Getting Fit with #FitBit Flex! #Fitness #Weightloss

How many steps in a day do you think you need to take in order to be active and lose weight? Well, any steps in a day are great verses sitting on your butt all day, right? Right! My daily goal is 10,000 steps each and every day. There are days that I will almost […]

World’s First Apple USB Flash Drive with Lightning Connector for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

There are so many times that I’ve picked up my iPhone, used an online storage app and searched for a document, information, PDF, music for a flight or simply an image. With my iPhone, I don’t like to keep a lot of things ON it, so I can keep space freed up for other things. […]

Free App! Picture Collage Maker

I am always looking for apps that I can play around and upload photos with. I just found Picture Collage Maker and wanted to share it with you all. It’s free for a limited time in iTunes. If you have this, I’d love to hear your thoughts. I just downloaded and am about to play. […]

Easy and fun movie making with Magisto #MagistoMoms

My electronics are a huge part of my day-to-day life, as well as when I travel. I take a lot of pictures and videos. When I say a lot… I mean a LOT. I can’t even begin to think of the number of pictures and videos that I take of my kids on a daily […]

Wikets iPhone & iPad App

When it comes to shopping for gifts for the family or looking for a new place to dine at, I will admit that I like to do research to see reviews on that product or restaurant to see what people are saying, or where they bought that toy that my kids are in awe at. […]

Perfect Grocery Companion – Grocery Guru

When you are getting ready to head out to do some grocery shopping, how do you prepare yourself? I have tried several things ranging from setting reminders on my phone to post it notes to remind me of all the things I need to get, components for recipes that I want to try and even […]

iPod touch + Woogie = Cute & cuddly fun for the iPod touch or iPhone

My kids are just like their mama … they love technology! They love their iPod touches and anytime we travel, whether it’s locally or on a long road trip, they always make sure it’s charged and in their backpack ready to go. What do you do to help protect an investment, such as an iPod […]

Create a pet with Cube Dog {App} #CleverCubeDog

Some of my favorite investments has to be my iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Not only can I use them for travel and work, but there are so many things that we can do as a family, as well as that my kids can play with meanwhile having fun learning. I had the chance to […]

Grace Digital Audio: Solo Wi-Fi Internet Radio Tuner

We live in a small town where we don’t really get any radio stations. Ok, we don’t get ANY radio stations. I have looked everywhere for a solution because I love to crank the radio throughout the house and clean or get some work done. Thanks so a Wi-Fi Internet Radio, I am now able […]

Drive safe with Motorola! Finiti & CommandOne Headsets & Roadster *Giveaway!* {Closed}

I travel a lot. This ranges anywhere from an 80 mile trip to get groceries, run errands and to buy in bulk, 5 hour family travels, to airport traveling for bloggy events where I am rushing to get to the next gate, meanwhile I want to know who is texting, messaging or emailing me without […]

Epson Stylus NX625 All-in-One Printer *Love It!*

I have been fighting with our ‘wireless’ printer for well over a year. How ironic is it that it is supposed to be wireless, but in order for it to work, we had to plug in the USB cable, then print? Doesn’t sound too wireless, does it? For a month now, I have been the […]

Crock-Pot Slow Cooker Recipe Finder App

I am always up for finding new apps to try out and new recipes to try for my family. I recenly came across one that everyone needs to have for a Slow cooker. Description Looking for savory, time saving slow cooker recipes? You’ll find 100’s of Original Crock-Pot® recipes that the whole family will enjoy. […]

Compare Prices before you Black Friday shop! {Nextag says take your iPhone!}

Are you going out shopping on Black Friday? Every year, I say NO, but guess what – I end up going. I am going to rest up after Thanksgiving dinner and get up early (or is that not going to bed at all?) for Black Friday shopping. With my friend and I going through the […]

Save time, money & check inventory with Sam’s Mobile App *PLUS A GIVEAWAY!* (closed)

