Dubin Breast Center: The Leadership to Cure Breast Cancer

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I have a friend that is a breast cancer survivor. I have another friend that her mother is a breast cancer survivor.  One friend lost her sister to breast cancer. I have been a part of breast cancer my entire life in some sort, shape or fashion. When I was asked to pass along some information about the Dubin Breast Center, I didn’t skip a beat to share with my readers. The Dubin Breast Center isn’t your average medical center, it is a warm environment that makes you feel more comforted when you are there.

When Dr. Eva Andersson-Dubin was told that she had breast cancer, it was like the whole world came down.  She is a mother, a physician and a wife.  She had a lot to live for and after her fight was over, she was determined that there was more she could do to help other women through their journeys too.  This is Dr. Eva Andersson-Dubin’s inspiring story of how she came to create the Mount Sinai Dubin Breast Center.

If we fall ill or even simply go in for a routine check-up, we all want the attention we deserve from our visit.   Feeling special when we arrive at our doctor’s office should be a given, and because breast cancer is a very personal illness, Eva was determined to go beyond the bricks and mortar. Creating the Dubin Breast Center meant creating a place where every patient can feel like he or she is the center of attention.  Thanks to the help of Dubin’s family, countless doctors, nurses, researchers and patients, Eva’s dream became a reality a few weeks ago.  Under the leadership of co-directors Dr. George Raptis and Dr. Elisa Port, the 15 thousand square foot facility opened its doors to an intimate setting.

What does the Dubin Breast Center provide?

  • Multidisciplinary services ranging from prevention to aftercare, in one centralized location
  • Comprehensive breast cancer and patient care
  • Plans to offer complementary medicine including nutrition, onco-fertility and quality of life counseling
  • Masseuse  on the premise to help patients relax
  • Boutique-like, personal feel while being able to leverage resources from the large academic medicinal center that is Mount Sinai Medical Center located right in New York City


You can learn more by visiting Leadership To Cure: www.leadershiptocure.com .

And be sure to follow Mount Sinai on Twitter: www.twitter.com/mountsinainyc


  1. Asgar Allie says:

    I wish to acknowledge that Drs. Raptis and Port, in my estimation, are two of the best doctors that I have come to know. My information is second hand, but based on all the feedbacks, I was never able to detect anything but admiration for these two wonderful human beings. Their care, compassion, consideration, kindness, professionalism and other atributes too numerous to mention will forever live in my heart and will redound from my lips.