try out a couple […]

On the go with Jif To Go – Garmin GPS, Jif Gift Pack + $50 #Giveaway! {Closed}

This may be summer time, but it is far from a summer vacation with baseball games, practices, sibling fights, and summer traveling. With as much as we travel, I am always looking for easy snacks to take on the go, but I want them to be unlike the traditional snack bags that you see a […]

Where are you? Check in with Moby

Anytime I travel, I like to check in to locations and share it with my main Facebook. At first, I can say that I thought check-in’s were a scream for ‘come stalk me please’, but with as much as I travel, these check-in’s let my family know where I am at and that I made […]

Safe Skies TSA Accepted Luggage Locks #Giveaway {Closed}

I travel a lot. There’s no doubt about that. One thing that I have considered to keep my luggage belongings safe is to get a lock for my suitcase, but we all know how strict the TSA has gotten. Why lock something when the airline security will just snap it off? Well, there is a […]

Toddy Gear: Toddy Smart Cloth

One of my most important investments that I have purchased for my blog and media travels are my iPad’s. The screen gets dirty and smudges on it, and I’ve been careful at what I use to keep the screen clean and safe. I was asked to try out a product that promised to get the […]

Scosche freeKEY – flexible wireless keyboard

Anytime I travel, my iPad goes with me. There are times where I need a keyboard, but there are also times where I don’t. While I do not carry a briefcase or similar laptop case to carry my iPad, I do carry a purse for it, but I don’t care to have it weighed down […]

PowerSkin: Shock-Absorbing, Battery-Boosting Smartphone Cases *Review* Love it!

I use my iPhone so much that find myself recharging it several times during the day. When I am on a media event, I am doing that even more than I do when I am home or running local errands. I had the chance to check out a product that has not only helped keep […]

Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG for iPad 2 & ZAGG Custom iPad 2 Skin

When it comes to media travels, I tote along my iPad everywhere that I go. For me, it’s easier than taking my bulky laptop. With my iPad, I have been pretty much just using my knee to prop it up so that I can type notes from conferences, but that was such a pain. I […]

POP Phone *Review*

When it comes to technology, I love everything in that field. I will admit when I saw one product, I had doubts about it. I know… I know… Never judge a book by the cover, right? If you have an iPhone, why would you need a telephone handset? I giggled at this, but when I […]

Mophie: juice pack plus for iPhone 4

I travel a lot. I keep up with social media while I am at media events and with that said, I go through a lot of battery power on my iPhone. Usually, I will travel with cords and extra power supplies, but when I saw the Mophie, I was eager to check it out and […]

Kelly Moore Posey Photography Camera Bag {CLOSED}

I travel quite a bit for my blog, media events and for family events. I used to carry around a camera bag, diaper bag, a purse and another bag that had some things in it for the kids. Really, 4 bags just for going to run errands? Sounds crazy, but yes. When I travel for […]