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us have some type of Smartphone and we all like savings and to see as many options about product availability when we are running errands, buying gifts or simply grocery shopping. I was given a task by Sam’s Club to check out a new app […]

iPhone 4 FaceTime – It’s more than just a ‘phone’ call

Have you ever moved 5 hours away from  your best friend and wished that you could be there with her at any given time, or any given day? We moved to a small town, away from our friends and inlaws 2 years ago, so the thought of myself being ‘side by side’ with my bestie […]

iPad apps: My Numbers & Baby Explorer from Punflay

We love and use our iPad on a daily basis. If one child doesn’t have it – the other does. We use it as a family, hubby uses it for sports stuff, I use it for a lot of things as well, but the kids use it as a fun and interactive learning tool, as […]

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Preschool Storybook Piano by KIBOOMU

The kids have  been having a hay day ever since I  bought my iPad. The kids use the iPad on a daily basis to play games, apps and even to stream movies from iTunes. Here are some apps that the kids love to play at home, and on the go. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Preschool […]

Milano: Not bad for a ‘cell phone pic’, huh?

Not too shabby for a ‘cell phone’ pic, huh? All I did to this picture was re-size it in Photoshop CS5, no color enhancing or anything. At a whopping 5MP, the iPhone 4 has simply stunning picture quality! More info to come soon! Tweet

iPhone 4 – FaceTime

I am getting hubby and my iPhone 4’s set up and we will be using FaceTime while we are in NYC at BlogHer! Watch out for tweets, posts and videos from us while we are there. So far, this is the coolest feature I have ever seen and used! For more information, visit Apple – […]

Sprout Pregnancy Essentials iPhone App

I am not currently pregnant, but when I was TTC (trying to conceive) and when I was pregnant with my kids, I tracked everything, and I mean everything. In today’s modern technology, the possibilities are just about endless when it comes to iPhone, iPod touch and even the iPad. Med ART Studios has Sprout Pregnancy […]

Jason Escape reveals the new iPhone OS4! *Videos*

I do not have an iPhone, but do love my iPad and iPod touch. I would love to get an iPhone though! I wanted to share with you some videos from my pal, Jason Escape, that he created for some apps and the iPhone OS4 that he had the chance to check out early, before […]

Bissell’s Stain Solver FREE iPhone, iPod touch & iPad App

Ever since I got my iPod touch and iPad, we have been checking out all the apps that are out there. There are so many amazing paid ones, but there are so many free apps that are just as good! When you have a stain on your carpet or your furniture, what do you do? […]

Shrek Forever Ever After Digital Story Book from iStoryTime

The current craze in our house is Shrek. While we haven’t seen the new movie yet, the kids are watching all the previous movies, reading Shrek books, playing Shrek video games and now, when we are out and about, the kids love to use my iPod touch or iPad and read along with a fun […]

Girls Night In with iTunes Movies

We have all seen Girls Night ‘Out’, but what about Girls Night IN? There are times that hubby may be working late and I would love to veg out and watch a girlie flick. I also travel quite a bit and have looking in to how I can take movies along with me, without having […]

iPhone App Review: Baby Einstein’s iPhone app + Giveaway (Closed)

Tucker will be 5 in July and there’s one thing that he loved as a baby and still loves as a toddler: Baby Einstein. As a parent, I loved watching him watch and interact with the shows. Kambry is mesmerized by Baby Einstein as well. Since I received my iPod touch, I have been download […]

Celebrate a Mother’s “Intuition” for yourself or mom with a $200 Spa Day Giveaway from IconApps! (Closed)

Mother’s Day was just this past weekend. What did you do special for your mom? What about for yourself? Sometimes we get to thinking about what we need to do for everyone else, we tend to forget about ourselves. When was the last time you went to a spa and had a ‘Mommy’s Day Out’? […]

Get what mom wants – iPod touch! *Review*

Mother’s Day is this weekend. Do you know what you are going to get your mother? What about yourself? Admit it ladies, we tend to buy for ourselves! There is one thing that I have been looking at, reading about and drooling about: iPod touch. While I have an iPod Nano, and love it, there […]

Intuition: Mom’s Personal Assistant #IconApps *iPod Touch Giveaway!* (Closed)

How do you organize your life, your family, your job, and your errands? What about your grocery list; is it on a post it note that you keep adding to as you think of things, then when it’s time to go shopping, you can’t find where the papers went? What was that thing that I […]