Travel lightly with the Evenflo Portable Highchair *Review & Giveaway*

With all our outside adventures, cook out’s and travels, I have thought about where we would put Kambry to eat. She can sit by us, but if she had a travel highchair, that would be even easier for us to feed her and better for her to be able to feed herself. We have found the perfect solution for travels, as well as staying at home and having our cook out’s outside, with Evenflo.

Evenflo is making life easier for moms this summer with the innovative new BabyGo High Chair. This portable, lightweight chair gives mom one less thing to worry about. The collapsible chair takes just seconds to set up, weighs less than 10 pounds and fits into its own integrated carry bag – so it won’t clutter your car or weigh down your beach bag.

ptru1-5533758regEvenflo Baby Go High Chair

Product Description
Finally a High Chair that goes any where and everywhere! The new baby Go High Chair is the perfect High Chair for active lifestyle parents on the go. This High Chair folds in compactly in under a minute. It is great for the park, the restaurant, the grandparent’s, the baby sitters and for travel. The Chair features a multi position tray, 5 point harness and quick fold system. It has a build in carry handle for convenience. This chair meets all ASTM standards and is JPMA certified.


I really love how lightweight this chair is! I love the look, the overall make up of it and the price is great! Right around $49, this is the perfect baby shower gift, travel idea or even if you don’t want to clutter your house with a big, bulky high chair.





Kambry is 19 months old. She fits very nicely in this highchair! We tried this out on a baby that was around 5 months old and he fit great in it as well. He was able to sit up in it, be buckled in and he fit comfortably.

Also, the tray is nicely made. It is thin, but it is long enough to let Kambry eat and is really sturdy! You don’t want a thick and heavy tray; that will just make more weight to tote around when you are carrying this to travel or for use in your home or outdoors. I loved how easy the whole high chair was to put together. It has rounded legs that you snap in to place, then screw in so they don’t wobble around. On the back of the highchair, there is a pocket, so you can keep travel items that you may need. I use it to keep disposable bibs and flatwear in it. Perfect for keeping in the pocket, and to have when you are on the go!

With July 4th and many family outings, cook out’s, and travels, the Evenflo Portable Highchair is the answer to all of our needs this summer!

Overall.. this mommy approves the Evenflo Baby Go High Chair! Kambry approves of it as well!

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  1. I found this chair at Burlington by my house as a floor model. We have had it now for over 2 months to use for my 1 year old daughter. We have taken it to baseball games, family outings, pool, and vacation. This seat is worth every penny. It is lightweight and durable, does not fall over no matter how hard my daughter tries. Get rid of the other high chairs, this one beats them all! And to top it off, everyone will wish they had one for their kids! I get stopped everywhere about the seat! You cannot go wrong with this purchase! I recommend it to all who love the outdoors!

  2. Jen Easton says:

    One word …. TWINS. we have a 2 yo and infant twins; there simply isn’t enough room at our house for the amount of seating we require this chair sure would help cut down on the clutter

  3. This highchair would be amazing for us! My son is just over one year and gets into everything. I live in a small apartment and I find myself always stubbing my toes on his high chair. It would be great to be able to put it away when we are not using it! It also would be a great item to pass on to someone in need when we are done with it 🙂

  4. My friends just got one for when they go camping and she says it was a life saver 🙂 I cant wait to have one myself, we camp all summer.

  5. Hello! I just found this product today and I am in total aww of it!! The genius that thought of it must have been a parent! I have a 2.5 year old who doesnt sit still for seconds unless restrained in a seat, problem is our stroller doesnt cut it anymore as we have a 2.5 month old who now has taken over. I loooove the portability of it, as we are always out and about. The colors are bright and fun! and the fact that there is a full sized tray is ideal for parents who know what its like to try to push a highchair or stroller up to a table in a restaraunt. Great product with functionality and style in mind!!

  6. Peaches Pennock says:

    I would love to able to win this highchair because we travel a lot to see family and friends that don’t have a highchair of there own.This would be great to take on vacations!!and my son would love it.

  7. Lily Kwan says:

    I subscribed to your newsletter.

  8. Lily Kwan says:

    This great prize would help me out by making mealtime more manageable.

