Dairy Free Goodness from Blue Bunny! #Giveaway {CLOSED}

It’s not officially summer season, but school is out so it’s summer time for our family. With summer, comes bike rides, playing outside, visits to the pool and of course … ice cream! We had the chance to try out Blue Bunny’s Dairy-Free ice cream. I’ll be honest and say that when I used to hear […]

Our local Post Alpha-Bits Little Free Library {@LtlFreeLibrary #LittleFreeLibrary}

With it being summertime, are your kids still reading? My little ones love to read, even in the summertime. We were asked by Post Alpha-Bits if we would like to help promote literacy locally, and worldwide, so of course, I jumped at the opportunity! Little Free Library Little Free Library began in 2009 and has […]

Crocs Chameleons

On May 13th, Crocs released a fun new style of kids shoes that have my kids so excited! Crocs Chameleons are the first in the Crocs™ Chameleons line and change color in sunlight and they come in two styles – the Crocs Chameleons Translucent Clog and the Shirley Girls. Oyster/Pink Lemonade Lime/Yellow Celery/Sea Blue When […]

Adorable Kids Clothes from Bit’z Kids NYC!

When it comes to kids clothing, I like to buy things that not everyone out there has. I don’t want to send my child to school in the same outfit that every other child has. Recently, I saw a company online that their clothing and their entire style really sparked my interest: Bit’z Kids NYC. […]

Lawry’s Get Grilling Kit Giveaway (Closed)

We love to grill out any chance that we get, rain or shine. I was always told that if you have a truly good steak, you don’t need a dipping sauce for it – it just needs to be marinated and cooked properly. We had the chance to try out some things from Lawry’s for […]

Flickin’ Chicken – Can you hit the target?

It doesn’t matter what your age is, there are games that are made for any age, literally. The kids have some fun games that (I am admitting this, so shush) I like to play, or hubby and I will play, when they aren’t around. Don’t tell anyone. We received a game that has truly become […]

Step2 Play Up Fun-Fold Jr. Picnic Table #Giveaway! (Closed)

With summer just around the corner, we are doing more things outside and we are in the process of making a play area for the kids so that we can have more family time in our back yard for playing, grilling out and simply hanging out with each other. We have a pretty large deck […]

Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce *LOVE IT!*

I am a Texas girl that is stuck in the Midwest. While I love living here with my family, my heart still aches for that southern style, that southern taste and Country Bob’s BBQ Sauce has helped cure that with me. I was introduced to Country Bob’s BBQ Sauce last summer and I can tell you […]

We love Kid Basix Sports Bottles!

We are big fans of Kid Basix. Just this month, we had a chance to check out the fabulous Safe Sippy. We use this on a daily basis. Love it! Well, there is anotherr product that I wanted to introduce you to. Kid Basix Sports Bottles. Kid Basix created The Safe Sippy™ drink cup in […]

Gourmet Peanut Butter from PB Loco *Review & Giveaway&

When you think about Gourmet Peanut Butter, what comes to mind? What I think of is ‘expensive’ for the first thought and the second is ‘weird flavor’. Well, we have been big fan of PB Loco now for about a year and we had a chance to try out a couple of new flavors that […]

Look great for less with Old Navy’s $8.00 Smocked Shirts *Fab Giveaway!*

I am a huge fan of Old Navy! We stop at one just about every time we are in their area. What I love about Old Navy is their fabulous deals and sales. In fact, Old Navy has $2 Tanks this Saturday! I wanted to introduce you to Old Navy’s “Item of the week”. It […]

Give your toddler yummy nutrients with Gerber Smart Sips

The kids drink a lot during the day. I don’t mind it when its water, watered down juice or milk. They, just like adults do, get bored with what they are drinking. It is nice to have an alternative for them and Gerber has just that. It is a new product called Smart Sips. Smart […]

JetHeads Airplane Travel Pillowcases from Travel With Me *Love Them!*

We travel a lot. We travel by car as well as by plane. While everyone tries to travel lightly, we still want our little ones to be comfy. If we are on a long flight, the kids like to be comfy, but as a mom, I don’t want my kids (or myself) to lay their […]

My Plate Mate *Review & Giveaway*

Last year, I heard about a product called My Plate-Mate and how it can help little ones learn to feed themselves. Now that Kambry is old enough and loves feeding herself, I had to give My Plate-Mate a try. What is My Plate-Mate? Using My Plate-Mate at meal time will: Prevent messy spills on the […]

Staying cool this Summer with the In Balance Blanket from Select Comfort! *Giveaway CLOSED*

We live in a 1900 home. Our only assumption about our house is that our upstairs used to be an attic that some previous owners converted in to 3 small bedrooms. It’s that, or the house is so old that there never was air conditioning up there. With this said, we have no air conditioning […]

Everybody’s Nuts for Pistachios! *Review & Yummy Giveaway!*

We snack a lot in our home, but we do not buy sweet and fattening snacks. Well, I do from time to time buy cookies, but don’t tell hubby; he’s been trying to figure out if/where I hide things. 😆 I have to hide snacks (sweet or healthy!) because hubby will come in and snag […]

We love Ball Park Angus Beef Lower Fat Hot Dogs!

