Goal Jeans {Do you have a weightloss goal outfit?}

Every day, I work out on my elliptical when Kambry naps. This is a good hour’s time for me to sweat it up and get myself fit for the New Year. While I was on the elliptical, the postman came & when I opened the package, I was excited to see a new pair of Lucky Brand jeans that I ordered online. I normally don’t like to buy clothing online, unless I know how it fits. I used to have a pair of Lucky Brand jeans way back when that I loved so much. Who knows where they are today, so I thought I would buy a new pair and use those as my Goal Jeans. I posted on Facebook today how I had a pair of goal jeans and Lynsey commented to me that she had a pair of goal jeans as well. I never realized how many people out there did this exact same thing. There are so many things out there that can get someone motivated for weightloss. What works for you? I keep a goal outfit hanging within site of my elliptical. I get to see this outfit and my new pair of goal jeans every time I think to myself that I am just too tired to work out today. I see my jeans hanging there and they are screaming to me ‘You can do it!’. I am happy to say that I was able to put on these jeans after they arrived today, but I cannot button them just yet. Yeah, so I won’t be wearing them in public just yet. 😆

Meet my goal jeans: Lucky Brand Sweet Sally

Oh, Sally, how I love thee!


  1. JoeyfromSC says:

    Actually I have a pair of Gap Jeans I got at goodwill(with tags still on!) and they are WAY too big now 🙁 lol

    I need to buy alot of new clothes because there are only so many notches you can make in a belt lol

  2. I too have a goal outfit – I bought this beautiful Navy dress with jacket – the jacket has ruffle around the collar and sleeves in the same material. I got it on sale for $17 and it’s really, really nice. Now if i continue to lose my weight i may be able to fit into it by Summer – my goal!

  3. Goal jeans sound like a great visual motivator! Almost any motivator works for me for awhile…….

  4. awesome! my goal is a baby bump!

  5. My goal jeans are my Lucky’s. I only wore them for a few months before becoming pregnant and haven’t been in them comfortably since. When I was doing EA Active I would chant “Lucky jeans” while running to keep myself going.