Mixin’ it up with Black and Decker Performance Fusion Blade Blender

When you think about one appliance that you don’t currently have, that you’d love to own, what comes to mind? I am sad to say that I have never, in my life, owned a blender, however I am happy to say that I do now! I have been making creations for the past couple of […]

Millstone Coffee Breakfast Blend Chocolate Brownies

A few weeks ago, I wrote how we tried Millstone Coffees, so this time, I thought I’d try baking with it. Baking? Yup! We were sent two more flavors of Millstone Coffees to try: Caramel Truffle THE SMOOTH, CREAMY CARAMEL FLAVOR AND WARM, BUTTERY FINISH MAKE THIS LIGHT ROAST A TANTALIZING TREAT ON ITS OWN […]

#MealPlanning for #Bento #SchoolLunches & snacks : Chicken Sliders

My youngest is a picky VERY picky eater, so not to waste money or food, I make her lunches for school. I’ve been making her lunches a bit fun with Bento style, and she seems to love it and she’s even been experimenting with new foods. While she loves Peanut Butter sandwiches and the traditional […]

Valentine’s #Recipe {Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Mint Profiteroles}

Valentine’s Day is here, already! Are you planning on making any sweet treats for your family? I wanted to share this recipe that was created by Top Chef judge, Gail Simmons that is made using Pepperidge Farm’s Puff Pastry and is sure to leave an impression in your Valentine’s heart. Chocolate Mint Profiteroles Prep: 15 minutes […]

Walmart Introduces Top Quality USDA Choice Steaks Just in Time for Summer Grilling Season!

What did you do this extended Memorial Holiday weekend? While we are enjoying time with our loved ones, we are also giving thanks to our soldiers for fighting for our freedom. Today, I grilled some steaks. Did you know that Walmart now has Top Quality USDA Choice Steaks? I knew that our local (well, 35 […]

Crock-pot chicken noodle soup

Crock-pot chicken noodle soup I make it simple for the kids. They love it! 1 lb Chopped baby carrots 3 large chicken breasts 5 cups of water with chicken base (I use Tone’s chicken base) garlic salt onion powder minced garlic 2 bay leaves ground pepper I added egg noodles in the last hour of […]

Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin Crock-Pot Recipe

I have been playing around with ingredients lately and I bought a pork tenderloin to try out. I love teriyaki sauce so I thought I’d give it a whirl with a pork tenderloin. Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin Crock-Pot Recipe 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 pounds pork tenderloin 1/4 cup teriyaki sauce 1 cup chicken broth, or […]

Homemade Pumpkin Pie with Eagle Brand & Crisco

I was at an event with Smucker’s this past week where we had a lot of hands on experience from learning about the differences in Coffee, food photography (info to come!), as well as learning how to make our own homemade pie crusts using Crisco. I did have a lot of fun and I learned […]

Homemade Hot Cocoa

It’s just about that time of year where we are pulling out the fall clothes and where hot cocoa sounds oh so yummy! I looked in my cabinets only to find that hubby had drank all of our instant hot cocoa mix, so I decided to try something new. Homemade Hot Cocoa 1/2 cup sugar […]

Bread Machine Monkey Bread

I use a Wolfgang Puck Bread Machine and love to make different things in it, other than just homemade bread. I have made pizza dough, as well as Monkey Bread. If you haven’t tried Monkey Bread – you are missing out! Bread Machine Monkey Bread Dough Ingredients (Put in machine in order as below) 1 […]

Recipe & How To make Grilled Mini-Pizzas

While I was at Midwest Moms Summit last weekend, I received a sample of 5 grain flax Foldit Flatbread. Today, I decided to try these bad boys out by making grilled min pizzas. Super easy, super fast and super yummy! Since our stove is out of commission for another week I used my countertop grill […]

Pa-Pa-Pa- Poker Cake!

Today is hubby’s birthday, so I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and look on the Wilton website at cake ideas. I came across a Poker Cake and thought ‘Hey, I can do that’… so I did. Well, not exactly how the cake in their picture was, but I decided to take the […]

My experience at the #Johnsonville Kitchen-to-Kitchen Blogger Event @JvilleSausage

Last week, I attended an event for Johnsonville Sausage in Milwaukee, WI: Johnsonville Sausage “Kitchen-to-Kitchen” Bloggers Event where I was able to meet the company, learn more about their products and even cook with Johnsonville. At the Johnsonville Sausage “Kitchen-to-Kitchen” Bloggers Event, I was in attendance along with the following fabulous people: Melissa, StockPiling Moms […]

Johnsonville Sausage Recipes

While I was in Milwaukee, WI in March 2011 for a Kitchen-to-Kitchen blogger event for Johnsonville Sausage, we were taught, hands on, how to make a few dishes so I wanted to share those recipes with you! Spicy Sausage Queso Johnsonville Three Cheese Italian Style Chicken Sausage Oven-Roasted Pasta Primavera Johnsonville Italian Meatballs Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms […]