  9. It would be great for all the traveling we do 🙂

  10. Lisa Taylor says:

    This would be great for when we eat out on the deck Not having to lug a heavy highchair would be nice

  11. This would be great for when my niece comes to visit.

  12. Michelle H. says:

    This would be great for traveling to grandma’s house.

  13. Jennifer Jozwiak says:

    My little one splits time between my place and her dad’s. this chair would be great to take back and forth.

  14. I’m a subscriber

  15. We eat out a lot so this highchair would be so useful! I’d rather bring my own highchair than to use the ones in restaurants, who knows if they ever clean them!

  16. Lusea Lewis says:

    This high chair would help me out because both my husbands parents and both my parents are divorced and re-married and we have to travel to 4 different houses for family dinners and holidays. Having a high chair that is portable and lightweight would be wonderful. Not to mention all the backyard bbq’s we do at our house!

  17. This would be great because it would be so easy to take along.

  18. I have your button

  19. I subscribe to newsletter

  20. Well this would be a gift so it wouldn’t help me out, but hopefully it would help my friend out and make it easier for to come and visit my babyless house!

  21. Jared Farnum says:
  22. have your button!

  23. subscribe!

  24. I like the easy portablility,is that a word:), of the chair and comes w/ a tray. Usually when I go visit my family someone has to hold the baby while the other feeds her. Our highchair is too bulky to take w/ us!

  25. Sherry R says:

    I subscribe via email.

  26. Sherry R says:

    We are actually in need of a high chair right now so this would be wonderful to win!

  27. kathy pease says:


  28. kathy pease says:
  29. This sounds very convenient and like a great gift for my friend’s birthday- she has a little one!

  30. kathy pease says:

    this would be great for my nephew who just had a baby girl 2 months ago 🙂

  31. I subscribe via email.

  32. This would be great for camping and grilling outside!

  33. Jacqueline Sampson says:

    Wow!! This would be awesome to have for when we travel to Grandma and Grandpa’s house (they live in a different province)! And this would be such a special gift for our first child…Carson!!

  34. Natalie says:

    This would be great to use when you go to friend’s houses or family member’s homes and have no wear to feed the baby!

  35. Michelle Gretzinger says:

    have an 18 month and a new one will be here next month, and we’re always on the go, big fans of picnics this chair would be super handy

  36. I’m a subscriber

  37. This would be great to have when we visit friends & family. Usually they don’t have a highchair for my son to sit in so this lightweight highchair would be useful!

  38. Jennifer says:

    This would be a huge help for travelling with my 3 month old son. All of our family is out of town, so we’re always going somewhere to visit! This high chair would get a lot of use!!

  39. Are you kidding??!! With 3 kids there is so much stuff I need to carry when I leave home…This portable chair would be great!!

  40. I have your button on my blog!

  41. This is so great! We visit family often enough that we have to pack all kinds of stuff to go, but not often enough to buy a high chair to leave there!

  42. shanineq says:

    this highchair would help so much as we are never home during the summer and always have to bring the reg highchair with us. Weither we are out a frinds or at a fair this highchair would be so ideal.

  43. As a family with 4 kids, 2 of which are under 3 years old, we have a ton of stuff to pack and organize when we’re heading out. A travel high chair would be the perfect addition to our “packing” and make life a whole lot easier for us! You have no idea how hard it is to try to feed a baby and a toddler when they’re sitting on one’s knee!

  44. c. clemens says:

    the high chair would be great for at home or to take to relatives who dont have a high chair at thier home when we go to eat thier. and it looks light and comfy.

  45. Linda Huard says:

    Hi My name is Linda and I have 4 beautiful children ages 8,6,5,1
    We are a very low income family and don’t have much money goes all to bills and food, my husband lost his job due to illness and is unable to work. I’m home with the kids and can’t work, doctors orders husband no be able to watch the kids on his own. We use a stepping stole on a chairs for my baby to eat with us at the table can’t aford a highchair. please this will mean so much to us to win this high chair for my baby.

  46. This would be perfect because we have a small house AND will be traveling a lot with baby — I think the styling is so adorable!

