Cinnabon ~ Cupcakes! *Giveaway! 2 Winners!* (Closed)

Back on February 13th, I posted about Inspirational People in my life. I wanted to elaborate more in this post :)

When you think about Cinnabon, what do you think of? I can remember back in 1994, when I was first introduced to Cinnabon. I drove 80 miles to visit a Cinnabon Bakery in the Amarillo Mall. Yes. I drove 80 miles just to go to the mall .. just for Cinnabon. Most people go to the mall for shopping; not me. These were the biggest and best cinnamon rolls I have ever had, in my life.

When I think Cinnabon, I think about Cinnamon rolls. I think we all do. Well, I am so excited to share with you a new product that is branching out, as we speak, in Cinnabon bakeries everywhere!


I had the blessed opportunity to go to Seattle to meet with some bloggers:

Mommy Perks, Soul Parents, Mommy Mandy, and the food bloggers from Cupcakes Take the Cake, Gigachef, Serious Eats and Savory Sweet Life .

Before I go on to anything else, I have to say that the car service that was there to pick us up and take us back to the airport rocked it. So nice, drove at my speed (nice and fast, but not illegal 😉 ) and were always on time.

While I in Seattle, I fell madly in love with the Firm that invited me, as well as the meeting of Jerilyn, She is the main brain behind Cinnabon. Oh, what a memorable event this was!

The first day, I arrived to the hotel got all checked in to the gorgeous Edgewater Hotel.

Gorgeous! Oh. My. Gosh.





Once I got checked in and freshened up, I was welcomed by the fab people from FOCUS Brands & Rogers Group in the lounge. What a relaxing and fun way to meet everyone! We had snacks and drinks and we were able to mingle and talk in a very comforting way. This seriously rocked! Even though we had all just met, I felt as if I had known everyone for years. While we were all mingling and getting to know each other, we were presented with some fun gift baskets that included some fab goodies for us to use while we were on our stay: snacks, Cinnabon Coffee drink, t-shirt, cap and some more goodies.


The next morning, I got up, got ready and headed to find the group in the lobby. We then headed out for a nice walk. I have to say that in February, taking a walk almost scared me. In Iowa, it is freezing out, snow everywhere, but not in Seattle. It was beautiful weather and a prfect refresher to wake us all up for the Ferry Ride over to Bainbridge Island to have lunch at Café Nola. Again, another small, intimate setting that was perfect for us all to get to talk some more and get to know each other even more.




After lunch, we were met with a van to take us to the final destination. *dun dun dun *

I have never, in my life, been so excited to meet someone. After knowing my love for Cinnabon, it was truly perfect to meet Jerilyn Brusseau, the main brain behind Cinnabon. Oh my gosh – her presence is truly angelic, heartwarming and so full of love and life! Ya see, I fell in love with Cinnabon in 1994, where Cinnabon was ‘born in 1985’, so I made perfect timing for a product and a person that would truly leave an impression in my heart forever. We were welcomed in to her adorable home with open arms (literally!) and an open mind to have the talk that I will remember for the rest of my life. I did not take pictures of the outside of her home for privacy reasons, but the inside truly speaks so much. You can tell where her heart lies – in her kitchen. She has a home that is small, perfect and as she called it to us ‘Her kitchen with a bed’. Literally, you walked from the kitchen, to the bedroom, turn there’s a walkway, bathroom and Walah – back in the kitchen. I can only dream of a kitchen of this aptitude! Total, her entire home is just shy of 700 square feet. I cannot tell you the expressions (in words) that I felt when I was in her home, in her kitchen and was able to bake with her. Hearing Jerilyn’s story of where she came from, where her journey took her and where she is today gives me chills; still.


I got to bake with Jerilyn. In her kitchen. In her home. With her recipes! How amazing is that?


While we were letting our cupcakes cool, before frosting them, we were taken on a memorable tour of her barn, that is just to the side of her adorable home.



