Fun & Giggles with an app – who knew?

So, yesterday, I decided to download an app on my iPad and see what all the fuss was about. If you don’t like addictions, run away now. This is worse than the addiction to McDonald’s french fries.

Draw Something

This is where you draw things for people within your Facebook friends list and they guess, send it back to you, you send it back. The only thing this app needs is a voice recorder so the other person can hear me snorting with laughter.

There’s the free app, or you can pay 99 cents for the upgraded version. I paid the buck and earned coins to buy more colors. This is too much!

This is not a paid post, sponsored post or a review. I thought I’d show you what the commotion has been about.

So my 1st drawing was Elmo. Hey, I never said I was an artist.


I think this was supposed to be a love cruise where I got sick. Thanks Cheryl! LOL


Kim did an amazing job!


Of course, this is Lady GaGa.


I guess playing all day makes your skill get better. Introducing Hawkeye.


Are you on Draw Something? Add me @Mommy Goggles : )

I believe this is on the Android market too. Love it!