Activision Announces ‘Zoobles’ for Nintendo DS

While my 6 year old son plays his Nintendo DS, we often tend to forget about the younger crown that also has a love for Nintendo. My kids don’t play their games daily, we do have family time and the kids play their DS while we are on a long road trip. My youngest is […]

Ben 10 Triple Pack for Nintendo DS

We are mega Ben 10 fans here. Yes, even I am a fan, as is my 6 1/2 year old and my 4 year old. When Ben 10 is brought to the Nintendo DS for a triple play with a 3 games in one. Product Features Join Ben and the Tennyson’s on an adventure across […]

Ben 10 Galactic Racing for Nintendo DS

Do you have a ben 10 fan in your house? My 6 year old is such a die-hard Ben 10 fan that has been eyeing some new Nintendo DS games. While he likes and really gets in to mind teaser games, he really loves racing games… and not just those plane-jane racing game. When we […]

Yogi Bear for Nintendo DS

With our love for Nintendo and gamily gaming, what is better than bringing in Yogi Bear to  your fun? I grew up with Yogi and all his friends at Jellystone Park, so having this game is a treat even for me as an adult. Yogi Bear – The Video Game for Nintendo DS Yogi Bear […]

Lalaloopsy ‘Sew Magical! Sew Cute!’ for Nintendo DS

Do you have a little girl that has taken in to the Lalaloopsy rage? Kambry is madly in love with Lalaloopsy’s! I think I got her in to it, if I have to admit it. When I saw the dolls come out last year right around this time, I loved them! Nintendo DS Lalaloopsy ‘Sew […]

Victorious: Time to Shine and Victorious: Hollywood Arts Debut

When it comes to the kids and their Nintendo DS games, I love to find them games that they can not only interact with, but also to learn and have fun with. While Kambry is a few years before she will be even a pre-teen, she loves to play the girly girl games. Victorious has […]

Happy Feet Two – The Videogame for Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS & Nintendo 3DS

My kids are big Nintendo DS fans and when there’s a movie that they are already in love with, they are giddy to see that there is a game that goes along side it. On Tuesday, November 8, Happy Feet Two – The Videogame , one of the year’s coolest family friendly games, became available. […]

Pillow Pets for Nintendo DS

We travel a lot and there are two things that the kids always make sure to pack is their Nintendo DS with games, as well as their Pillow Pets. We are a Pillow Pet addicted family, so this was an exciting opportunity for us! Nintendo DS has the best of both worlds with a new, […]

Kirby Mass Attack {Nintendo DS Game}

The kids are both really in to their Nintendo DS games. Every time we travel, the DS comes along with us. When we received the new Kirby: Mass Attack game for the Nintendo DS, my 6 year old son was excited to give it a try. He does very well with games and I love […]

Price Drop! Nintendo lowers the price of the 3DS to $169.99!

Nintendo of America recently announced plans to drop the suggested retail price of its portable Nintendo 3DS™ system to $169.99 in the United States, as new games based on some of the world’s most beloved video game franchises head to the system. The new price, down from the suggested launch price of $249.99 and effective […]

Nintendo 3DS & ‘nintendogs + cats’ game Review

When I was at Mom 2.0 a couple of months ago, Nintendo was there showing their new Nintendo 3DS gaming systems. While I didn’t have much hands on time on location, I was eager to check it out with my family, but more eager for myself. See, I am one that has never been able […]

Game Review: Silly Bandz for Nintendo DS

I cannot even begin to tell you the craze that Silly Bandz is. If you have a toddler, you know what they are. If you have a tween, you know what they are. If you are an adult, you know what they are and even admit to wearing them. Silly Bandz are so much fun! […]

Nintendo Wii & DS Games: Fancy Nancy, Super Hero Squad, Barbie & Are you smarter

For the holidays, we usually travel to the inlaws, 5 hours away from where we live. Every time we travel, we always take games for the Wii & for the Nintendo DS that we can play in route (DS) and while at the family’s holiday parties. This holiday, I am excited to bring some new […]

Wii Monopoly Streets

We haven’t really been gamers in our house, until the weather started to turn cold. We liked to play games inside that keep us active, yet let us have fun in the process. There’s one game that we had the chance to take to the inlaws for the holidays and let the entire family play. […]

Nintendo DSiXL *Review*

We love to game. One of my favorite things to do is to cuddle with Tucker and we play Nintendo DS games. We had the opportunity to check out the new Nintendo DSiXL. Features Two screens, 93% larger than Nintendo DS Lite 3 pre-installed titles + built-in software A large stylus tailor-made for easy use […]

