My mom & daughter are huge parts of my @Dove #BeautyStory

When you say that someone is beautiful, how do you define that? Is it based off looks? Hair? How their makeup is? How someone treats others? Beauty is defined in so many ways. I am so proud to have the women in my life that I look up to, that I honor and that I […]

I love my @iRobot from @BestBuy; let me count the ways! #iRobotatBestBuy

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been bossing around Rosie. Before you judge me, Rosie is my iRobot Roomba. LOL I have been thinking about getting a Roomba, but I didn’t know anything about them, if they really work like they say, are they worth the money, will I have to vacuum after it […]

Wear it. Mount it. Love it. Have fun with #GoProAtBestBuy with @BestBuy 

Do you like to take action shots, or even selfie action shots? I do, but it’s hard to capture those awesome and active moments because your arm can just go so far out. I’ve been looking in to getting a GoPro for when we travel, to help capture just those moments. Do you have a […]

@Rayovac backs up their products with an amazing guarantee!

When you go to buy a product, does the item’s warranty play a factor in your buying decisions? It does me! I don’t like to buy a product that can’t back it up. I thought I would give a brand a try with a laptop. It seemed like it would do all that I wanted […]

Pick Up The Values with valuable printable coupons! {@pickupthevalues #Savings}

Do you like savings? I think it’s safe to say that we all love to save money anywhere that we can. I am proud to share that I am a “Pick Up the Values” blog ambassador with Kimberly-Clark and have been learning more about savings on products that we already use in our home like […]

#Popsicle fun with mystery flavors #Giveaway {Ends 11/17}

Now that Summer is behind us, that doesn’t mean that we have to leave the frozen treats behind with the hot season. While we live in the Midwest and it can get to subzero temperatures, we still love our Popsicle’s year round. I swear, the kids can be just coming in from the snow and […]

Cool off this summer with #Popsicle (#Ambassador)

There’s no doubt that this summer is leading to be a hot one. How are you staying cool? We have been playing outside in the sprinkler, splashing in the pool and cooling off with some cold Popsicle ice cream treats. We went to the store to see what they had. My son was giddy with […]

I’m Having Their Baby – Back for a 2nd Season! #ImHavingTheirBaby

I started watching a show called ‘I’m Having Their Baby’ and found myself becoming addicted to it. When I heard that they were coming back for a second season, I was beyond excited! I have several friends that have or are battling infertility and I have actually offered to be a surrogate for them in […]

Rayovac gave us Instant Power during a tornado & power outage! {New Power Packs!}

Last week, the kids and I were stranded right smack dab in the middle of the El Reno, Oklahoma tornadoes. Scared doesn’t even begin to describe the thoughts and feelings that were flowing through my body and through my kids’ minds. When we were alerted to evacuate our hotel rooms and head immediately to the […]

Wendy’s New Salads – Which salad are you? #WendysTasteKitchen

When I was at the Wendy’s Headquarters in April, I was able to visit and experience their test kitchen. This was so much fun and such a neat experience to go through. For those that know me, know that I cannot eat most greens, but it’s something that I am working on. I was able […]

Huggies Triple Clean Layers Wipes

When I had my babies, we always had wipes everywhere; for diaper changes, in the car, on the go, in the bathroom, kitchen for messes…. you name it, we used wipes. My little ones are 5 & 7 and we still buy wipes. Some people stop buying wipes when their kids are out of diapers, […]

Clothes Shopping without Breaking the Bank

With Spring weather just around the corner, many of us will be shopping for new apparel. As a Mom and the primary shopper, I always find myself looking for the best deals, no matter what I’m shopping for. Making plans for the year, I know that as a family, we’ll be going swimming some point […]

Keeping Kids Happy and Healthy with Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer

This time of year, it seems that we are constantly swapping germs in our home. Between my traveling through airports and the kids sharing cooties at school, it’s a never ending battle for germs. How do you prevent germs and all the constant sickness around you? Personally, I’ve found that keeping hand sanitizer with me […]

My Makeup Mission with elf cosmetics – Check out my finds! #eyeslipsface

I travel a lot for my blog, as well as for personal adventures. With those travels, come parties, events and mingling with companies that I work with. Growing up, I wasn’t really the type that carried makeup around with me everywhere that I went. Now that I’m older, I’ve grown to have a love for […]

International Delight Iced Coffee Summer Sweepstakes!

