Don’t be left stranded without power – @Rayovac Portable Power Boost 800 Charger

A couple of years ago, my kids and I got stranded on a highway about 20 miles from town… at 2:00am. My car had no power, my phone battery was dying, so I wasn’t able to charge my phone and I feared I would lose power and no one would be able to find us. That was the only and the last time time that I will ever be stranded with no power.

I am proud and happy to say that Rayovac has changed the power field with their new portable power boost.

Portable Mobile Charger

PS78 Portable Phone Boost 800 Charger for Apple Lightning Tip Phones

Mobile Battery Power Pack for Apple Lightning Tip Phones

Rayovac Portable Phone Boost | Mommy Goggles

  • 800mAh Lithium Ion rechargeable mobile device charger
  • Charger holds enough power to recharge your mobile phone for 150 minutes of talk time
  • Recharge the Phone Boost power pack 500+ times by using a USB charger
  • Holds charge up to 6 months
  • Integrated USB and Apple Lightning device connectors with protective caps
  • Compatible with Apple Lightning devices
  • MFi certified – Made for iPhone & iPod
  • 4 LED battery gauge indicators show charge and discharge status
  • Keychain attached for convenience and portability
  • Instant power once your device is plugged in
  • Push button switch turns charger on – if inactive for 30 seconds, charger will automatically turn off to save battery power
  • Limited product warranty

When I received the Rayovac Portable Phone Boost, I noticed how small it was. The compact size is awesome for keeping in a pocket, on a keychain, in the glove compartment of your car or in your handbag.

Rayovac Portable Phone Boost | Mommy Goggles

As you can see, there are end caps that cover the USB part as well as the connector that goes in the device itself.

Rayovac Portable Phone Boost | Mommy Goggles

To charge the Rayovac Portable Phone Boost device, you take the USB end and plug it in a USB charging port, outlet, plug or even on the USB section on your computer.

When the Rayovac Portable Phone Boost is charged (which charges super fast), it’s ready to be used. If your phone has a case on it, the connector end most likely won’t fit in the charging port so you’ll need to take the case off to get your phone to charge.

Rayovac Portable Phone Boost | Mommy Goggles

This bad boy charged my iPhone 5s from 67% at 12:15am to 98% at 12:43am. While the Mobile Battery Power Pack. I don’t know about you, but my heart begins to race when I am no where near a power outlet and my phone battery percentage is anywhere under 40%. If I have an outlet near by, or if I don’t have the Rayovac Portable Phone Boost with me. I was happy to see how fast the Power Boost charged my phone. 

Rayovac Portable Phone Boost | Mommy Goggles

Overall, I am madly in LOVE with the Rayovac Portable Phone Boost and have plans to purchase one for hubby to keep with him for when he’s on the road, stocking stuffers for family and even an extra to keep in my car for ‘just in case’.

The Rayovac Portable Phone Boost is available in:

  • Apple 30-pin
  • Apple Lightening Tip
  • Android Micro-USB

Retail price: $24.99 each

You can find out more information on Rayovac’s Mobile Battery Power Packs by visiting You can also find Rayovac on Twitter and Facebook.


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