Twitter Peek ~ Great stocking stuffer!

I first learned about Peek this past year. I am still a huge fan of Peek! For those that don’t want or need a smart phone, you can still keep your regular phone or cell phone but be able to take your email with you, and now it is even better! If you are a Twitter’aholic, […]

Have Gmail? Is it down? Get Peek and get your emails any time!

I don’t have Gmail, but I have seen tweets and heard complaints about how people cannot get to their Gmail accounts. Do you have a Peek emial device? No? What? What are you waiting for? If you had a Peek, you could STILL get your Gmail emails. Tempting? Gmail is down again. Does that make […]

Give mom the Peek for Mother’s Day!

With as MUCH as I ADORE (and I say that very lightly!) my peek, there is a FAB deal going on right now… Just for mom! One of our goals here at Peek is to create a device that makes it easy and affordable to stay in touch with the people you care about. A device […]

Peek News!

As you all know by now, I am utterly addicted to my Peek. I love it. I have to have it. I need it! I have some new news for you that you might want to read! So far, the Peek Pronto comes in Grey, but will have more color options soon. I will have […]

Peek Discount Code!

As you all know, my Peek is a part of my hip. 😛 I wanted to share a code that will get you $5.00 off your purchase from off the purchase of a Peek. Enter: KFKUMTVZQL from Also, I wanted to share with you some March Madness Info. It’s that time of year […]

Date Night!

So, I thought I was going to be home and blogging all night. Today is Friday. I thought it was Wednesday. 😐 Here I was .. about to post another Wordless Wednesday post. Ahhh my days are turned around. Why? Mommy brain. It’s cracked. We are meeting up with another couple. What? Other adult peoples? […]

Get Peek with Peekanomics: Review, Video & Fab Giveaway!

Hi guys! I am here to talk to you (again!) about The Peek. I have posted here, here and here, or and here too! Oh, how I love this device! Shall I count the ways? I have traveled many miles with my Peek and gotten service just about everywhere I have gone. I admit it. […]

Just Peek It!

I have been away from home for a few days now, celebrating my birthday with my dear friend, Laurie, and I have had my Peek with me at all times. I am SO in love with it! It seems to be attached to my hip. 😳 I just got an email that I wanted to […]

Traveling with the Peek

I received my Peek email device over the weekend and I have put this bad boy to the true test. I have traveled through 2 airports, 3 major cities in 3 states and I have had great luck with the Peek so far. I have had one area that I had no service in, but […]

Traveling Tuesday

Good morning my fellow blogger friends! We are heading out, starting around noon time to visit the kids’ grandparents, as well as tomorrow, I am flying to visit with my dear friend, Laurie. My birthday is tomorrow and hers is on Thursday, so this will be a fun birthday for us both! I have tons […]

Stay connected with Peek – LOVE IT!

I am so, extremely excited! Why? When I travel, now I have a way to send receive emails, without having to open my laptop. There are times when I may be at friends’ houses, at a family’s house for a visit, or even at the grocery store and I would like to be able to […]