Fresh For Fall – Bold New Colors!

We bought our 1900 home 3 years ago. While it was new to us and our first home, it is well over 100 years old. We literally bought this home during a weekend visit to a town that we were relocating to, so we were on a tight time frame and we knew what we wanted our house payments to be around.

3 years ago, when we looked at our house, it was painted utterly disgusting. Seriously…. who does faux paint?

3 years ago




Close up. How can anyone live with paint like this? Holy crap, it was ugly! Don’t even get me started on the carpet that was in this place when we bought it. Can we say ‘gag’?


The day that we signed paperwork for our house, the first thing that I did (yes, I.. as in ME.) was rip out the carpet while hubby was out buying new locks for the house and he came back to realize that I had already ripped up the carpet on the first floor and sprinkled out a powder mixture to get the stink out of the wood under the nasty carpet. I bought so much powdered Oxy and sprinkled it out all over the bare floors. I swear, the house reeked of pee.



We decided that since we only had 2 days total to get the house ‘liveable’, we bought the carpet tiles from Lowe’s. The wait to get carpet installed in the house was beyond what we had time for, and 3 years later, this was the perfect solution.



Once we got everything painted and our furniture moved in, it seemed like a home.



While 3 years ago, the paint was fitting, but now that the kids are older and we have different furniture (and less of it!), I have decided to make a change in color – to go along with our furniture change.


Let’s just say that this is a picture of today…. No where near done, but there will be an update on it later this week.


Can you tell that I am bold and love color? I am not scared to try new colors!

What will it look like in the end? Stay tuned!


  1. I love the color!!!!!