Grocery Store Grins


img_1210Any time we go to a grocery store, Tucker usually has some type of bag or cup with some snacks or crackers in it. What a hassle that is! The always fall through the cart, the cup tips over or the bag is sat in while in the cart. Oh, what fun that was to step on something crunchy while pushing a cart!


With OnTray, we no longer have that issue with snacks. Snacks entertain my child while I keep my sanity squared away long enough to actually go through the aisles without having to unscrew some snack top, open a baggie or pick up the leftover crumbs that some how ended up on the bottom of my shoe from the spillage.

What an amazing concept and great buy for your little shopper that tags along!


OnTray is a mom invented, made in the USA, product that is perfect
for containing:

  • Snacks for young children
  • Coupons
  • Shopping lists
  • Small calculator
  • Miscellaneous

OnTray effortlessly attaches to the shopping cart’s handlebar allowing your child to easily feed themselves while your hands are free to shop!

When I do not have Tucker with me, it is great to tote along my coupon caddy. It works great for just about anything! This stays in our diaper bag and my son now looks forward to going to the store with mommy!

Stop by OnTray today for your Multifunctional Container! You will not be let down.


  1. sunnymum says:

    Sounds like a useful product. Our snack containers are usually up-ended halfway through the store. Thanks!