When it comes to coffee, I have never really been a fan of it… that is until I tried International Delight Iced Coffee. When I think of coffee, I think about a hot beverage. Well, with summer time in full force, trying an iced coffee sounded good and refreshing. I received a coupon to try […]

Made in the USA – Independence Day with Rayovac

Do you have any family traditions for the Fourth of July? Do you travel during the July 4th holiday? We don’t really have any new family traditions, but we do love travel to the family’s house and go to the river walk, find a cool spot and watch the town’s fireworks along with the air […]

How did you decide on your baby’s name?

When we found out that we were having a boy with my son almost 7 years ago, the names started flowing through our heads. I had thought to name him after an older cousin and because I liked his name, but then it was decided that hubby really liked the name Tucker. Come to find […]

UPrinting Business Cards {Closed}

When it comes to branding, business cards are very important in helping get your name out there, but also to imprint your information with a company. UPrinting offers a lot of different styles of business cards. UPrinting offers a wide selection of business card printing as well as many more products like brochures, calendars, canvas […]

Father’s Day gift ideas from Rayovac!

Father’s Day is right around the corner. What are you going to get the father figure in your life? I am so excited to be able to visit with my dad later this month and have a post-Father’s Day celebration with him. I’m so excited to see him! I’m a daddy’s girl, can you tell? […]

Happy 106th Birthday Rayovac!

Today is Rayovac’s 106th birthday and in celebration to their birthday, I wanted to share with you how Rayovac has powered our lives. For us, every day is pretty much a celebration when we count how many things that Rayovac does power in our home. Toys Remotes Gaming Cameras Flash Electronic learning books Flameless candles […]

Family Fun & Bonding with LEGO Board Games

Our family plays a lot of board games. The kids are at the ages (4 and 6) where they are competing against each other with games, as well as playing solo. While my 4 year old and I are at home during the day, she will bring out all sorts of games and we will […]

Power your holiday with Rayovac Batteries – Great holiday gift!

Can you believe that Christmas is just next week? While we love to see the little ones open their toys, how often do you think about putting batteries in them before they are wrapped? A couple of years ago, I remember wrapping a toy for my son, and when he opened it, he was sooo […]

Earn $20 for shopping from MasterCard

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you a great program where you can earn cash back just for using your MasterCard while you do your holiday shopping. If we are going to be spending money for those holiday gifts, why not get rewarded for it? All you have to do is register your […]

Simplifying the Season with New Sam’s Club iPad App

Did you go out for the shopping rush of Black Friday? I had said that I wasn’t planning on going, but I decided to make it kind of like a ‘girls night out’, so to speak. I didn’t have a list or anything that we needed or really even wanted. To me, that is the […]

Filtered water with the BIBO water dispenser

Most people reply on bottled water or boiling kettles for their hot and cold water needs. There’s a new gadget in town that easily replaces these two options: The BIBO water dispenser. These water dispensers filter, chill, and boil tap water instantly. The BIBO water dispenser is like a water cooler that never has to […]

Loose certified diamonds from

There are so many different styles of diamonds out there. When hubby and I were dating, we never talked about what kind of ring I would have, should the day come that we get engaged. 13 months after dating, he got on one knee and asked me to be his wife. It was then that […]

Sony Deals at Walmart & X Factor Sweepstakes!

I am a mega technical geek. When it comes to the newest technology like laptops, tablets, phones or even home electronics, I will admit that I love to have the newest things out there. Where do you shop for your Sony electronics? While everyone is out there running around on Black Friday, keep Walmart in […]

Wikets iPhone & iPad App

When it comes to shopping for gifts for the family or looking for a new place to dine at, I will admit that I like to do research to see reviews on that product or restaurant to see what people are saying, or where they bought that toy that my kids are in awe at. […]

Here’s to Mom – $20 MasterCard Holiday Gift!

