All @Rayovac powered up for the New Year!

Here we are; the last day of 2014. Do you have any New years resolutions for 2015? I think a lot of us have health and fitness for our New Years resolution, but for me, one of my main ones is to pick up my Nikon more. I think I picked it up maybe a […]

$25 code for Kelly Moore #Photography Bags! {Valid 2/7 – 2/11}

If I didn’t just buy a Kelly Moore 2Sues Camera Bag, I’d totally take advantage of this awesome offer! Kelly Moore is offering a sweet deal of $25.00 off ANY bag purchase. All you have to do is visit and enter BEMINE at checkout. Enjoy!! Tweet

#DIY Camera Purse Bag

Last Fall, I was in the market for a new camera bag, but after looking around and even buying a couple of bags that were made specifically for camera purses, they just weren’t all that I wanted. I wanted a purse, that looked like a purse, but something that would be able to hold my […]

Kelly Moore Posey Photography Camera Bag {CLOSED}

I travel quite a bit for my blog, media events and for family events. I used to carry around a camera bag, diaper bag, a purse and another bag that had some things in it for the kids. Really, 4 bags just for going to run errands? Sounds crazy, but yes. When I travel for […]

Winklet Web Design {Flash & HTML Website Templates}

All those that know me, know that I have been in to photography for several years. I started getting in to it when my son was just 6 months old; 5 years ago. I took him to get his 6 month pictures taken at a well known studio. Once I got them back, 6 weeks […]

Epiphanie Clover: Stylish Camera Bag

My camera is attached me at all times. It’s like it’s an extra limb on my body. I have traveled with my bulky camera backpack, but have always had back pains the next day because everything is jumbled all in the bottom of it and nothing is very organized in it. To be honest… it’s […]

Custom Camera Strap from Capturing Couture

Confession: I have a fifth limb: My Nikon. Everywhere that I go, I have my camera with me. I like to have my camera with me so that I wont miss out on any opportunity that is out there ready for us. While I love my camera, the camera strap isn’t the cutest in the […]

$40 Savings Photoshop Elements 7!

I am a HUGE fan of Adobe and their products. After looking around for software that was compatible with my video cameras, Adobe was there and their software has been the KEY use of Mommy Goggles. Adobe’s Photoshop Elements is truly a miracle for any photographs as well. I take a lot of pictures and […]