Mail a smile to mom for Mother’s Day! *Review & Giveaway!*


160x300_search_mdayWith all that I learned while at Hallmark (that is all coming in a whole other post 😉 ) there is one thing that I leaned that I am SO excited about! I had NO idea that you could order a physical card from, address it AND have it shipped to someone’s mailbox. 😯 This is GREAT news to not only myself, but to many others out there that stay home, or that don’t have a Hallmark close by their homes. You can log on, pick out a card (with or without sound), customize it and mail it. How much is it? Hallmark will mail this card directly to the recipient(s) at no extra charge. You pay only the cost of stamps. How AWESOME is that? Now, I can log on and send that birthday card, that anniversary card or a card just because – all for probably cheaper than loading up the kids in the van and toting over to my local Hallmark store. All it costs me is the price of a stamp; instead of fuel. I am loving this! Hallmark, this might be a no-no because I am in heaven now. I don’t want to leave my jammies and I just want to sit here and send everyone a card. I love getting actual CARDS in the mail. Sure, email is nice and fun, but a hard copy of a card (to me) shows a lot more personal touch and love. While you can send cards from the Hallmark website, you can also customize them as well; at NO extra charge! Customize the front, customize the inside and you can even customize the BACK and add your photo and custom message. I am still amazed by technology, and Hallmark as well!


Mother’s Day is literally, right around the corner. I better get on the ball and go shopping, but at least Hallmark is there for all my card needs!




This Mother’s Day, I am very excited to show you some of the new products, cards, gift wrap and more! Check out this video to show you some of the new Mother’s Day cards that you have the chance to win!



  • Post a comment to me about how you are going to, or plan on celebrating Mother’s Day

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  • THREE (3) winners will each receive a Mother’s Day Card (child themed)
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  • Winner will be contacted via Email. If no response in 48 hours, another winner will be drawn
  • USA entrants only please

Contest will end on April 27, 2009 at 11:59 pm; central time


  1. Lily Kwan says:

    I subscribed to your newsletter.

  2. Lily Kwan says:

    I plan on celebrating Mother’s Day by calling my mom.

  3. I put your button on my blog.

  4. I am a subscriber.

  5. We will go to my parents’ house.

  6. Spending time with my family :)

  7. Emailed friends. :)

  8. I subscribe.

  9. I’m sure my husband will get me a card and will help our little kids make me cards – and that’s all I can ask for! I love getting hand-made cards that my little ones made!

  10. We’re planning on going to Alabama (from Texas) to surprise my 83year old mother in law.

  11. My husband and daughter are taking me to see the new Star Trek movie and then we are going for ice cream!

  12. go on a picnic with my mom and family I hope:)

  13. We are celebrating with a family brunch

  14. amy delong says:

    I subscribe!


  15. amy delong says:

    I will be spending time with my hubby,2 sons&mom

  16. I will be going to lunch with my mom, my sister, my MIL and my Sister in law. My husband and FIL will be gone turkey hunting….wasn’t that sweet of them?

  17. We’re going to take our moms out for brunch.

  18. I am a subscriber

  19. I am going to a movie and dinner with my cousin as a Mother’s Day present to my self:)

  20. I subscribe.

  21. I plan to take mom to brunch, and spend rest of the day with my family.

  22. Nanette O says:

    We will probably go out for a nice dinner.

  23. trishden says:

    Well my mom is going to be away for Mother’s day so I will have to catch up with her when she gets home, but I was going to suggest to my sister and niece that we go rafting down the Deleware, weather permitting, and of course it would entail picnicing. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  24. I subscribe.

  25. I’m just going to relax with my kids and my mother in law. Unfortunately my husband has to work.

  26. I would love the chance to win, thanks.

  27. Emailed friends with cc to you

  28. button’s up

  29. subscriber

  30. For Mother’s Day I plan on rounding up the troops. Every year for Mother’s Day Weekend we do our spring cleaning. It may not sound like a great way to spend the day. But once a year, all “on-going” projects get finished; bedrooms (closets, drawers, desks, under the bed, etc) get a thurough cleaning); bathrooms get scrubbed top to bottom; basement organized; yard ready for summer (patio furniture, etc.). Top to bottom, inside out. I’m the mom, this is my weekend, and I want it done. And it does.

  31. A Casson says:

    Your button skyxsky27[at]

  32. A Casson says:

    Subscriber! skyxsky27(at)

  33. A Casson says:

    At home, quietly I hope. skyxsky27[at]

  34. I subscribe.

  35. We plan to go out to a hotel about a half hour away for the weekend, we’ll have a nice breakfast and spend the day at the pool! My kids love to be in the water and my husband and I love to take turns swimming with them…and the one of us not swimming loves to relax with and enjoy watching them. I’d love to stop by the hotel spa for a pedi if I have a chance!
    correaohana at gmail dot com

  36. Jean Hupke says:

    I just hope it is nice so we can BBQ outside.

  37. I have your button

  38. subscriber

  39. It will be a sad Mothers Day because it my first without my sons David and Dan.I know the other kids will plan something ,stop at my Mom’s .

