Galloping Minds – Preschooler Learns Spanish

I believe that it is beneficial for all kids to learn another language. It is made easier for us parents to help them learn with great DVD’s line those from Galloping Minds.

Galloping Minds – Preschooler Learns Spanish- is a fun-filled bilingual dvd appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers to help them grasp the Spanish Language.Spanish and English words, both written and spoken for each engaging video clip and an accompanying spanish phrase allow your preschooler to pick words with ease. The entertaining clips and enjoyable music will keep your child’s interest while teaching them common spanish words and phrases. The DVD covers the fundamentals including colors, numbers and words using beautiful images and classical music. A ‘must watch’ DVD for your early Spanish learner.

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  1. Charlotte Douglas says:

    I have been using ” galloping minds “dvd’s for my pre school children( now school going) and I can definitely see the mprovement and academic interest generated by these.It made learning the alphabet and numbers so much more easy and fun.
    Keep up the good work.
    I would love to recommend the dvds to my freinds and colleagues who have pre-school choldren.