#DIY Camera Purse Bag

Last Fall, I was in the market for a new camera bag, but after looking around and even buying a couple of bags that were made specifically for camera purses, they just weren’t all that I wanted. I wanted a purse, that looked like a purse, but something that would be able to hold my Nikon, 2 lenses, external flash, extra batteries, memory cards, my wallet, a few personal things like keys, lipstick, and even my iPad. The camera bags that I have just didn’t hold everything and if they were meant to, it was too bulky and uncomfortable to carry.

With my love for Coach bags, I thought I’d check out the Coach Factory Outlet and see what they had in the clearance section.


What I really wanted was a black leather Coach bag.


Then there it was. ONE BLACK LEATHER Coach bag…. with purple satin inside. Red, purple and black are my favorite colors. I tried my best not to drool on it and ruin it before I could get it out of the store.


Luckily for me, this bag was on the clearance section, which was 75% off retail price, then I had a discounted postcard for another 30% off the sale price. *singing * Heaven must have known what I wanted! I ended up spending about $35.00 for this black Coach bag.

Don’t worry, no sewing is involved, so no Coach bags were harmed in the making of this beauty.

DIY Camera Bag – Camera Purse

What I bought:

  • 1/4 thick foam square
  • Fabric glue
  • Velcro
  • 1 bandana (you can use any fabric. I found this over in the craft aisle in a set of two.)
    • The green foam inserts are from another camera purse bag that I purchased.

Yup, that’s it. The most expensive part was the foam square. That buggar was about $15.00 for that small square.


I bought Aileen’s Super Fabric Platinum Bond glue.


I took the glue and made a line across the outside section of the foam. then folded the bandana fabric over, crossed it & applied the glue in the fold so it was secure.


The glue dries pretty fast, so I was able to add the covered foam in the center of my Coach Bag.


I really liked the way this looked! The purple on the outer pockets, along with the pink and black just made it all pull together beautifully.


Since I already had a couple of camera bags that had inserts, I used those, but used the Velcro that I bought, measured it, put the Velcro on the inserts, added the same fabric glue to the inserts, then added inside the bag where I wanted them.




And here is my Coach bag, as a camera bag. I am in love! When I want to use my Coach bag as a regular purse, all I have to do is pull the middle insert out and use. When I want to use as a camera purse, I just put the foam back in and my camera, lenses, flash & iPad are safe and ready to travel with.


It’s not recommended that you travel with your lens on your camera, so when I travel, I have my camera body closed with the cap on, and my lens(es) along side, but if I am out site-seeing, I can shift the Velcro’d padding center pieces and walk around with my camera with the lens on, as well as with my flash.


  1. very cool!

  2. This is such a super, super idea. I just moved up to a Nikon camera last weekend after having a point and shoot camera for many, many years that I was able to carry around in my purse, and my Husband and Daughter keep asking me what I was going to do about carrying my new camera around with me. Now I know what I can do. Thank you for sharing.

  3. GAW-jus, simply gaw-jus!
    I have a Coach outlet near me, I spend at least an hour every time I go there because I have to look at and touch all the pretty bags.

  4. No, the fabric is glued to the foam, and the foam is just inserted in the middle so I can take it out and use in another purse with a similar layout. :-)

  5. So did you glue the foam into the purse or just set it in. BTW super cute and I love the Coach bag.

  6. Looks great! This past week I was was thinking about trying this myself. Now I have a better idea of how to go about it! Thanks!!!! :bye:

  7. About to fix it now. Thank you for letting me know.

  8. Hey sweetie your pictures aren’t loading for some reason :(