Denny’s Heart Healthy Additions to the Menu *Yummy Review!*

Vanilla Yogurt
Seasonal Fresh Fruit
Chicken Sausage
Turkey Bacon
Egg whites, scrambled
Wheat Pancakes

When you hear these things, what do you think? Healthy? Yummy? Better for you? How about all of the above? We are working on a diet change for our family; not only from a healthy stand point, but also on a behavioral standpoint. When I heard the Denny’s had come out with new menu additions, I was really excited! We rarely eat out because everything is either deep fried, fried, or just unhealthy sounding in general. I grew up going to Denny’s every week and enjoyed the family time and the food, overall. I have a confession to make though; I thought Denny’s were only located in the southern part of the US, but boy – was I wrong! We live in Iowa, but go to Omaha a lot, so we just visited the Omaha location of Denny’s and were pleasantly surprised and excited to have gone to that location.

Yes. I took a picture of the sign as we were arriving. Are you suprised? 😆


I am a huge fan of chicken sausage and turkey bacon; in fact, we have switched to these in our own home. Denny’s now offers turkey bacon and chicken sausage in their locations, instead of the regular fried pork bacon and sausage.

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enproductimage_400What about the kids meals? Did you know that you can replace some menu items with things like egg whites and seasonal fresh fruit? When we were at the Omaha location of Denny’s Tucker was so excited to see that he could get fresh fruit with his ‘cancakes’. The boy loves his fruit! I have to admit that I don’t know of many kids that prefer fresh fruit and veggies over cookies. Tucker does!


With the addition of Granola, Vanilla Yogurt, Seasonal Fresh Fruit, Chicken Sausage, Turkey Bacon, scrambled Egg whites and Wheat Pancakes, Denny’s is also offering a beautiful array of fresh salads with grilled chicken and other healthier alternatives on them. I, myself, am not a salad eater, but I can tell you from looking at the pictures, they are very tempting for me to try. Yes. I said it. For those that know me, this is a shocker.

I do have to say that when we arrived to Denny’s, I am not sure what I was ‘expecting’ with the healthy menu, other than, for some reason, I thought there would be an insert in the current menu or a more obvious attraction to the new healthy options, but the waitress was very helpful! She pointed out the new additions for us. Overall, we were very pleased with our entire experience, the staff with the Denny’s location that we visited and with the new menu options. Will we return to Denny’s? You bet!

How did we leave? With a great experience, happy faces and full tummies.


If you are looking for a family dining environment with a nice selection of food choices and for a place that you can take your entire family out to eat that won’t break the bank; check out Denny’s! To find a location near you, visit


  1. I would also know who makes the Denny’s Turkey Bacon and where I can buy it for cooking at home.

  2. Does anyone know who makes the Denny’s Turkey Bacon? It’s quite good. We had it several times on our recent month long trip out west when we got fed up (ooops pun) with the Choice Hotels limited choice (there I go again… this is not intentional) high carb free breakfast.

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