Getting Your Teen His/Her First Car

Getting Your Teen His/Her First Car

Buying the first car for your teenage son or daughter is a tough endeavor. There are several factors to consider when making this big purchase, especially thinking about safety issues surrounding teenage driving. The most a parent can do to keep a teenager safe behind the wheel is to instill a strong sense of responsibility and to purchase a sturdy, safe vehicle. There is no need for an inexperienced driver to be the biggest car on the road, but it is true that some options are more worthy of consideration than others.

Many parents have a difficult time deciding whether they should purchase a used or new car for their teens. The price typically points parents toward the used options, especially when considering insurance premiums. At the same time, there are many modern safety features that teenager’s car should be equipped with, including anti-lock brakes and airbags. The cars should also come with remote control locks. Good handling and quick steering are also essential.
Next, parents consider the size of the car. Some are quick to point to a large SUV, as they sit above other cars. Heavier cars fare better in accidents, especially on the freeway. On the down side, SUVs are capable of flipping and many teenagers find them difficult to steer and park.

There are a few other factors to consider. Look at crash records for different models, as well as customer reviews. In addition, do not move toward something sporty. The deadliest cars are those that teenagers use to engage in bad behavior on the road. This rules out trendy sports cars with huge engines.
Auto insurance is another consideration. There is no way around it. Even if you can find affordable premiums through 21st auto insurance you can still instill a sense of responsibility in your teenager by having him or her pay at least a portion of the bill.

Many parents forget that the driver behind the wheel is more important than the car itself. Responsibility and safety should be the top priorities for the driver. Each parent should have his or her own set of standards set apart from those required of the laws. Teenagers should have set requirements to meet before they can have the car for specific milestones, such as driving on the freeway or spending time out at night. This gives time for teens to learn how to become good drivers with experience. Parents with high expectations might be helping to keep their children alive.

There are plenty of valid questions you should ask as you pursue such a giant step for your child. Without the proper forethought and safety precautions, purchasing a vehicle for a young driver can be risky. Finding a safe car for your teenager is merely the first step in ensuring that your child is safe on the road. There is no substitute for instilling strong values and a safe driving ethic in your child, especially when his or her life is on the line.


  1. I’m embarrassed to admit we’ve bought our 17-year old daughter THREE CARS now. We started out with CHEAP, then sold it to get one that was SAFE (4-wheel drive), then we sold that one for one that was NEW. Now she has a new, RELIABLE, and most of all– SAFE car to drive. Just took us a while to get to that final decision!