  47. Carrie Miyake says:

    I subscribe

  48. Carrie Miyake says:

    THis would be perfect. I was wondering how we were going to manage feeding baby for a week when we travel to Wyoming next month to visit my husbands family. I was not looking forward to purchasing a high chair to use there or holding my 5 month old during all feedings.

  49. I am in need of a highchair that can be portable. i live in new york city so everything has to be portable. i am also a stay at home mom and could use any help possible.

  50. Courtney Fairbrother says:

    This would be great to take on vacations!!

  51. Kara Pearson says:

    I follow you on twitter and tweeted this giveawya (evyready)

  52. Kara Pearson says:

    I have you button on my blog

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    I subscribed

  54. Kara Pearson says:

    I love this chair and wow, we do alot of camping, and go to the beach all summer, with emma we would be able to feed her anywhere , this is great for travelling as my parents live far away and packing the car up is not that easy . so the compactablility of it is wow, i love the green color!!!

  55. Ali Hammons says:

    My husband, son, and I travel a lot. We go camping a lot, for example, and having a high chair is a neccesity. It’s a true nuesence to bring along my son’s traditional high chair though. As it takes up a lot of room and is quite heavy. Having a travel high chair would be great! It would save room and be a lot more convienent.

  56. It is so expensise to have a baby now-a-day that one important factor when making a purchase is how vetsitle is the product. That high chair is on the top of that list. Not only does it proved extra safety features, the ability to take it with you any where it awesome.

    I would love to be able to use this at resturants, I can’t believe the number of resturants that have unsafe and unclean highchairs available to parents. I also would like to take it to my older boys t-ball games, it’s perfect for so many on the go families…and the price… you can’t beat it!

  57. Melissa Barnes says:
  58. Melissa Barnes says:


  59. Melissa Barnes says:
  60. Melissa Barnes says:

    this would be fantastic for going over to peoples houses for dinner that dont have high chairs!!!

  61. That highchair is so cool! Would be great for going to the park for picnics,
    ballgames, and out on the patio

  62. kimberly holly says:


  63. kimberly holly says:

    have your button~

  64. kimberly holly says:


  65. kimberly holly says:

    This would help out with the new addition we expect to adopt this November,

  66. Molly Capel says:

    This highchair will help us by having an easy place for our youngest to eat, whereever we may be.

  67. Christine says:

    I’m a subscriber.

    thank you,


  68. Christine says:

    The Evenflo Baby Go High Chair would be a lifesaver for my niece who is due in September. She could especially use this when she goes to visit all of the grandparents and other family members. This way they do not have to lug around one of the regular high chairs.

    Thank you,


  69. I have a new grandson and this would be perfect to keep at my home when caring for him and also take out when we go on a picnic, out to eat, or whatever–lots of restaurants don’t have highchairs or the ones that do are broken or just plain yucky!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  70. we travel all the time and going to mexico to visit family with this high chair would be great…especially if she has a place to sit and stay in place…

  71. hazel hunt says:


  72. Kimberly says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter by email.

  73. Kimberly says:

    This would help me when my nieces and nephews come over (which can be quite frequently)and when I take them places like a restaurant or to the park. It would be easy to just pack up and go.

  74. This highchair would be wonderful to use when we go camping and picnics.

  75. It would not be for our family; it would be to help out anyone who could use it, via our church. Great prize.

  76. I was always in need of a high chair when we wanted to go somewhere with my son. This would be so useful.

  77. I have your button on my BLOG!

    nateandjakesmom at gmail dot com

  78. With two kids in high chairs you can imagine how hard it is when we go anywhere during meal times. This would make things so much easier for us!!

    nateandjakesmom at gmail dot com

  79. A portable high chair would just be great when we go to visit family or friends or for a trip to the park.

  80. colleen Yamamoto says:

    The perfect chair to take with us camping!

  81. Tanya (yes, me too!) says:

    We’re planning two summer driving trips with our 15 month old and these will be a first for her and us. We’re trying to figure out how to pack everything in the car, and we will have to have a high chair of some sort, since it’s a safety issue. I’m not sure what will have to be left at home, but if we have a lightweight chair that takes up very little space it will make our summer vacations at a mountain cabin and at Grammy and Papa’s SO much easier!