Family fun with @SimplyFun and #FamilyGameNight

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We all have busy schedules, there’s no doubt about that. With my now working outside the home, as well as working on the blog at home, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, school, sporting events, end of school year school events and taking care of the house and family, we tend to lose face with reality and time slips away from us. With this said, several weeks ago, we set up a weekly family fun night. It’s pretty much like a date, but for all four of us… in the house… in the living room… on the floor… with a blanket. Sounds silly, but we love it. We have a carpet ‘picnic’, pizza, a movie and a fun game.


Kambry loves to set up for our family fun night. She gets a big blanket (or in her case, 2 or 3… or more). She will set up a side space for her ‘friends’ and their tea party, while setting up place settings for all four of us, and whoever may be visiting at that time. We will order in dinner this night because the kids love to order in. We will do chicken, burgers or pizza, get a movie, find a fun game and just enjoy the evening together. The blanket makes it fun, but from a mother’s point of view, it basically gathers the crumbs and can easily be tossed in the washer to clean.

This week, we were sent a new game to play during our family game night. We chose something that we thought would be a perfect fit for a 7 year old (1st grade) and almost 10 year old (3rd grade); Whirly’s World. This game is so much fun!

Whirly’s World



Glide along the trail rolling dice, completing odd & even cards & gathering
Whirly tokens. The first snail to join Whirly in the center of the
garden wins the game!

  • Ages 6 and up
  • 15 – 30 Minutes
  • 2-6 Players


  • Odd & Even Numbers
  • Early Addition

I cannot even begin to express how much we love Whirly’s World! I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. Not only are the kids learning math, we are all spending quality time together.





We had so much fun with this game that we played it more than once this week… and we had our carpet picnic more than once too. It’s too much fun for just one night! This game retails for $32 and in my opinion is well worth it. We have played it several times this week and the kids are learning more about math and we, as a family, are simply enjoying each other’s company.

You can find Whirly’s World on the Simply Fun website, along with many other family fun games.

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