Lovely Lisa & Friends for Nintendo DS/DSi

In February, TOMY Corporation released a new, fun and very interactive game for the Nintendo DS & DSi called Lovely Lisa and Friends. While Kambry isnt old enough to play this, Tucker and I had a fun time with it. TOMY Corporation today announced that Lovely Lisa and Friends™ is now available at retail outlets […]

Picture Perfect Hair Salon for Nintendo DSi

In October, a game for the Nintendo DSi was released and I have had so much fun with this! As an adult, I think you need to open yourself up to anything and everything from playing with your kids’ toys when they aren’t looking to playing kids games, by yourself or with your kids. I […]

My Baby First Steps for Nintendo DS

The kids and I play our Nintendo DS every chance that we get. We are in to just about every game that you can think of, so when we had the change to check out My Baby First Steps for Nintendo DS, I was really excited! Product Description Your baby has grown so fast! Can […]

Where’s Waldo: The Fantastic Journey for Nintendo DS

If there was a character that I loved as a kid, it was Where’s Waldo. I remember having all the books and puzzles of Waldo. As an adult, I get that kid feeling back when I travel with my Nintendo DS and am able to play Where’s Waldo: The Fantastic Journey. For the last 3 […]

Frogger is Back! Frogger for Wii

Recently, we were given the chance to try out Frogger for our Wii. I remember Frogger when I was growing up, along with so many Atari games. Who didn’t have an Atari when you were little? My brother and I were at that thing 24/7! Well, here we are, over 20 years later and Frogger […]

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story for Nintendo DS/DSi

After a complete withdrawal from playing my Nintendo DS, I finally was able to locate and buy a new charger for it. Watch me find my old one, just when I am not looking for it. Always happens that way. Cold weather has struck in our neighborhood and what is the better way to get […]

Fashion Week Junior & Diva Girls: Divas on Ice for Nintendo DS

It doesn’t matter what game we play on the Nintendo DS, we play just about anything. Tucker is really starting to get in to playing the DS, but for the most part, he likes to cuddle and play with me. There are two games that we received that are more geared ‘towards girls’, but we […]

My Healthy Cooking Coach for Nintendo DS

Wherever I go, I take my Nintendo DS with me. It is my therapy, so to speak. LOL I really like the games that aren’t so much ‘games’, but the ones that teach you more, like cooking and eating healthier. I had the chance to check out My Healthy Cooking Coach. I love this game! […]

Family Jam Time Fun with Guitar Hero! *Review*

I post about my Nintendo DS because I love it so much! I may be 33 years old, but I play my DS like I was a kid. 😆 Hubby and I fight over who gets the DS first. We had a chance to check out Guitar Hero for the DS. Love. Love. Love it! […]

Discovery Kids – Nintendo DS (Kitten Corner, Dolphin Discovery, Puppy Playtime & Pony Paradise)

I am addicted to my Nintendo DS. I adore it; is a better word for it. It is a huge stress reliever for me. Tucker is almost 4 and likes to play the DS with me. You could probably consider it a bonding time for us. I love to play games by myself, but I […]

Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2009 for Wii

When it comes to fitness, being home with two kids, I am not always able to get out and run or have some peace and quiet while I want to exercise. With my Wii, I can work out while the kids are napping. I found the Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2009 to be more of […]

The Legendary Starfy on Nintendo DS

Starfy has been a hero in Japan for years and The Legendary Starfy marks his U.S. debut. The game is a great way to keep families entertained at home or on the road this summer. The new, lovable characters provide a non-violent, light-hearted alternative to video games featuring war or car thefts. Kids will enjoy […]

Magician’s Quest Mysterious Times for Nintendo DS

I am loving and still learning my Nintendo DSi. I love how you can play Wi-Fi with it. We are really enjoying all the options on the games and that you can play with multiple players. We are still maneuvering around in Magician’s Quest, but so far, this is a great and fun game for […]

Personal Trainer: Walking for Nintendo DS

It doesn’t matter the weather, we all need to stay active. Inside or outside, we can still walk, run, keep track of our activities. Technology is so amazing, isn’t it? Nintendo amazes me on a daily basis; not only with their fun games, but with their ability to help us (you.. me.. Everyone and anyone) […]

New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat for Nintendo Wii (Video Review)

How many of you remember in the 1990’s when Nintendo had Donkey Kong available on the Super Nintendo System? Or, better yet, how about in the 1980’s when it was on an arcade system? Man, how the technology and graphics have grown! I cannot tell you how many HOURS I spent playing Donkey Kong as a […]

Nintendo Wii: Excitebots: Trick Racing (Video Review)

Ever since we got our Wii, we have had the best time! With our cold Midwest winters, our Wii has been a nice alternative to helping the family stay active when they are ‘stranded’ indoors. We received Excitebots: Trick Racing and I have to say this was so much fun! Here is a short video […]

Gardening Mama for Nintendo DS/DSi

I had a fun time checking out a new game for my Nintendo DS. I can tell you that at first, I was confused with Gardening Mama, but then again, it doesn’t take a whole lot these days to confuse me. 😆 I haven’t had a chance to check out Cooking Mama for DS, but […]

Nintendo DS: New Color: Give mom this fun, new color DS!