When we grill out, I have to say that the number one thing that is requested is hot dogs; by me as well as the kids. Hot Dogs are a must when we cook out, or cook in! I grew up with one brand and have stuck with that brand to this day; up until […]

Crayola Sidewalk Outdoor Challenge *Review & Giveaway*

Summer is here… and in full force! Our weather is simply gorgeous, so we are taking full advantage of it every chance we get. We are on a budget, just like a lot of you are, so we are always on the lookout for activities that my kids like, for things that will continue to […]

Summer Fun in the SwimWays Spring Pool *Video Review & Giveaway*

I think we can all relate to Summertime fun, wanting to play in the pool with the kids, but .. uh.. not having a pool. 😆 We havfe a pretty nice size yard and a godo size deck that the kids play on a lot of times as well. I have looked around locally for […]

Change up your hairstyles with the fabulous HairZing! *Review & Giveaway!*

Kambry is 21 months old and has hair ‘like a movie star’. This is what we always say about her hair. She has the length and the curls that makes me drool! I always am doing a cute up-do, braiding it or poofing up her gorgeous curls and letting her hair down for the day. […]

BlackBerry Curve 8900 *LOVE IT!*

I have a confession to make. I have been using a BlackBerry for a few days now and I have fallen in love. When I first heard about BlackBerry, I thought “Ah, those are too big, too bulky, just for business people; so why do I want one?” I had to see it first hand […]

PhotoTherapy with the KODAK Easyshare W1020 Wireless Digital Frame *Fabulous Giveaway!*

For those that know me (in real life, or even through my blog readings), you may see that I have a photo obsession. I love creating memories. I love capturing memories. I guess you can say that it is my ‘therapy’. On a rainy day, I love taking my camera out and snapping pictures. On […]

Midwest Dairy Council *Gift Pack with $25 HyVee Giftcard Giveaway!*

I cannot tell you how much milk we go through in a week. I would have to say at least 4-5 gallons a week. The kids, well, we all do, love milk! If you havent heard, June is Dairy Month and I have teamed up with the Midwest Dairy Council to help give you some […]

Sip Smarter with Wateroos *Yummy review & Giveaway!*

Having small kids in the house, we are always looking around for drinks and snacks that are natural, sugar free, gluten free, good for you, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. We were just introduced to Wateroos. What is Wateroos? Well, you know those famous fruit juice boxes that kids carry around in […]

Beautiful Bamboo Pashmina Scarf from Naturally Knotty *Love this review & Giveaway!*

A couple of months ago, I was introduced to a company that blew my socks off: Naturally Knotty. I recieved a gorgeous diaper bag that we still, to this day, and use on a daily basis. I have found myself using this bag as my purse and laptop bag as well. As you may have […]

Summer Fun with Skitter Ride on Toys! *Review & Giveaway*

I was just introduced to a fun ride on toy for kids. It is called a Skitter. Well, I say for kids, but the Skitter is good for ages 18 months all the way to 81 years. History We are an American Company based in Southern California owned by parent company WCNGroup. SkitterToys is the […]

Fun Summer shoes from Polliwalks! *Review & Giveaway*

Once upon a time, children’s shoes were taking themselves a bit too seriously, and feet were not having any fun. Then one day, a new brand named Polliwalks™ was created. Polliwalks™ brought fun back to children’s feet. All the children loved their Polliwalks™. They took them home, quickly became best friends, and lived happily every […]

SlimPerfect Slimming Activewear *Review & $100 Giveaway*

I think we can all relate to wanting, or needing, that cute outfit, while wanting to appear slimmer. SlimPerfect is the ultimate place to get just that. SlimPerfect Inc. developed a versatile yet unique line of swimwear/activewear that is designed by a woman for women and was inspired by the need to feel comfortable, confident […]

Step in to Summer with fun styles from Flojos! *Review & Giveaway*

It is official. I have found my true love in shoes. Is that possible? Have you ever walked on air before? Heaven. Pure heaven, I tell ya! With my Xena Flip Flops from Flojos, I have been walking on air.   Xena 3 colors available $25.00 Ever slept on egg crate foam? Yup, these are […]

Backyard fun with One Step Ahead’s Sun Smarties Canopy Tent *Review & Giveaway*

We spend a LOT of time on our deck, in our yard and outside, in general. We also have some travels coming up, where we would love to take a sun cover with us. We have the ever so fabulous Sun Smarties Canopy Tent from One Step Ahead. I have to say that just by […]

LOVE THEM! Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara & Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover *Review & Giveaway*

What make up do you wear the most? I am not sure about the rest of the ladies out there, but my main thing that I wear is eye makeup; more specifically mascara. I have tried a few brands and they were all ok, but after just a few days of use, the tube ended […]

