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When you are getting ready to head out to do some grocery shopping, how do you prepare yourself? I have tried several things ranging from setting reminders on my phone to post it notes to remind me of all the things I need to get, components for recipes that I want to try and even gift ideas for family for the upcoming holidays. I have been using a new app on my iPad that I really like called Grocery Guru.

GG_sm_banner_v1What is Grocery Guru?

Simply put, Grocery Guru is the ultimate shopping tool. Grocery Guru is a FREE mobile application that allows you to create customized grocery lists on your cell phone that you can then sync with your computer! You can watch the video below on all the cool features of the Grocery Guru app and how it can help you get grocery shopping done in the most efficient way.

With Grocery Guru, you are able to create lists, check off items in store on your phone and share with friends to help get the job done. Create, manage and share your grocery lists at home and in-store with Grocery Guru. While I do not have my iPhone anymore, you are able to use this on the iPad. Four words: I. Love. This. App! Anytime I go out for a day of errands and grocery shopping, I take my iPad with me to help keep me on track with what all I need to do.


Once you download Grocery Guru, you are able to see your grocery lists, create a new list, invite friends to check out Grocery Guru and more.

Grocery Guru4

Within my lists, I have created two lists. On Friday, Kambry and I are going to run some errands and visit Sam’s so that we can stock up on some bulk items. Also, with the upcoming holidays, I created a whole list all in itself that has gift ideas for friends and family, as well as a list of the kids’ ‘wants and needs’ for clothes, toys, etc. for Christmas. There are so many times that I will be out and someone will call and ask what one of the kids has on their wish list for birthdays or Christmas. With this list, I can pull up their wish list right away.

Grocery Guru1

There are so many different categories within the lists that you create.

Grocery Guru3

Here is what it looks like once you get your list created. I love that it organizes everything in to the appropriate department.

Grocery Guru5

Grocery GuruWhat platforms is Grocery Guru available on?

Currently, Grocery Guru is available on:

  • iPhone
  • Blackberry
  • Android

You can download the app here.

Another thing that I have found that I love about Grocery Guru, is that you can look up recipes and get some new ideas for dinner… and along with those recipes, it has all the ingredients that you need just like a Build A Burger Bar for yummy burgers to solve just about everyone’s taste. I am always looking for new recipes for my family, so this is a great addition!

If you are like me and are always on the go or always trying to find ways to keep your lists organized, Grocery Guru is a great app to get you organized! You don’t have to have just Android, iPhone or Blackberry – as I said above, I have this on my iPad and it works beautifully!

For more information on Grocery Guru, be sure to check out

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