#DIY Home remodeling update! 

We have lived in our current home for going on two years now. We bought it because it was pretty much a blank canvas and we have been hard at work… And loving it!

I can’t wait to share the complete process but here’s a teaser so far of our 1200 sq feet basement. It has a good size window and a walk out.

These pics are from the day that we moved in, so pardon all the random crap.

This is only half of the space. The opposite side has been converted in to a gym, 2 finished guest bedrooms and will be the home of a full bath for guests. This space is becoming the family room/man cave/bar.

April 2014



February 2016


There’s no cable down there yet so I’m streaming YouTube videos from my iPad mini on our new 55″ Smart TV that I found on sale at Sam’s Club.

More to be posted soon. I can’t wait to share what all we are up to!