Mark your calendar for National Family Game Night on 9/23 with Hasbro!

NFGN-BadgeDoes your family have a Family Game Night? We are really starting to get in to more family one on one time and game night is the perfect addition to any home!

Be sure to mark your calendar for Wednesday, September 23, so you can be a part of the first-ever National Family Game Night! On this day, Hasbro is encouraging families across America to spend an evening at home playing games together to reconnect and reenergize relationships.

On September 23 families across the country will be buying properties, shouting “Sorry!” and planning triple word scores during the first official National Family Game Night. As the makers of popular family games including THE GAME OF LIFE, CLUE and CONNECT 4, Hasbro challenges American families to pause from hectic schedules and take part in an evening of game play to reconnect and reenergize relationships. This Wednesday evening is part of Turn Off Week, a grassroots effort that encourages families to switch off electronic distractions and engage in other forms of entertainment, such as playing games, that promote conversation and interaction.

04424164ebe7_Main400For families on a budget, National Family Game Night provides an opportunity to share an affordable night in. Buying a new game costs significantly less than many other entertainment options, such as dining out or attending a sporting event, and Hasbro games can be played year after year providing hours of entertainment. When planning your family game night, consider some of America’s favorite Hasbro games, most of which are available for less than $20: MONOPOLY, SCRABBLE, OPERATION, YAHTZEE, GUESS WHO?, BATTLESHIP or CRANIUM. Or, if you’re looking for a new game, try PICTUREKA!, a fast finding picture game that provides fun for the whole family.

Some of Hasbro’s classic favorites have also been updated this year, adding a new dimension of play to each game. For example, MONOPOLY Family Game Night: Championship Edition gives players the opportunity to host a Championship showdown at home, complete with tournament style rules and a Mr. MONOPOLY trophy for the victor. CLUE: Secrets & Spies Edition is a new suspense-filled game of global espionage where players work undercover and decode secret text messages sent through real time cell phone text messages. And CONNECT 4×4 is the first double grid, four-player game of CONNECT 4, introducing more competition and strategy to the classic game of four in a row.



In addition to offering hours of fun and entertainment, games also provide countless learning opportunities. Playing games reinforces patience, turn taking and teamwork, as well as losing gracefully and following directions. MONOPOLY, for example, is a great way to start teaching kids and young adults budgeting skills, while BOGGLE and SCRABBLE help with spelling, and CLUE helps with deductive reasoning. Spend an affordable night in with any Hasbro game for an educational and enjoyable experience that will be remembered for years to come.


We LOVE games! I have to say that my personal favorite is the classic Monopoly. Wait, it’s scrabble. No – maybe it’s Clue. Ahhh I can’t decide! The kids love the new SpongeBob Connect Four. While Kambry isn’t old enough to grasp the concept, I love watching the kids and letting Tucker make up his own rules so he can play it with Kambry.

What is YOUR favorite game? Be sure to join in on Family Game Night on September 23rd!

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