Wilton St Patrick’s Day School Treats

My son came to me yesterday saying he needed something green to take to school for a snack…. today. Well, not realizing that today was St. Patrick’s Day, hubby already had some green grapes but I had to make some other treats for him to take to school, so I went to my Wilton Pantry […]

Soup ‘Diet’ Body Detox Recipe

Just after Kambry was born, I had a friend that told me about this soup diet where she had lost quite a bit of weight, so I had to try it. I am very picky when it comes to fruits & vegetables, so I decided to try this, but give it my own twist. To […]

Crock-Pot Designer Series

You know you are a wife or mother when you get giddy over a new kitchen appliance or gadget. When I received the new Crock-Pot® Designer Series, my husband had a laugh at me that I was so excited for it. Why would I have so much excitement over a Crock-Pot? If you work full […]

Crock-Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

We woke up to it snowing this morning, so I thought it was the best day to make homemade chicken noodle soup in the crock-pot. 3 to 4 lbs. chicken 5 cups water or chicken broth (I used water & added chicken cubes) Diced baby carrots minced garlic cloves 3 celery stalks, finely sliced 2 […]

Meals prepared ahead for #Brandcation!

On Thursday, I am leaving for Florida for Brandcation. I am so excited, but I also didn’t want hubby to have to come home from a full day’s work only to have to stress over what was going to be for dinner, so I decided to make some meals ahead and they are in the […]

Stuffed Bell Peppers

I decided to make something different for the family tonight; Stuffed Bell Peppers with Asiago Fresco Cheese, in the CrockPot. I threw some things in a crockpot to test my own recipe. 1 lb of Cooked ground hamburger meat I like to cook anywhere from 5-10 pounds of ground hamburger meat and freeze them in […]

Money Saving & Tasty Dishes from Ragu!

Confession: I grew up with my mother making any pasta dish from Ragu. I cannot tolerate any imposters when it comes to my pasta. I am just that picky. Ask my family, friends, husband – they will tell you it’s true.) While I was at BlogHer ’10 last week in NYC, I was invited to […]

Lawry’s Get Grilling Kit Giveaway (Closed)

We love to grill out any chance that we get, rain or shine. I was always told that if you have a truly good steak, you don’t need a dipping sauce for it – it just needs to be marinated and cooked properly. We had the chance to try out some things from Lawry’s for […]

Spring Recipes & Snack Ideas from Sam’s Club

This Memorial Holiday Weekend, we spent the weekend at our family’s house, and had a family friends’ high school graduation which was a blast! 200 people were there, at their house :shock:, but had a seriously amazing and fun time with everyone! With the holiday weekend, not only am I thinking and praying for our […]

Cinco de Mayo Grilling with Kikkoman Lime Ponz *Review – Love it!*

I love Japanese food! If I cannot go out to eat it, then I love to come up with food ideas for my family, here at home. Kikkoman has so many great ideas with such a wide variety of things you can make with just about any flavor you are looking for, meanwhile keeping that […]

Meatball Sandwiches using leftovers

What’s for lunch? I am tired of asking. I pulled some leftovers from the fridge and freezer and made hubby a meatball sandwich, well two. For New Years’, I didn’t have all the ingredients to make the traditional Meatballs (Grape Jelly or some recipes call for Cranberry sauce), so I made up my own concoction. […]

Homemade Quesadillas

Tonight I made Homemade Quesadillas for the kids. SO easy. So fast and SO cheap to make. I used mostly leftovers from the night before. How about a step by step with pictures? I used corn tortillas that I had in the freezer, Crisco Canola Oil and Taco Seasoning. I didn’t use much since these […]

We made a Turkey today with Kikkoman Soy Sauce!

This weekend, I posted about how I was going to make a turkey with Kikkoman Soy Sauce. Well, I did it. Today. You tell me  how it turned out. Can you smell it? Oh. My. Gosh. This turkey turned out so yummy!  The kids loved it, in fact Kambry is still in the kitchen eating her […]

We are making a Turkey tomorrow with Kikkoman Soy Sauce!

Guess what we are making tomorrow? I am so excited to make a turkey for my family! I know, it isn’t Thanksgiving just yet, but I was offered a yummy opportunity from Kikkoman to try some of their recipes to make my family a meal. It was about 14 years ago that I made my […]

Easy & fun cookie snack for the kids!

With my trip last week to Smucker’s, I brought back a tasty and fun addition to our pantry. Strawberry Plate Scapers. If you haven’t seen these, this is a must for any pantry! We just made a fast & easy after dinner snack. We used a plain shortbread cookie, drizzled the plate with Strawberry Plate Scapers […]

Homemade Potatoes Au Gratin

I have been experimenting with new recipes lately. I love Potatoes Au Gratin, so I thought I would mess around with some ingredients. Here is what I came up with. What I used: 5 russet potatoes, washed & sliced in half salt and pepper to taste 3 tablespoons butter 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour 1 12 […]