Save food. Save money with Foodsaver *Review*

Foodsaver 1When you have leftovers, what do you usually do? Put them in storage containers and before you know it – it is next week and you forgot about them and they go to waste… right? I will not deny that we have been guilty of that. I have been trying to freeze any leftovers or when I am cooking, to make a little extra and set some aside for hubby for lunches during the week at work. Foodsaver is here to help us save money in 2010, as well as to help us monitor our leftovers and stop tossing out good food!

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Now more than ever it is important to start saving – save money, save time, save space and save your favorite foods. Introducing the innovative and easy to use FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System with exclusive SmartSeal™ Technology – simply insert a FoodSaver® bag and the machine does the rest! Take all the guesswork out of vacuum sealing with automatic bag detection and hands-free operation. Plus, the attractive vertical design looks great on your counter, making it more convenient to save money every day.

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I love this Foodsaver! Not only is it pretty to look at, but from the older Foodsaver that I remember mom having when I was growing up, this one stands up so it takes up less space on the counter or if you store it, but you wont want to store it. The one we have is Stainless Steel and is pretty as can be! It is sleek and gets a job done, fast!

I am on a mission for 2010 to make our buck stretch as much as we can and to utilize leftovers, along with freezing portions for easy reheat if I am not in the mood to cook. I did a video walk through to show you how easy it was for me to get started.

In my video, I froze leftover meatballs with just a little sauce in them.

[flashvideo filename=”videos/foodsaver.flv” width=”420″ height=”320″ /]

Admit it. These are sleek, aren’t they?


Available in black, white and stainless steel at all major retailers and on

Keep food fresh up to 5 times longer and save up to $2,700 a year!
MSRP: $139-$169

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  1. I think this would definitely do me good! I am bad about leftovers but this would make it so much more convenient.