Melting Snowmen Cookies & Snowball Fight Oversized Cookie Holiday Treats

I was inspired by this post to do something different when it comes to holiday baking. Introducing my Wilton created melting snowmen fight cookies Melting Snowmen Cookies & Snowball Fight I used Wilton’s Giant Round Cookie Pan to create the large chocolate chip cookie. I took 3 balls of sugar cookie dough and made uneven […]

Wilton Holiday Treats & Treat Giving

I love to bake, decorate and make homemade candy.  I would say that my love for homemade candy has increased so much over the past few months. It’s so easy to do and the possibilities are endless for what you can create. Wilton has some fun holiday products that will make treat-giving fun this holiday […]

Pa-Pa-Pa- Poker Cake!

Today is hubby’s birthday, so I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and look on the Wilton website at cake ideas. I came across a Poker Cake and thought ‘Hey, I can do that’… so I did. Well, not exactly how the cake in their picture was, but I decided to take the […]

Wilton 2012 Yearbook & 2012 Wilton Tent Sale!

I am back from the amazing Summer 2011 Wilton Mom ReTreat where we were given SO much information that I am bursting at the seams to tell you all about! Here’s a breakdown: I was shown (errrr GIVEN & autographed by the ever so amazing Steve – the main brain behind the creations) of the […]

Wilton Luau Birthday Cake

With as much as I love baking, I will admit that I am not the best cake decorator out there, but I am working on it. Lately has been so stressful in my life that I have taken some time this week away from the computer, away from my blog, away from my emails to […]

Happy 60th Birthday Daddy! {Teaser: NEW upcoming Wilton Decorating products!}

I am currently in Bolingbrook, Illinois for an event for Wilton. Spring 2011 Wilton Mom reTreat There is a new Wilton product that is being released on May 15, 2011 that we learned about and were able to play first hand with. I am not able to disclose information about this until around April 15th, […]

Wilton St Patrick’s Day School Treats

My son came to me yesterday saying he needed something green to take to school for a snack…. today. Well, not realizing that today was St. Patrick’s Day, hubby already had some green grapes but I had to make some other treats for him to take to school, so I went to my Wilton Pantry […]

Wilton Holiday Baking – 3 fun cookie must have’s!

The holidays snuck up on us this year. It seems that it was just summer a few days ago, and here we are with snow on the ground and the Christmas tree up in the living room. With the holidays, in our house, come holiday baking. I have really been getting in to baking this […]

Wilton Cake Pops Contest!

Have you heard of Cake Pops before? I will admit that I heard of them a few months ago, but never really knew WHAT they were, to the extent of what they were all about. They are so cute, so fun and really easy to make! Here is the new book from Wilton that has […]

Thank you Mario! (All Service Limousine)

I have been to Chicago (Bolingbrook, IL, actually) to visit Wilton, and to learn more about the art of decorating and how easy it is to make beautiful treats from Wilton. The first time I was there in June, we had a few different drivers that picked us up from the airport, took us from […]

Perfect Cookie Decorating with Wilton’s Color Flow Icing

On Sunday, October 10, 2010, I had the chance again to go to Chicago to visit with the amazing people from Wilton. I have known about Wilton my entire life, grew up with Wilton products and baking with my family, and in June, I even learned a few things about cake decorating and I even […]

My Wilton Pantry

Confession: I have a 1900 home (that’s no confession really). I have limited very limited pantry and storage space. I had bought this wooden cabinet from Lowe’s for just under $100, but I got this to store my small kitchen appliances in. Well, once I thought about it and after I got my Wilton materials, […]

Wilton Mom ReTreat: Day Two

Three days ago, I posted about my first ‘day’ with Wilton. While that technically was my first day with Wilton, I wanted to share with you my first FULL day with Wilton. While I was at Wilton, I learned so many things ranging from what pans to use for baking your cake, how to prevent […]

Wilton Mom ReTreat: Day One

Wilton Mom ReTreat – Day ONE: June 1, 2010 Last week, June 1 – 4, 2010, I had an opportunity of a lifetime to visit Wilton and get an inside scoop as to how Wilton works, learn about their products and learn how to USE their products. What and Who is Wilton? Wilton helps families […]