We are under construction – literally!

A huge thank you to BlogHer, all the companies at the expo & in attendance! Mommy Goggles plans on writing about each company that we talked with & received items from. Please give us time, as we are currently under home construction for a new office! Super excited to finally have a full space to work, other than the kitchen table, tiny roll top desk that the hubby dislikes in living room, review items in storage bins that need to be organized and a couch that is comfortable, but it’s time to set up shop in an actual organized office! I will be doing a of the construction myself on this room, but we have sought out a construction company to help us with the next adventure for the laundry room. For mos tof the updates, I will be doing it myself,  but there are some things that we just need help with or dont have the tools to finish it all ourselves, so for part, we hired a contractor. We were really hoping to use the same home contractor that helped us before with my kitchen and the weight bearing wall… but we haven’t been able to get anyone to return our phone calls. Ya snooze – ya lose.

This is the shelving area of an extra room in my 1900 home’s basement. We only use this room for these storage shelves, which clearly look like it should be a garage.


I am going to transform this room in to an entire home office.


Corner desk that I bought yesterday at Nebraska Furniture Mart.

Retail Cost: $259

Their cost: $169

Vantage Corner Desk, HM66315-03 by Bush Furniture by Bush Furniture  BizChair.com

It looks small in the top image, but holy space and storage! Tucker loved it! Since I have a thin table that will hold all my electronics (iPad’s, laptop, printer), so this space is a perfect size for my room & will allow for a nice storage space for paperwork and current reviews.


I cannot disclose too much just yet about the other part of the demo that I am about to begin which is an entirely NEW laundry room with a new shower. You will have to stay tuned as I walk you through my Affordable DIY (Do it yourself) adventures!

Ahhhhh the joys of owning a 1900 home! We get to make it OUR HOME. Stay tuned!

Thank you for bearing with us as we transition!


  1. LOVE that desk and all it’s storage room.
    Can’t wait to see what you do with the space, I love my space even if it’s just my fluffy stuffed chair and my laptop. :good: