Stay home & have a fun family Stay-cation with Coleman!

Just like a lot of families out there, we are on a budget for our one income household. We love to go places as a family, but frankly, we just can’t afford it. In this economy right now, there’s more and more families staying home and making the best of what they have; their back yard! Have you ever heard of a ‘Stay-cation’? I started hearing about this, just this year. This is where families are doing more things at home, or closer to home, with activities ranging from cook out’s and even camping in their own back yard.

A camping-themed Stay-cation is a fabulous opportunity for young children to get in touch with both nature and their imagination. We have a large backyard so the possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to what we are able to do outdoors.

We had the chance to check out some products from The Coleman Company.

Coleman Product Details

Sundome 6 Tent: $149.99

  • 6 person/2 room tent
  • 12′ x 10′ tent
  • Dome structure, easy to transport & simple to set up
  • 72″ center height
  • Exclusive WeatherTec™ System
  • 2 doors
  • Durable carry bag with separate storage bags for tents, poles and stakes
  • Entry level price
  • Great for small family car campers, summer camp
  • Control airflow with adjustable Variflo™ ventilation
  • Rain fly included
  • Vented Cool-Air™ port
  • Privacy vent window
  • Easy two pole set up with shock-corded poles
  • Interior gear pocket
  • Electrical access port

Willow Creek Sleeping Bag: $34.99

  • Coleman® warm weather sleeping bags made for camping temperatures between 40 and 60 degrees

Extra High Queen Airbed: $77.99

  • Built-in 120V pump

Quad Lantern: $69.99

  • 190 lumens
  • Approximate run time is 75 hours
  • Battery lantern features four detachable panels
  • Each panel has 6 LEDs
  • Each panel has its own on/off switch
  • Each section recharges off of the base
  • Four lights in one
  • Light range is 26 feet
  • Operates on eight D cell batteries, not included
  • Remove a single section and light your way back to tent or around campsite
  • Turn on all four panels at once with master switch on top

50qt Extreme Cooler: $49.99

  • Keeps ice up to 5 days at temperatures up to 90°
  • Holds 84 cans
  • Retractable, telescoping handle holds stacked coolers in place
  • Lid has four cup holders
  • Large, durable wheels
  • Rustproof, leak resistant channel drain for no-tilt easy draining

Stacker Jug: $19.99

  • Two gallon capacity
  • Innovative stacking design, stack Party Stacker™ products on top of each other for easy storage and use
  • Smooth, bail handle makes carrying simple
  • Removable spigot is simple to clean
  • Perfect for family functions, school parties, or luncheons

MG thoughts

  • Sundome 6 Tent: $149.99
    This tent was so easy to put up! Hubby was able to set it up with the help of a friend, but when they got started, it was the two of them because they thought it was going to be hard; you know, like those tents we used to set up when we were kids with our family – that had poles, stakes, tons of directions and the kind that made you feel that it was better to just sleep on the ground…  This was super easy!

Now, this was funny – Hubby said this must have been a doggy door.

While this may be a doggy door, it can also pass as an entry area for plugs. I like the doggy door idea though!

I have to say that this sleeping bag is, by far, my favorite of all – including the sleeping bags that the kids have for indoor use. It is SOFT – so soft! Kambry uses this indoors when the kids ‘camp’ in the playroom. It is soft and nothing like what I remember a camping sleeping bag to feel or even look like.

One of my favorite of the products that we received was the Quad Lantern. The kids play camping indoors with the lantern when we have our indoor ‘camp in‘. We take a blanket and set it up in the playroom, over the loft and the kids can camp in there. The lantern is amazing for camping out, stay-cation, and holds up beautifully for the kids to pretend play indoors. Durable? Oh, it’s durable! The only drawback to this lantern is that it takes so many ‘D’ size batteries, however, we have been using this lantern pretty much daily for 2 months and the power is still just as strong as day one. I love that you can take the sides off and have multiple lights. Example: if hubby wants to use one side, he can go off and do whatever, the kids have one each and I have one; so you have one bright lantern or you can dim each side to lower the light, or you can have individual lights. From someone that travels a lot, this is perfect to keep in your car in the event that you break down.

While the 50qt Extreme Cooler is a larger cooler, this is perfect for camping or even to hold drinks, snacks, food, etc. for when you have a cook out at home, camping or traveling. It has a handle that is perfect to wheel where you need it to, as well as the drink holders on the top are perfect! We will have friends over or just want to make some punch to take with us when we are out and the Stacker Jug is perfect as well!

Looking to save money, have fun, yet still take your family out for some fun on a ‘vacation’? You don’t have to spend $1000 on a family weekend vacation somewhere when you can invest one time in Coleman goods and have your own camping out, camping in, or Stay-cation adventures in your own back yard. Time with the family shouldn’t be measured by the money that you spend on a hotel and a vacation, but by the valuable and priceless time that you can spend at home, in your own yard, over and over. Stay-cation’s are fun and nothing can make up for that!

All in all – we love Coleman, the products last and are very reasonable in price and we will totally be taking

Coleman Contest on Facebook

  • Grand Prize

Coleman® Roadtrip® LXE Grill, 50 qt Xtreme® Wheeled Party Stacker™ Cooler, 48 qt Party Stacker™ cooler, 24 can Party Stacker™ cooler, silicone brush, silicone glove, 2 pc dining set, 10 × 10 Instant Canopy, four Cooler Quad Chairs, Quad Lantern, LED Headlamp, Can holders, two 1-gallon Party Stacker™ jugs.

  • 2nd Prize

Coolers, furniture and tailgate accessories!

  • 3rd Prize

Coolers, furniture and tailgate accessories!

  • 4th Prize

Coolers, furniture and tailgate accessories!

  • 5th Prize

Coolers, furniture and tailgate accessories!

  • 6th Prize

Coolers, furniture and tailgate accessories!

  • 7th Prize

Coolers, furniture and tailgate accessories!

  • 8th Prize

Coolers, furniture and tailgate accessories!

  • 9th Prize

Coolers, furniture and tailgate accessories!

  • 10th Prize

Coolers, furniture and tailgate accessories!

Contest Instructions
Pick a fun part of the lot, don’t steal your buddy’s chair, beat the crowd; these are just a few rules to live by on the blacktop. Have your own rule? Enter it, then vote for your favorite. Whoever purposes the most votes will win a sweet tailgate package that will make them the envy of all fans. But it’s not all about #1 – we’re also giving away nine 2nd place prizes to round out the top ten for our “Coleman Tailgate 101 Rules” contest. The rules: only one entry per person, only original entries will be accepted, entries must be clean and family friendly. Good luck!

Prize Eligibility
Only persons who are at least 18 years of age can enter.

  • Contest Starts
    October 06, 2010 @ 11:09 am (CDT)
  • Contest Ends
    October 22, 2010 @ 11:59 pm (CDT)

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  1. @RobAlister, I can tell you from our experience, that this is the best light/lantern that we have. I have bought a ‘similar’ for half the price, but it also died about less than a month after we got it. Highly recommend these!

  2. RobAlister says:

    My budget would have included a cheaper lantern and a cheaper cooler :)