I am madly in LOVE with my Nintendo DS. Is it possible to love a gaming device at my age? (33, in case you were wondering) Well, I do. Anytime we travel or I have downtime, my DS is my ‘therapy’. It is so much fun and great for any age. Seriously! Well, I wanted […]

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa on Nintendo DS

Do you have a child that is a manic nut for Madagascar? I have one. He LOVES and talks about Madagascar every second, of every minute of every day. Seriously! With our Nintendo DS, he gets to live Madagascar daily. I thought he would be more in to ‘younger kid games’, but nope – he […]

Boggle your mind with EA Play: Scrabble for Nintendo DS *Review & Giveaway*

With our long Midwest Winter, we are SO thankful for our Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. Why keep the TV on when our yard and deck are packed with snow, when you can fill your little ones’ minds with some fun and educational games that really get those brains’a’tickin’? We are pretty new ‘gamers’ in […]

Do More & Have Fun with the Nintendo DSi *Love It!*

On April 5, 2009, there was a fun release that I am very excited to have been a part of! Nintendo released their new Nintendo DSi and I have been going wacky over this since I received it. You can check out some footage from the exciting release that was on April 5, 2009! Click […]

Cut in to some fun with Wii Bonsai Barber

I just heard about a Nintendo Wii game that just came out that my family HAS to try out called Bonsai Barber. I read about it and I have to say that it looks like it would be so much fun! I will have a personal review up soon about this. 🙂 Gardening with your […]

Personal Trainer: Math for Nintendo DS

I swear, it seems that sometimes I cannot even count two fingers that are in front of me. Wait. Maybe it was three. Four? My brain hurts to think about counting and it shouldn’t be that way. I received a fun and educational game for my Nintendo DS that helps work your brain, while still […]

Nintendo DS: BlueDragon Plus *Giveaway!*

In February, I posted about a new Nintendo DS Game coming out called Blue Dragon Plus. Hubby has been playing this game and really likes it! Yes, it takes some time to get through the scenes, but it is for sure a fun challenge! I have also picked up the game, but don’t seem to […]

Animal Crossing: City Folk

I have had Animal Crossing: City Folk on Wii for a couple of months now and I have been playing it as time allows. If you are in the mood to sit down and have some relaxing, yet fun time; this is the game for you. If you don’t have the time to put in […]

Nintendo DSi & Fire Emblem available April 5, 2009

I can remember playing Nintendo Game Boy like it was yesterday. We used to fight over who would get to play the Game Boy. I never won. Bummer! Technology is truly amazing and catches my eye ever single time I read about it! On April 5, 2009, Nintendo launches a new Nintendo DSiTM system. The […]

Kung Fu Panda: Legendary Warriors DS Game

Most that know me, know that I am a ‘kid at heart’. Yes, I have a Nintendo DS. Yes, I get huffy when hubby steals it from me. (More like I gnarl at him like a bear) I love the DS and the games because they really seem to help me relax, have fun and […]

Nintendo DS Blue Dragon Plus: Available 2/24/09

On February 24th, Ignition Entertainment has a new release of a Nintendo DS games: Blue Dragon Plus. Blue Dragon Plus is a family-friendly adventure game that features a packed single player mode with over 30 hours of game play and over an hour of dual-screen movie footage. It expands the story of the critically-acclaimed anime […]

Pokémon Platinum Version for Nintendo DS

In December, I posted about Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia that was released. Well, now, there is a new Pokémon coming to town! On February 15th, you will be able to reserve the new Pokémon Platinum for your Nintendo DS. Pokémon is a huge crave that has been going on for years and is still […]

Wii Fit

What did I get myself for Christmas? A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to finally find a Wii Fit! I ordered it from Circuit City online and in 4 days, it was delivered to my house. I haven’t tried it out yet, but hubby has. After seeing him on it, I was […]

Relax & have fun with Zenses

Who likes relaxation? Who loves games with relaxation? I don’t know about you, but I know I sure love and have come to appreciate the joy of silence and relaxation. Now you can experience all of that, in the comfort of your own home with the Nintendo DS Zenses games. Pure joy. That is my […]