Lovable fun with the Playskool Kota & Pals Hatchlings Triceratops

When it comes to the new toys that are out there these days, I am looking for toys that not only are affordable and fun, but things that keep my kids’ interest sparked for more than just a couple of minutes. We have had the PLAYSKOOL KOTA & PALS HATCHLINGS Triceratops in our home for […]

Have fun & be safe on the water with a Dora or Diego Life Jacket! *Giveaway*

With Summer in full force, some of us will be going out on the river or lakes to play around in the boat. I would love to own a bot. Hubby is begging for a boat. Uh. We don’t have water anywhere near us, otherwise I think we would have bought a boat way before […]

Fun with Polly Pocket and her Shimmer ‘N Splash Adventure Set *Review & Giveaway*

What is summer fun without the girly summer fun of Polly Pocket? While Polly Pocket is mostly for ages 4 and up, I play a lot with Kambry; she is not quite two yet. The Polly Pocket™ and her Shimmer ‘N Splash™ Adventure Playset is so much fun! It is time for summer fun with […]

Fun around the table with HearthSong Dinner Games *Review*

When we are at the table, we love to talk about random things or play games that get our brains moving. Hubby thinks I am the most random person ever 😆 but hey – we have fun, and that’s all that matters! I recently had a chance to check out Family Talk, in which we […]

Backyard Fun with Bucket Blast from HearthSong! *Review*

Our nice weather looks like it is here to stay for a while. Since its been so nice out, we have been spending more and more time outside playing. Sometimes we get a bit bored from playing the same games and with the same toys over and over. HearthSong has a fun box that isn’t […]

Fire up the grill for Father’s Day with Omaha Steaks *Yummy Review!*

What are you doing for Father’s Day? This week, my dad came to visit us from Texas, so we decided to have our Father’s Day celebration a bit early. What is a better way to get Father’s Day in gear than by grilling out? Ahhhh steaks, chicken, toss on some burgers, pork chops and of […]

Canopy Chair from SwimWays: LOVE IT! *Review & Giveaway*

What comes with Summertime? Ahhhh cook out’s, traveling, sitting in the yard watching the kids play, July 4th – oh so much fun! With our summer travel plans, I am really excited to be taking along my Canopy Chair. I usually share my chairs when we are out and about, but no more. *Evil grin* […]

Play-Doh Spaghetti Factory Playset *Review*

Of all the activities that we do, there is one thing that both of the kids do that they never get bored with; PlayDoh. When we received the PlayDoh Spaghetti Factory, Tucker was giggling so much! Pretend pasta playset lets you create PLAY-DOH-style pasta covered in all of your favorite toppings! Mold meatballs, veggies and […]

Little Shell. Big Sound with the iTurtle! *Review*

I listen to my iPod all the time and everywhere I go, it goes with me. If I am in the car, there it is. Well, we are outside a lot and like to have music with us. Not all times can we have an outlet near us in the yard. What we have been […]

Protect those faces with Race Face Sunscreen *Review*

We are playing outside a lot more than I think we ever have. While we are having fun, I am still very concerned about the harmful UV rays that attract to my kids’ little bodies. We had a chance to try out a sunscreen that I have to say I am very impressed with. It […]

LOVE IT! Refreshing Ice Tea from Mr. Coffee’s 3 Quart Ice Tea Maker *Review & Giveaway*

Did you know that June is the national iced tea month? Yes! I had no idea there was such a thing. What is a better way to kick off summer than with a tall glass of iced tea? I am a HUGE ice tea fan! I cannot have caffeine, so my passion is caffeine free […]

Travel lightly with the Evenflo Portable Highchair *Review & Giveaway*

With all our outside adventures, cook out’s and travels, I have thought about where we would put Kambry to eat. She can sit by us, but if she had a travel highchair, that would be even easier for us to feed her and better for her to be able to feed herself. We have found […]

More than Summer Fun with Crayola Play Sand!

We have a small sandbox that grandma found for the kids way back when at a garage sale. Aren’t sales just awesome?! When we got it, we thought about what we would fill the sandbox with. I didn’t want to get just ‘plain sand’. When I heard that Crayola had a new product out, Play […]

Splash in to Summer with the Max Liquidator Eliminator! *Review & Giveaway!*

Our weather has been gorgeous lately! We may not have a big size pool in our yard, but we have been thoroughly enjoying the kiddie pool on our deck and in our nice sized back yard. What is a better way to kick off summer than with some pool toys? Ahhhaa *evil giggle * we […]

Serious & Cool Sun Protection with My First Shades *Review & Giveaway

I have to admit that I think my kids are pretty cool! Tucker knows he is cool too. 😉 While the kids are showing off their coolness, I feel good knowing that their eyes are protected from the harmful sun’s rays. SERIOUS SUN PROTECTION Sunglasses for babies, toddlers, and kids up to age 5 have […]