Tip: How to clean Wilton Decorating Tips

I have been playing around for a few days with my Wilton decorating pantry and learning my way around my tools before I get started in full force on decorating. We have a dishwasher and have one of those plastic baskets that you would use to wash/sterilize baby bottle tops and straws. Well, I use the top basket to put my cake decorating tips in it and when I’m ready to wash dishes, the tips are organized and won’t get lost in the dishwasher. There are other ways to do it, but I saw my unused basket and thought I would try it. Works great!



  1. Thanks for the great tip. I had thought about it once before, but never tried it.

  2. Good “tip” Tanya! I actually spent forever and a day cleaning them. When I got my stuff back I even received decorating bags with icing so I had fun with the 1M tip practicing in my kitchen sink as I washed them :)