Before we know it, Christmas will be here. Who does the majority of the shopping in your house? For us, I would have to say that it’s me and when I was growing up, it was my mother. Face it; mom’s do most of the shopping for the holidays. The holiday season is almost upon […]

Perfect Grocery Companion – Grocery Guru

When you are getting ready to head out to do some grocery shopping, how do you prepare yourself? I have tried several things ranging from setting reminders on my phone to post it notes to remind me of all the things I need to get, components for recipes that I want to try and even […]

Power your Halloween with Rayovac

Halloween is just 25 days away. 25 DAYS! This year, the kids will be dressed up as Strawberry Shortcake and Darth Vador. We are pretty well known around our town for cute costumes. 2008 2009 2010 How are you planning to stay safe this Halloween? We go trick or treating as a family and we […]

Rayovac Rechargeable Powerpack: Lithium-ion Charger

I travel a lot and one thing that I am always in the need for while on the go is power. With the constant use of Twitter, Facebook, email, texting, phone calls and picture taking, I have a constant need for power. I need power for my Windows Phone, as well as my iPod nano. […]

Rayovac Battery Education & Battery Boot Camp

I cannot begin to express how many things in our home are battery powered. Did you know that different items need different kinds of batteries? If you are like me and love to do housework with that radio going full blast, Rayovac powers that with Rayovac Heavy Duty batteries. I don’t like to be tied […]

Creative Energy – Pass it on!

What is your definition of Creative Energy? Humans are very creative beings. I consider myself a very creative person with a lot of positive energy that I like to pass on to those that need it. When I see a friend that is down and in need of some cheering up, I like to pass […]

Which battery works best for you?

With all of our home renovations and all the battery powered electronics in our home, I constantly wonder what battery is best for all the needs that we have. We have so many battery powered things in our home like remotes, clocks, kids’ electronic toys, Wi-Fi radios, flashlights and oh so much more! Have you […]

Fringe: The Complete Third Season on DVD

If there was one type of TV shows and movies that I like, it would have to be those investigative type shows that keep me on my toes. In Season 3 of Fringe, Olivia (Anna Torv) and her alternate version switch places – wherein each Olivia becomes trapped in her respective alternate universe. If a […]

This mama’s flash is powered by Rayovac!

I have a love-love relationship with my Nikon. It is with me everywhere that I go. With my camera, I also tote along my flash. I had tried using the store brand batteries, but with as much as I use my flash, the power wasn’t able to keep up with me. (You know you’re a […]

Back to School with Walmart and Nickelodeon’s Victorious Products

My son starts back to school in just a few days. With so many kids getting ready for back to school, pretty much everyone is making sure they find the right deal. I know that we are! We love to shop at Walmart, and if you have a Tween that is going back to school, […]

Power back to school savings with Rayovac

Hard to believe that school is about to start… In 17 days to be exact. Not like I’m counting down or anything. 😉 We have been in school mode for a few weeks and with back to school in the mind, so is the thought on what school supplies to get. With the rise of […]

Indulge in Skinny Cow Candy #Giveaway {Closed}

I have worked pretty darn hard over the last few months to lose 50 pounds and to maintain that weightloss. One thing that I firmly believe in is that you can lose weight while enjoying sweets. You don’t have to give everything up! The Skinny Cow you know and love now has NEW Candy that […]

What are your kids reading this summer?

While school may be out on Summer break, we are still reading books and keeping Tucker’s memory fresh from what he learned in Junior Kindergarten. Some of his favorite books that we have here at home are: Scooby-Doo ‘The Big Bad Blizzard (Level 2 Readers) Tonka Truck & Friends ‘Good as New’ Tonka Truck & […]

Rayovac Six Flags Promotion {Win a Family Fun Pack to Six Flags!}

When I lived in Texas, we made so many trips to Six Flags. Hubby and I went there the last time in 2004 just before we moved from Texas to Iowa. If you are going to go – the speed pass is the way to go! With our love for Six Flags, I am excited […]

TEXAS ON TOUR Mobile Marketing Exhibit

The kids and I just got back from Texas for a week visiting and traveling all over Texas. I am from Texas and have always loved the state. I am a proud Texan, always will be, even if I do currently live in the Midwest. I wanted to share with you a neat ‘road trip’ […]

Rayovac Flashlights and Fireworks

How was your July 4th holiday? We traveled to Texas to visit family & friends and we had a great time! With the Texas droughts, we weren’t able to set off any fireworks ourselves, but we did watch some from our backyard to the stadium. Our priority was more than fireworks, but was for family […]

Rayovac Powers our Vacation

We are getting ready to head to Texas for a week. It’s funny to me to see how many things that we use on a daily basis that takes batteries. While I am packing our clothes and things that we need for the week and holiday weekend, there are two things that are a must […]

Great Rayovac Gifts for Dad

What did you get dad for Father’s Day? I will say that I didn’t physically mail my dad a gift ON Father’s Day, I will be bringing gifts to my dad and my step-dad when we are in Texas (I live in Iowa) next week to be with them and my family in July. My […]