Budget Friendly #BabyShower Gift Basket Idea

We have a few friends and family members that are expecting. Giving baby gifts can get expensive and you may end up getting something(s) that mom really won’t use or doesn’t need. I am a huge fan of gift baskets with newborn needs because face it, any new mom would love to get things that […]

Child Safety & Reassurance with the JMPA Logo #BSZParent #AD #IC

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Influence Central for JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association). I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. When I was pregnant with my kids, I was scared. Who would I go to for advice? Could I do it? Was there a website that I could […]

I loved cloth diapering! About to say goodbye to our stash.

I am going through yard sale stuff and I came across bags of Kambry’s cloth diapering stash. I am airing them out after cleaning them to list online or add to our yard sale. I loved cloth diapering! It was the best 2 years ever! In Kambry’s collection, I have: 23 all in one’s – […]

Today was ‘Diaper Duty’

Kambry is two years old. I have been cloth diapering since she was right around 6 months old. I LOVE IT! Kambry loves to help fold too. So sweet! Check out our stash. 🙂 (Yes, she is wearing a tool belt) All the ones on the left (with the exception of the top three covers) […]

Happy Days & Nights diapers from Fisher-Price *Review & Giveaway* Love them! (Closed)

If Fisher-Price wasn’t just the best with their fabulous toy and clothing line, things just got even better with diapers. Diapers? Yes, diapers! Kambry is mostly in cloth diapering, but we have to take a ‘breather’ from time to time to disposable diapers to ‘let her breathe’, so when we were asked to try out […]

Bumkins Flushable Diaper Liners *Review & Giveaway*

Kambry has been in cloth diapers pretty much since we moved last July. I am now a SAHM and thought “Hey, why not?” Once I jumped on the cloth bandwagon, I have never been happier! Disposable diapers get pretty expensive, so I was very thrilled to have made the switch. I have worked with Bumkins […]

Happy Heinys Cloth Diapers *LOVE THEM!* Review & Giveway!

I have heard of so many mom’s out there that are cloth diapering. Why? Is it because of the economy? Maybe. Do they want to save money? Of course! Who doesn’t want to save money in the long run? I became addicted to cloth diapering several months, meanwhile on the search for ‘the perfect cloth […]

Blueberry Cloth Diapers (Love them!)

I am so glad that I got on the Cloth Diapering band wagon. I never thought I would be excited to wash diapers. Seriously. Not only does Kambry look simply precious in her cloth, but the selections that are out there are mind boggling. We had a fun opportunity to check out a company called […]

Easy Cloth Diapering with Bummis! *Review & Giveaway*

  I have to say that I am PROUD to be a cloth diapering mama. When I first read about the whole ‘craze’, I thought to myself ‘Uh.. What? Why would anyone want to cloth diaper?’ Well, guess what? I have been cloth diapering for not quite a year, but I adore Kambry’s cloth diapers. […]

My baby (& Mommy) loves Cloth Couture Cloth Diapers!

I am all about supporting the WAHM (work at home mother). I have a really dear friend that had a baby, Carli, 10 months ago, and ever since Carli has been in this world, Allison has become a cloth diapering mama. Not only does she LOVE cloth diapering, she loved it so much that she […]

YuckyDuck Cloth Diapers

When I first ‘heard’ about the whole Cloth Diapering craze, I thought to myself that I would never be able to do this. Disposable diapers are just too easy for me and I like easy. Well, I have since changed. I LOVE and ADORE cloth diapering. I think know I am addicted. I had a […]

FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers

I never ever thought I would be known as a mommy that uses cloth diapers. I told some of my family that I was using cloth and they immediately said “What? Are you insane?” They immediately thought about the long, bulky cloth diapers and pins. Nah, I don’t have patience for pins. I found some […]

Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diapering Section Coming Soon Tweet

Bumkins Launches Breast Cancer Awareness Promotion

I have a strong emotional attachment to this post. I have a close friend that her sister lost her fight with breast cancer and I have another close friend that overcame her fight with breast cancer. I am very proud to announce that Bumkins Launches Breast Cancer Awareness Promotion with a gorgeous Grande Diaper Bag! […]

Cotton Babies: bumGenius Organic Cloth Diapers

Oh, how do we love our bumGenius Organic One-Size Cloth Diapers? How can I count the ways? Not only is it pretty on Miss Kambry, but it doesn’t look like your typical diaper cover. She totes around the house in her Blossom cloth diaper in pride. Can you tell? We have looked around for a […]