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Whether we are across town, running errands, out for date night or out of town for family travels, I’ve always wanted to have the ability to check in on our house and yard to know that everything is ok while we are away. We have been using a really cool high definition security camera set up for a few weeks now and I have to say that I have never felt more secure with knowing that we can peek in anytime we want to. Not only can we check in during the day, we are able to check in 24/7, including when it’s pitch black inside the house or surrounding the house outside. Arlo Smart Home Indoor/Outdoor Wireless High-Def Security Cameras have been a sanity saver in our home.

NETGEAR – Arlo Smart Home Indoor/Outdoor Wireless High-Definition Security Cameras (4-Pack) – White/Black

Safeguard your home or business with this 4-pack of motion-activated NETGEAR Arlo Smart Home VMS3430-100NAS security cameras, which enables you to capture 720p video footage both during the day and at night.


Product Features

  • 4 wireless cameras
    Each feature a CMOS image sensor to capture high-resolution video footage up to 720p (1280 x 720).
  • 12 IR LEDs
    Provide night vision up to 25′, so you can record videos in dimly lit environments.
  • 130° field of view
    Allows you to capture a wide area.
  • Motion-activated design
    Automatically records once motion is detected, then sends you e-mail or app notifications.
  • Weatherproof construction
    Lets you use the cameras both indoors and outdoors in temperatures from 14° to 122°.
  • 4 magnetic camera mounts and 7 mounting screws
    Make it easy to install the cameras on a wall or other flat surface.
  • Downloadable apps
    Enable you to view live video from your compatible Android, Apple® iOS, Amazon Kindle, Windows or Mac device.
  • Cloud storage
    Lets you save recent activity to view at a later time.

This system was so stinking easy to set up. I consider myself a very technical person, however I’d say that just about anyone would be able to set this up.

We also got the NETGEAR – Nighthawk DST AC1900 Wireless-AC Gigabit Router with DST Adapter – Black to help get us set up. This is a beast – in a good way!

This AC1900 router lets you enjoy a reliable wireless network. Beam-forming technology delivers a concentrated signal straight to your connected devices, and three detachable antennas strengthen the signal even more. Plus, you can plug the included Dead Spot Terminator (DST) adapter into an electric outlet to broadcast a secondary signal to fill in dead zones in your network.


Don’t let the wires scare you. While there are a lot of wires involved, the set up is amazingly easy and a lot faster than I had expected. Once you get the router plugged in and set up for WiFi, you download the Arlo app (available on iTunes and Google Play), set up your account if you’re a new user, and it’ll literally walk you through the entire process. It’s like tech support holding your hand, but you don’t have to worry about clammy palms.


I set up the router on my MacBook air and it was set up within 5 minutes.


For now, I had the Arlo main base on the top of our fireplace. I have a set up behind it that allows for cable storage, so once I got each of the four cameras synced and set up, I moved the Arlo base to under the fireplace with the cable storage.


Once you sync the cameras, your app will tell you that the set up is complete. See, I told you this was easy!


With the set, you get these silver domes that my kids thought were miniature space ships. They’re magnetic to hold the camera to your desired location. In one area, we have it inside a window in our living room. This will allow you to view live stream during the day with no problem at all, however with it being inside a glass area, it will not let you view night time footage because of the LED lights inside the camera itself. Since we have one outside in a different area, this was fine with us because this area is one that we prefer to see in the daytime anyway.



Another camera, we set up on the front deck… inside of a Halloween Jack-O-Lantern so we could see who walked up to our door from the street. Perfect ‘hiding spot’ if you ask me.


Inside our house, we have a couple cameras throughout so that we can peek in and check the doors, windows and even the cat when we’re away. Since our dining room is open to the main house, we felt this was a perfect spot.


This camera can see the front door, in the daylight, as well as at night. Perfect spot and we can move anywhere if needed. It’s on a magnetic ‘space ship’, so it’s easily movable, and not to mention – comforting to know that we can open the app and see the house from anywhere.


Just make sure that nothing is in front of the camera. While you may be able to see it in the daytime, anything in front of it will reflect light from the LED at night.

Words cannot begin to express how much I love our NETGEAR – Arlo Smart Home Indoor/Outdoor Wireless High-Definition Security Cameras. Knowing that we can ‘pop in’ at our house when we’re not home really is comforting.

Our thoughts:

  • The set up was simply amazing – so fast and easy.
  • The set up time, overall, was probably less than an hour.. and that included setting up the router.
  • The quality of the live footage is so crisp, so clear. It’s like you’re there in person. There’s no delay at all. It’s amazing! The night footage is so clear, unless you have something directly in front of the LED, otherwise there’ll be some flash backs/whiteness. The day footage is so crisp, so colorful, again- amazing quality!
  • The Arlo app is easy to use, fast to install and set up
  • User friendly – My husband isn’t as techy as I am and he can use the app and set up new devices
  • The Arlo system has definitely given me and my family comfort and peace that we have never had with any other video security set ups.
  • Adding on cameras is so easy. Literally all you do is set the new camera next to the Arlo base, push the button to sync, open the app, view, done.
  • I love how fast the motion is activated. I am notified via text the second that there’s movement.
  • I love how the footage is uploaded to the cloud just in case we need to save it for later use.

The only ‘downfall’ (not negative, but based on a consumer standpoint) would be:

  • The price point can get up there. This set of 4 cameras and base is $499.99. The Netgear router is $299.99.

Overall, we are madly in LOVE with the NETGEAR – Arlo Smart Security Cameras. Would we recommend them? I would highly recommend this set up to anyone that’s in the market for a home security camera system. We are so impressed with everything from set up to daily use.

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