Crayola ColorStudio HD for iPad

We are mega technology lovers in our home. We have two iPad’s that we travel with and use on a daily basis. While I use them for the blog and randomly while on the couch or out and about, the kids use both for learning apps and to play games. One thing that both kids love is Crayola. What is a better combination than Crayola and the iPad?

Crayola® ColorStudio™ HD


The iMarker™ digital stylus is the key. Like a marker, crayon, pen and paintbrush in one, iMarker creates favorite Crayola colors within the ColorStudio HD app. iMarker looks like a Crayola marker, but is safe to use with the Multi-Touch display of your iPad. The ColorStudio HD app automatically differentiates between iMarker and your child’s finger taps and swipes, allowing intuitive, creative play without having to toggle between modes. Your child enjoys the accuracy and ease of a stylus without giving up direct manipulation of the creative space.

Pictures, animations, sound effects, music — ColorStudio HD always has something new to discover and color. And new pictures are available through ongoing updates automatically when you sync your iPad.

Parents can share the work their children have created by printing it (requires iOS 4.2 or later) or through email and Facebook.

Put it all together and you get the most amazing coloring book ever, with all your favorite Crayola crayons, paints, pencils, markers and more in a convenient no-ink, no-mess, kid-safe package.

With Crayola ColorStudio HD, Griffin and Crayola are creating new ways for children to color, draw, and discover in the digital age.

First off, the Crayla ColorStudio was easy to use, right out of the package. Everything that you need is in the package.



To get started using Crayola® ColorStudio™ HD, I went to my app store on the iPad and searched for Crayola ColorStudio HD.




The app was easy to find, easy to install and fun to get started with!


One you get it installed, you can choose from making your own coloring page, preloaded coloring pages or even starting with a blank canvas.


Once you open a coloring page, it will prompt for a tutorial. You can x out, or click play for a walk through of the animated coloring pages.


With the Crayola ColorStudio pen, you can go in and start coloring, just as you would with a paper and box of Crayons. Super cool!


From here, once you (or your child. Winking smile ) are done coloring, you have the option to save and even print! Overall, we LOVE the Crayola ColorStudio HD pen and app. Very user friendly and endless fun! We had some technical issues with the pen at first, but we were able to resolve them. We did notice that if your iPad has a protective cover over the screen, you will need to push harder on the pen to get the color to activate on the color sheets. Kambry is in love with the selection of color sheets that are available. Her favorite are the underwater sheets.

Looking for a fun new way to introduce the kids in to the iPad or are you looking for fun new apps for your iPad? Color Studio is a perfect addition and a great stocking stuffer idea.

The Price of Crayola ColorStudio HD Pen: $29.99. The Crayola ColorStudio HD App is Free in iTunes.

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  1. what a cool app! we’ll have to check it out.