  40. clenna in NH says:

    I subscribe

  41. clenna in NH says:

    Mother’s Day will be spent with my daughter and her family. The little ones will give their mommy and grammy flowers, the men will cook on the grill, and we’ll all play games together – outside if it’s nice.

  42. I plan to go and spend the day with my mom.

  43. I have your button on my page:

  44. Well I took the weekend off work so my family could do something special for me, lol. I haven’t heard any plans jumping off them though. I would love it if we all went to Mendocino for the weekend to relax by the Ocean. That would be great!
    Thanks for the entry
    tonyamcrain [at]

  45. Jennifer g. says:
  46. Jennifer g. says:

    I subscribe.

  47. Jennifer g. says:

    I will probably have breakfast with my mom and then spend the day at the park with my kids and hubby! Relaxing fun.

  48. Gabriel J. says:

    I will call my mom to tell her how much I love her.

  49. I subscribe

  50. Well, since this is my first official Mother’s Day I am planning on spending it with my family, maybe going to the park or just relaxing at home. I am sure we will go out to dinner with my mom and grandma too

  51. We are going to brunch with my Mom, Nana, and Mother in Law we do it every year and it’s wondeful.

  52. Autumn h> says:

    i hope to spend the whole day in bed! =)

    autumn398 (at)

  53. I am a happy email subscriber-thanks!

  54. My husband usually surprises me but I am hoping for breakfast in bed and maybe a dinner out-thanks!

  55. i subscribe

  56. i did my entries backwards- i forgot to say we will be going out to dinner on mom’s day

  57. i have your button non my blog at

  58. Jovita Cantu says:
  59. Jovita Cantu says:

    Emailed my MOMS friends! lol

  60. Jovita Cantu says:

    I subscribe :)

  61. Jovita Cantu says:

    Breakfast in Bed for my mom and flowers! :)

  62. 1955nurse says:

    I plan on being w/my Son, Dtr-in-law and Grandbaby for Mother’s Day – so she and I can enjoy my Grandson, and I can let HER know how much I appreciate HER!

  63. 1955nurse says:

    I’m a subscriber :)

  64. Monique Rizzo says:

    We will go to brunch and just do fun stuff with the kiddos and family. Thanks for the chance.

  65. Maggie M says:

    I’m a subscriber by email :)

  66. Maggie M says:

    I will send my Mom flowers and a Hallmark card for Mother’s Day because she lives in a different state. I will have already sent her gifts for her April 28th birthday (along with a birthday card):) Great giveaway! I love Hallmark:)

  67. subscriber

  68. We are going to brunch with our whole family and then spending the day relaxing with my husband and girls


  70. We are traveling out of state to be with our daughter and her family!

  71. I’m not sure about what we’ll do. Usually I have to work. I hope I don’t thins year.

  72. Vicky Boackle says:

    i will call my mother because i have to work.

  73. Your button is in my sidebar.

  74. I’m a subscriber.

  75. So far we plan on going to church, then we will probably visit my MIL, call my mom and possibly visit my husband’s grandma. :-)

  76. I plan to go out to dinner with my son and baby grandson.

  77. Stefanie Hartman says:


  78. Stefanie Hartman says:

    I will be sending my Mom a card and flowers since she lives so far from me in miles only. And I will be riding on Thomas the Train with my little ones and going to the Lilac Festival and eating cotton candy. What a sweet sweet day it will be. Blessings, Stefanie

  79. subscriber

  80. we’ll probably do brunch at my mom’s house, something low-key since she will have had her 60th birthday party the day before

  81. I subscribe

  82. We usually go to a Pancake Breakfast at the Elk’s Lodge with my mother-in-law, and then we stop by to visit my mom. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  83. This will be my first real mother’s day outside of the hospital (last mother’s day I was giving birth to my son!) so I plan on spending the day with him and my hubby and going to visit our moms.

    addeviant006 at gmail dot com

  84. I subscribe!!! Thanks for the chance.

  85. This will be the first year that I will not be with my mom (we moved six states away), but will be thinking of her and sending her a gift!

  86. MRS.MOMMYY says:


  87. MRS.MOMMYY says:

    with family

  88. Providing it doesn’t rain, I am taking my mom out to the park. I have a surprise for her. A friend that she hasn’t seen in years but constantly talks about missing will be joining us and she has NO idea!!!


  89. Erica C. says:

    we always go to get some breakfast :)

  90. Margaret Smith says:

    I’d really love to have a nice relaxing day at home with my sons and my husband. Maybe rent a couple of movies and play some games.
    Thanks so much.

  91. I have your button on my blog.

  92. I subscribe.

  93. I’m going to have my hubby and kids make me dinner :)

  94. I’m sure I will get breakfast in bed and then we’ll go to church. If the weather is nice, I’m sure we’ll have a picnic at the park. If the weather is bad, my kids will take me to see a movie. I know they want to see Monsters Vs. Aliens.

  95. My mother is dead, so I probably won’t be doing anything unless my husband gets me flowers or something like that.

  96. susan varney says:

    with my two boys and the rest of the family