Gift ideas for the little ones from Hasbro – #HolidayGiftGuide

Christmas is just around the corner…. literally. There are 18 week left until Christmas, or broken down, there are 1280 days, 14 hours, 21 minutes, 39 seconds… 38… 37… 36.

With back to school already happening, it’s time to start thinking ahead of the game. I’ll confess and tell you that I started my holiday shopping just as we rang in the new year. I like to be ahead of the game, verses playing ‘what if they don’t have it’ come Christmas time.

I wanted to introduce you to two must have toys for this holiday season. My kids are huge Transformers and My Little Pony nuts, so these were a huge hit here. First up is a KRE-O Transformers building set. What boy isn’t a fan of either or both of these?

KRE-O Transformers Age of Extinction Grimlock Street Attack Set

Build your own dino-on-robot Transformers adventures with the Grimlock Street Attack set! You can use the 106 pieces in this set to build a raging dino with powerful claws and cannons, then arm your Gold Knight Optimus Prime KREON with his spear to fight at his side. Will your Vehicon KREON be able to fight them off with their blasters? Or will they get chomped in your dino’s mighty jaws? It’s all up to you!

Set includes 106 pieces and instructions.

Product Features:

  • Build dino-robot Transformers adventures with the 106 pieces in the Grimlock Street Attack set
  • Includes pieces for Gold Knight Optimus Prime and 2 Vehicon KREONS
  • Gold Knight Optimus Prime KREONS is armed with a spear and Vehicon KREONS are armed with blasters
  • Trap Vehicon KREONS in your dino’s jaws
  • Vehicon KREONS have magnetic helmets and backpacks for motion

Ages 6 to 12 years
Product does not convert.
Product contains magnet.

Retail Price: $19.99

As a parent, I look at several things when I’m shopping for toys for my family or friends. Packaging is important. What age is this for? What does it do? And of course, the dreaded question most parents look at… ‘How many pieces?’

Hasbro Gift Ideas | Mommy Goggles

Right away, I see that this is my son’s age bracket: 6-12. Another thing that I want to know is ‘Does this have instructions in it?’ and ‘How clear are those instructions?’ You can see in the below picture that each section is divided in to bags, and there’s an instruction booklet with detailed (but not too detailed so the child can’t understand them) and visual instruction booklet.

Hasbro Gift Ideas | Mommy Goggles

Why am I even bringing up packaging? This is a toy. Well, this packaging has a dual purpose. Not only does it serve as a box for the retailers to have on their shelves for consumers, but it also has a handle that can allow this box to be re-used for the child. I love this!

Hasbro Gift Ideas | Mommy Goggles

Now that we have the boy taken care of, what about the little diva in your life? Kambry is 6 years old and loves My Little Pony. I had no idea that MLP had dolls. I thought they were just the ponies. I love that Hasbro has the Equestria Girl dolls! If you’re familiar with other little girl’s dolls, they each have a ‘meaning’. A lost of these figurine dolls express so many good and positive things to the little girl. With the My Little Pony movies, TV shows and books, they all discuss feelings, sharing, thoughts, love, caring, friendship and more.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Fluttershy Figure

This Fluttershy pony figure will be a true friend for all your Equestria Girls adventures! She has a soft, sweet look and loves putting on a her flowing dress with a cute purse. She can’t wait to enjoy “magical” fun with her very best friend – you!

Figure comes with accessory.

Ages 5 and up.

Retail Price: $19.99

First off, this is an adorable doll! We received Pinkie Pie. With this doll, you can color her skirt with the marker that’s included. She also comes with a purse, a brush and a ‘backstage pass’, which is a card with information where your little one can bring her to life on the MLP website.

Hasbro Gift Ideas | Mommy Goggles

Hasbro Gift Ideas | Mommy Goggles

Hasbro Gift Ideas | Mommy Goggles

As a parent, I have to show the packaging. Toy packaging can be really annoying, especially when you’re trying to enjoy the child open the present and they get frustrated because its a struggle to get it out of the package. With this particular toy, the packaging is quite nice. No need for a screwdriver or a knife to get this out of the package. It’s secure enough for it to withstand shipping to stores or to the consumer, yet easy enough to pull out of the package by pulling the bands and tape.

Hasbro Gift Ideas | Mommy Goggles

Each of these items are available from or at most retailers for just under $20 a piece. As a parent and consumer, I think these prices are well worth what you get in the packages.