Keeping your dog safe during the holidays

Now that we have a puppy and the holidays are approaching, I have been thinking about how to keep her safe during these times. To keep your dog safe and out of trouble over the holidays, the pet experts behind DOGTV, the first and only channel created just for dogs, have compiled a list of […]

What a difference 3 months make! #Pug #Pugs #ChloeBelle

Who in the world would have thought that this tiny little thing, that fit in a Barbie car, was just three months ago? Here we are today. I tried to fit her in the same car, but she wasn’t having it. I almost lost a finger. I’m partially kidding. She really loves gnawing on external […]

Recycling food containers for pet food containers

I’m all about saving money and reusing things that are around the house or the containers from products that we buy. A couple of weeks ago, we brought home a baby puppy, Chloe. She’s just barely two pounds, so she doesn’t eat much… Just yet anyway. I have a nice stock pile of containers that […]

So much progress in just one week

Last week, we brought home a new member to our family, Chloe Belle. She’s a baby Pug that has since stolen our hearts. It’s been a rough week trying to get her to eat, so I took her to the vet on Monday. They said she was a little dehydrated because she hasn’t been able […]

Introducing Chloe Belle! #Pug #Pugs

I cannot believe I did this, but we are officially a dog family. We still have Milano, but she is not happy about the new addition; Chloe Belle. Chloe is an 8 week old pure bred Pug and adorable as can be! We drove 3 1/2 hours to pick her up last week and she’s […]