Create a fun Animated Valentine With Toon Boom & Enter to Win an iPad!

My kids haven’t been too familiar with the computer here at home. That is probably because I felt they were safer playing educational games on the iPad. I was introduced to Toon Boom’s Flip Boom Doodle software for the computer and I do have to say that my little ones (ages 4 & 6 ½) […]

Tucker’s wrestling tournament … he placed FIRST!

Out of all the kids in Tucker’s wrestling class, he placed FIRST! Tweet

Wordless Wednesday: Anger Management for Kids *video*


Kitchen Remodel {Update}

I haven’t been online too much lately. I have been working on my kitchen & making trips to Omaha twice this weekend to bring home some cabinets, a pantry & a countertop. I am super excited about the progress! I hired a contractor to come in and rip out the wall that was originally behind […]

Do you want a mouse?

Mama’s so mean. LOL We buy packages of these play mice a lot for Milano. They tend to get lost all throughout our house. I just got this package of play mice and just set the box in the floor and it drove Milano nuts! Tweet

Woke up to rain & hail

What month is this? May? No, really, what month is this?It’s COLD!!! We woke up this morning to rain and hail… COLD rain and hail. Tweet

Milano is so spoiled!

Milano was in her cubby house for a good 6 hours today. She was so sweet! I was sad that I didn’t have a napping partner today, but she was so comfy in here. :heart: Tweet

Yardsale Find *Video*

OK this is HILARIOUS! About 2 years ago, we were given this yard sale find from a family member. We haven’t used it that much since we were moving, weather’s been wacky, etc… Well, we pulled it out today to see if we wanted to sell it in our yard sale this weekend, but someone […]

Our own personal maid

Seriously, how can you deny this cuteness? Miss Kambry is learning early – she loves to vacuum! Who can resist vacuuming with a Dyson? I know I can’t! 😉 Now, if we can just teach her to do laundry, we would be all set! :good: Tweet

Love this song! Michael Buble’ “I haven’t Met You Yet”.

I have to share  one of my fave songs of the time! Michael Buble’ “I haven’t Met You Yet”. Love this guy!! His words scream so much fun, so much love, so much happiness! Love it! Tweet

My BABY is TWO!!!!! Happy 2nd birthday Kambry Paige!!

I seriously cannot believe that my BABY GIRL, Kambry, is two years old today!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! Some people have asked “Where did you come up with the name ‘Kambry’” Well, I was SO intrigued by a friend, Kimber, and her beautiful family, that I wanted to name my baby girl “Kambry”, after […]

Bumblebee Flowers

This is too cute not to show you. We were in Sam’s this weekend and Tucker saw these flowers. Listen to what he called them. Tweet

Fun learning with JAKKS The Discovery Kids Smart Scanopedia & Animals

When it comes to toys for the kids, I really like those learning toys that are more than just another dust collector in our home. Tucker loves the Scanopedia from JAKKS Pacific! JAKKS Pacific plans to expand the Discovery Kids® line for Fall 2009 and introduce exciting new items designed to inspire children to be […]

Great stocking stuffer! JAKKS Pacific Dunkadoos

I have already started to think about Christmas, gifts and stocking stuffers. I really want to start getting the kids things that are different and things that I know they will like. JAKKS Pacific has so m any things for just about any age. One thing that the kids love are the fun Dunkadoos. Something […]

Wordless Wednesday

Well, it was almost a silent ‘Wordless Wednesday Post’. What do you expect from me? Something silent? 😆 I got this on video on Tuesday night and had to share. Kambry loves to give ‘fives, knuckles and tickles’. Enjoy and share with me your WW posts! [flashvideo filename=”videos/fives.flv” width=”448″ height=”361″ /] Tweet