First Day of PreSchool

Tucker is at his first day of PreSchool today! We got up this morning, had Trix Yogurt & Cocoa Puffs for breakfast, then we got dressed and he went to school.
When we got to the school, he was so excited to “meet his new friends”! Tucker walked in, told the teacher “HI!”, walked over and hung up his backpack, then went to introduce himself to his new friends. I think he will have a great time at school! When I was leaving, he said “Bye mom! Have fun today!”



  1. awwww, yay for Tucker

  2. Kids Bible Crafts says:

    Amazing! My son went in and cried his eyes out. He is getting better about going but still having a hard time adjusting.

  3. Goodness! He is so handsome!

    Did you cry? I did because my son just did what Tucker did… and I was worried he would pitch a crying fit!