Barn Video
[flashvideo filename=”videos/barn.flv” width=”420″ height=”320″ /]

Does this not look like a postcard? Gorgeous, isn’t it?

In this barn, Jerilyn uses it to host parties and has even been known to have weddings in this gorgeous place. What a beautiful location!

If all this wasn’t just the best, I have more to add. Jerilyn is more than a beautiful person, inside and out, she is also so heartwarming, more than I could have ever imagined. While we were in her barn, she was telling us about some things that she is an active part in.

She is also a humanitarian whose organization Peace Trees Vietnam works to remove land mines in Vietnam and replace them with new trees. Why? She had a brother that was killed in Vietnam, and what is a happy world if there is no peace, so she decided to start this organization to help bring the peace to us all. When she was telling us her story, I had to wipe away my tears and warm away my chills.

PeaceTrees Vietnam was founded in 1995 to renew relationships with the people of Vietnam and promote a safe, healthy future for its families & children. We sponsor demining and mine risk education, survivor assistance, citizen diplomacy trips and community building projects in partnership with the people of Quang Tri Province.

While we were walking around and getting to know Jerilyn even more, she was telling us about the DAISY Foundation that she has been a part of, as well. This foundation was created in January, 2000 from the family of J. Patrick Barnes, who died at age 33 of complications of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). This illness made Patrick not hungry, and one day his family brought a Cinnabon for Pat to eat when he was in the hospital. Patrick had not eaten in a while and when he requested one for the next day, he then asked that they bring enough for all the nurses in the unit. This was as a ‘thank you’ on his part, and because of that, now during the presentations of the DAISY Award they serve Cinnabons to all of the presenting nurses. As of July, 2009, over 4,500 nurses have received The DAISY Award.

Before ‘Cinnabon’, Jerilyn owned her own bakery & café, which was a lifelong dream of hers. In the 1980’s, she was approached to create the “world’s greatest cinnamon roll recipe.” She created the Cinnabon flavor and look that we know today, in 1985. Well, she thought it was time to come up with something new to add to the famous Cinnabon creation: Cupcakes!

There are four flavors being introduced to bakeries nationwide (see below for bakery schedule)

  • Cinnacake Classic
  • Chocolate Passion
  • Vanilla Bliss
  • 24-Carrot Cake

I am a manic nut for chocolate and I have to say that the Chocolate Passion is my ultimate favorite, but then again, they all were drool-worthy and amazing!



We were then split in to groups. This was so much fun! We were able to mingle with other bloggers and we were assigned a baker. Oh, how I loved my Ann Pearl! She has her own catering business and is a fabulous baker! I learned so much from her!

We had so much fun! It was educating and so much fun! While I wasn’t able to create the most perfect cupcake, I did manager to make Silly Seattle Sammy.


Admit it. You would buy this in a Cinnabon Bakery, wouldn’t you? 😉



Seriously, my dream. Check out the Wilton products we got to play with.


Jerilyn also shared her yummy family Coconut Cupcake recipe with us and I wanted to share it with you. If you would like to see it, please feel free to print and enjoy with your family! Click here to download and share with your family!

Brusseau’s Coconut Cream Cake With Coconut Butter Cream Frosting

Also, I wanted to share with you a schedule of Cinnabon Bakeries that are including cupcakes in their bakeries! Click here to see that list.

I loved her thought: Life is great with sweets, but:

Cinnabon cupcakes – Anything else is just a CupFake™

You can see more pictures from this fabulous event below:

All opinions in this posting are 100% my own. Thank you to Rogers Group and to Cinnabon for welcoming me with open arms & open hearts for this amazing event!

win it

  • Two winners will each receive a $20.00 Gift Certificate to any Cinnabon Bakery to try out the new yummy cupcakes and Cinnabon Cinnamon rolls

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  • Tell me what flavor of cupcake you would love to try!

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  • Contest ends on March 12, 2010 at 11:59 pm Central Time


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