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Hubby and I have been on a mission to get healthy and stay healthy. Every year we have blood drawn to check our cholesterol, glucose, calcium, protein, AST, thyroid and so much more. Hubby’s cholesterol is a little above normal range, so we started researching vitamins and Walmart had all the Nature Made vitamins that we needed. Nature Made is the nation’s #1 best-selling brand for quality vitamins, minerals and supplements* to help support nutritional gaps. At first, I didn’t even think about Walmart for our vitamins.

When I went in to Walmart, I was pleasantly surprised to see the selection of Nature Made vitamins. Literally, they had everything we needed to help with hubby’s cholesterol all the way down to helping me boost my immunity.


ScreenShot2016-04-24at9.36.32AM-2016-04-23-17-26.pngNature Made CholestOff is what hubby is taking and so far, it’s helping him lower his cholesterol… in addition to a diet change.

Nature Made CholestOff Original Dietary Supplement Caplets, 130 count

Complement your diet with the Nature Made Cholestoff Original Dietary Supplement Caplets. This handy product is developed with a concentrated blend of phytonutrients called plant sterols and stannous, which are found naturally in fruits, grains, nuts and vegetables. The phytonutrients in this Nature Made supplement help to prevent dietary cholesterol and reduce LDL cholesterol for a healthier you. It has no synthetic dyes, artificial flavors, preservative, yeast, gluten or starch; just the good stuff. This 130-count cholesterol supplement contains a total of 65 servings per package.

In addition, he also takes CoQ10.

Nature Made CoQ10 Liquid Softgels, 40ct

  • Uses: Clinically shown to support heart function.


ScreenShot2016-04-24at9.35.50AM-2016-04-23-17-26.pngFor myself, my immunity is slim to none, so I take anywhere from 500 to 1000 mg a day of Vitamin C to help boost my immunity.

Nature Made Chewable Orange Flavor Vitamin C Tablets, 500 mg, 70 count

Each of these Nature Made Chewable Orange Flavor Vitamin C Tablets contains 500 mg of vitamin C with no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or yeast. Enjoy the taste of orange, which is a fruit high in vitamin C.

Nature Made Chewable Orange Flavor Vitamin C Tablets:

  • #1 pharmacist recommended
  • •Helps support the immune system


Hubby also takes Fish Oil to help with his heart health as well.


We decided to get a bit of everything to get us started. When our son has difficulty sleeping, which often happens with ADD/ADHD, melatonin is a life saver for us all.


In the past, I have bought my vitamins off a vitamin store online. To be honest, I never thought about a local location like Walmart that would actually have the vitamins that we were looking for… and at amazing prices. I love that we can go down the street now to get vitamins that we need for things ranging from hubby’s cholesterol to daily multi vitamins that will help me boost my immunity.

  • At any adult age, it’s never too late (or too early) to start getting healthy and stay that way. Nature Made is helping our family get that way together.

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Start your year by being good to you with Nature Made Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements. You can get them at an everyday low price, available at your local Walmart.

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